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Update #31 - The Griffon Race

Posted by Changeling Games (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Today we'll be taking a look a the Griffon Race. As usual, nothing here is 100% finalized.

The Griffon Race

Here's their current race sheet:

Griffon Race Page (Art by Dreamchan)
Griffon Race Page (Art by Dreamchan)

The Griffons are a race who have had to adapt to the conditions of their new home world: A gas giant with exceedingly strong winds and intense gravitational pulls. This has led to their Attribute boosts in both Grit and Agility. They also are a bit of a gruff race that puts more emphasis on hard work and manual labor than on tactful grace and mental acuity. However, they aren't that far below average. This is reflected in their slightly reduced Allure and Intelligence Attributes.

They are a winged race, capable of flight, and the strongest fliers in the game. Thus, they have access to the Flying Skill as well as a +2 bonus in that same skill.

They also have the Keen Senses from their avian ancestors, affording them a +2 bonus to Perception, as well as Low-Light Vision capabilities.

They also have Natural Weapons in the form of Claws, much the same as the Starhounds. Likewise, they also share the Dexterous trait that the Starhounds have.

All of these traits alone make Griffons some of the fiercest fighters in the Galaxy. However, they also have one more trick up their sleeve. If they weren't scary enough already, they have a once-per-session ability that makes them even scarier. They are able to make use of their avian heritage and unleash a piercing screech that can instill terror in all enemies within a 25 foot radius from them. This screech can not only petrify enemies with fear, but can inflict Willpower damage equal to your Intimidation Skill + 5 during each of their following turns, for 3 turns or until no longer affected. An opponent can shake this effect off by passing a Fear Check (essentially, a Courage roll) that must exceed your Intimidation Skill Rank x 5, minus the distance from you they are. So, if you have an Intimidation Skill of 3, and they are 10 feet away from you, they must pass a roll of 5. (3 x 5 = 15 and 15 - 10 = 5)

This is a powerful ability, like the Sphinx's, capable of bringing an entire group of low tier enemies to their knees. Though, it may not be as effective against high-tier enemies, especially those with the Indomitable Will trait.

Griffons make fantastic aerial soldiers, as well as assassins (though, not as good as Twilightborne ones). Outside of the Tsardom of Griffonia, there are large number of them employed as mercenaries.

There is also the large Griffon pirate band known as the Crimson Flock. While the Flock prides itself in its Griffon heritage, they do accept members from other races who have proven themselves to be up to their standards.

And that concludes our look at the Griffon Race! More lore will be included in the final rule book, so look forward to that!

Thanks for joining us this week! Next week we'll be taking a look at the planet of Cervidas, home planet of the Cervidae, the Arachnoids, and the Lepidoquines!

Look forward to seeing you there!

- Project Lead Spirit


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