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Update #30 - The Planet of Salacia

Posted by Changeling Games (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Today we'll be taking a look at the Griffon planet of Salacia!

Reminder that nothing here is 100% final.

The Planet of Salacia

Planet Salacia (Art by SpiritofthwWolf)
Planet Salacia (Art by SpiritofthwWolf)

While the Planet of Salacia is often stated as the Griffon's home world, it is not actually their initial planet of origin. This text comes from one of our other team members, Eeveexpert, who's been the main driving force behind the Griffons' lore:

"While the griffons as a race currently call the gas-giant Salacia their home, they are but colonists to this stormy planet, forced to flee from the planetary impact that would ultimately claim their homeworld.

From afar, the banded cerulean clouds of Salacia paint an image of serenity, a gem gleaming against the barren, star-dotted backdrop. Venturing into the planet’s upper atmosphere offers a much harsher reality. Tempestuous methane winds streak around the planet in excess of 1,500 mph at all times, making traversal by ill-fitted ships a death sentence. Not ones easily deterred, however, the griffon race had been looking towards Salacia as a possible refuge during their last few years on their own world, and descended into its azure clouds with a plan in mind.

Utilizing a marriage of their gravity-manipulating technology and careful planning, the griffons assembled sleek, simple housing constructs that allow the winds to pass around the structure with minimal, if any at all, damage. These sky cities now drift among Salacia’s upper atmosphere like so many islands at sea.

Making a living in constant supersonic winds posed many a challenge for the griffons, not the least of which meant finding an alternative source of power for their technology from the standard gem-drives other races so easily had access to. The answer came in the form of a monstrous creature dwelling in the planet’s lower atmosphere, a creature later dubbed the Leviathane by griffon scientists.

The bio-electric field emitted by this beast produced a curious effect on the methane in Salacia’s atmosphere, transforming it into carbon. As this was subjected to ever greater pressures, it became diamond. Miniaturizing this phenomenon allowed the griffons a means to sustain themselves through the production of 'fauxites,' which in turn allowed them to directly challenge the lucrative gem-mining processes of the Starhound Syndicate."

And that's your look at the Griffon planet of Salacia! Join us next week for a look at the Griffon Race themselves.

Look forward to seeing you then!

- Project Lead Spirit


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