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Galloping Stars is a pony-inspired, sci-fi, tabletop RPG system being developed by Changeling Games. Lay a hoof upon your destiny...
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Update #32 - The Planet of Cervidas

Posted by Changeling Games (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Today, it's time to take a look at the Cervidaens' home planet of Cervidas!

Reminder that this might not 100% be what's in the final product.

The Planet of Cervidas

Planet Cervidas (Art by SpiritofthwWolf)
Planet Cervidas (Art by SpiritofthwWolf)

Cervidas is a lush planet, covered by forests and meadows. The terrain is also dotted with rolling hills, large lakes, and moderate mountain ranges, often covered in the thick foliage.

The trees in the deepest parts of the forests grow to incredible heights. And it is in among these branches, around the massive trunks, that the Cerivdae make their homes.

Cervidaen cities fill the gaps in the trees, wrapping up and around their trunks and spanning the space between with walkways. Homes and buildings are shaped to fit the curves of the trees, some even being built into the trees themselves. These organic-feeling cities are a wonder to behold as a stark contrast to the rigid and clean-cut cities of most other races.

However, the Cervidae are not the only race to call this planet their home. Deep in the mountain caves and even darker reaches of the forests across the planet lives the Arachnoids. A race of creatures with the upper body resembling that of an equine, but the lower body of a giant spider. These creatures are mysterious and misunderstood by most, but they have developed a trade relationship with the Cervidae that has lasted for generations now.

And there is yet a third race on this planet. High up in the forest canopies live the Lepidoquines. A moth-like equinoid race, they tend to be gentle, docile creatures, with delicate builds. They also tend to be most active at night, and drawn to strong sources of light and magic.

Cervidas also has a fairly large moon that orbits it. The moon, contains no atmosphere and is frozen over. Asteroid impacts striking this moon send chunks of ice toward the planet. These chunks then melt as they enter atmosphere,  providing the planet with its water.

And that concludes our quick look at the planet of Cervidas. There's more to discover with this planet, but we'll touch on some with the races down the line.

Next week, as it is Thanksgiving here in the States, we will be taking a week off from the regularly scheduled updates. On the week following that, we will be taking a look at the Cervidae themselves. That will be the last update before December rolls around. As that month is going to be super busy with Christmas and family stuff for all of us, we will be taking the entire month of December off from these regular updates as well. Rest assured, none of these will delay development.

Also of note, on Monday, November 26th, we will start sending out the first messages to everybody who pledged at the Vice Admiral tier and above to start the process of developing their NPCs and the one Kickstarter race. So look for that if you're in one of those tiers!

We'll see you next time! If you celebrate it, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

- Project Lead Spirit

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