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Galloping Stars is a pony-inspired, sci-fi, tabletop RPG system being developed by Changeling Games. Lay a hoof upon your destiny...
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Update #28 - The Starhound Race

Posted by Changeling Games (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Today we'll be taking a look at the Starhound race. As usual, nothing here is completely finalized yet.

The Starhound Race

To start, here's their race page:

Starhound Race Page (Art by Dreamchan)
Starhound Race Page (Art by Dreamchan)

Starhounds are a fairly strong race, more known for brawn over brains, so their Attributes get a single boos to their Grit, but also only a single detriment on their Intelligence.

However, despite this, they are one of main tech-savvy races in the galaxy, warranting them a slight boost in their tech skill. Their tech, while advanced, has a "simplicity first" design mentality. This has given Starhound technology a reputation for being very user friendly yet very robust.

Also, their canine lineage has given them keen senses, providing a passive bonus to their Perception and giving them low-light vision. This has also given them a bonus to their unarmed attacks in the forms of their claws.

These claws, as a natural weapon, convey a +2 bonus to unarmed attacks, and allow a Starhound to make two attacks as if double wielding (there will be a similar talent you can take for non-Starhound character). However, the usual penalties for dual wielding apply still, as well as any relevant bonuses.

Along that same vein, they are also considered Dexterous, making their dual wield penalty naturally less than other races. This, coupled with their Claws, makes them formidable unarmed fighters, so you usually don't want to mess with a Starhound in a bar brawl.

Starhounds also have an innate ability for hunting down gems. This ability allows them to find more gems in containers when looting, in addition to the other items normally given by the GM. This is done using a dice (which can be any dice of even number of sides). If the result comes up with an odd number, you receive at least 1 gem (actual numbers and type are up to the GM) in addition to the normal loot. If the result is even, then you only find the normal loot.

The Starhounds are also able to use a howl once per session, which allows them to instill a bonus to their allies' combat abilities within a 30ft radius. This bonus is equivalent to their Leadership skill rank. Those allies also heal an amount equal to 1/2 their max hp value (up to max).

A couple of other notes: 
- The Starhounds can be based off any type of canine species.
- Also, while their primary governing body is the Syndicate, and thus there is a lot of corruption in the bureaucracy, their military is a different story. While mostly a defense force, intended primary to protect the mine facilities, the fleet is smaller in numbers than most other races. Despite this, they have a very strictly disciplined (if also still corrupt) chain of command. This kinda resembles the Alpha/Beta/Omega sort of structure of a wolf-pack.

And that's our look at the Starhound race. Normally we would take a deeper delve into their lore, but this week, we feel we've covered enough with the previous post and this one, so we're gonna let you find out the rest in the final core rule book!

This Thursday will finally be our first look at the Magic system, so look forward to that! And then next Tuesday will be our look into the next planet on our list, the Griffon's current main planet of Salacia.

Thanks for joining us! See you next time!

- Project Lead Spirit


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    1. Changeling Games 2-time creator on

      @Xinef Thank you for pointing that out. Was an oversight when the page was typed up. We'll be sure to fix that in the next iteration! It is supposed to be (currently) 1D4 Rounds of duration.

      As for your first question regarding the NPCs, enemies are, by and large "Mooks" without those sort of extra special abilities. This is save for Unique Enemies (such as an enemy commander or a big boss), which will be constructed by the GM in essentially the exact same manner as player characters.

    2. Xinef on

      Can NPCs use once per session abilities?
      It could get ridiculous if players are facing a large group of Starhound NPCs and each of them can use howl, even if the leadership bonus wouldn't stack, just because of the healing.
      I would assume that either only more important NPCs can use once-per-session abilities, or that there's a limit of, say, one howl used by NPCs per encounter.

      Also, the ability's text doesn't specify how long does the leadership bonus persist. Is it one round (until the howlers next turn)?