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Galloping Stars is a pony-inspired, sci-fi, tabletop RPG system being developed by Changeling Games. Lay a hoof upon your destiny...
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Update #34 - The Cervidaen Race

Posted by Changeling Games (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Cervidaen race! As usual, don't hold everything here to be 100% what it'll be in the final product.

The Cervidaen Race

Cervidaen Race Page (Art by Dreamchan)
Cervidaen Race Page (Art by Dreamchan)

Here's their current race sheet: The Cervidaen race are an agile and intelligent race. Ruled by a geniocratic council, they favor things like problem solving, creative intelligence, and compassion to be the best traits of their kind. Physical strength, while not necessarily frowned upon, is not a criteria for judging one's character in their eyes. The Cervidaens, thus, have a boost to both Agility and Intelligence, but a double decrease in their Grit.

The also all have a natural foci in their antlers (the females have stunted antlers that essentially amount to nubs that never really grown out enough to be visible), allowing them to cast magic without needing to use an external channel for their magic.

Because they have two antlers, and are more focused on intricacy than brute strength, they are more known for their precision in magic use. This makes them the opposing counter part to the Unicorns, who are known instead for raw magical power. This is why the Cervidaens receive a +2 bonus to Spellcasting at Character Creation, as well as a +5 maximum to their Mana Pool (as opposed to the unicorns +1 Spellcasting, +10 Mana Max).

Also, along with their natural foci for magic, they gain the ability to use Telekinesis. This is identical to the Unicorn's same ability.

Their magic isn't the only thing to get bonuses, though. Having lived among natural for many centuries, they are very attune with the wild animals around them. In turn, they receive a slight bonus to either their Handle Creature Skill or their Survival Skill at Creation.

The Cervidae also gain a Once-Per-Session ability that only further's natural Agility. This is a very powerful ability that allows them to, on any check that is based in Agility, turn one dice rolled to its maximum value. This will allow the dice to explode if it is legally able to. This cannot apply to damage dice on an agility based attack, but can be used on the attack roll itself.

The Cervidaens are also a race known to have wonderful art and architecture, with unrivaled craftsmanship. They are very dexterous with their magic, and can thus produce very fine, intricate details. This is especially evident in their Arcane Bows, which use the Blood Silk, supplied by the Arachnoids, as a magical bow string. Another amazing use of this Blood Silk also includes its use as magical circuits and wires in their technology and star ships.

Well, that about does it for today's look at the Cervidaens. Thanks for joining us!

Reminder that we will be taking the month of December off from these updates so we can focus on both the holidays and hammering out more mechanics and play testing! You can be assured though that the work will continue behind the scenes here, and that the updates will resume on the night of January 1st!

We also plan to have the messages for those in the Vice Admiral tier and above out by the end of the week still. Sorry again for the delay on those.

All of you have a happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate, and we'll see you in the new year!

- Project Lead Spirit and the Changeling Games/Galloping Stars Team!

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