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Galloping Stars is a pony-inspired, sci-fi, tabletop RPG system being developed by Changeling Games. Lay a hoof upon your destiny...
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Update #27 - The Planet of Aschere

Posted by Changeling Games (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Today, we'll be looking at the Starhound's home planet of Aschere. As always, this is not necessarily what will be in the final product.

The Planet of Aschere

Planet Aschere (Art by SpiritofthwWolf)
Planet Aschere (Art by SpiritofthwWolf)

 Aschere is a a rugged, alpine planet covered in towering mountain ranges. It is in the cradle of the valleys that the Starhound race arose. And it is within the mountains that they found their destiny.

The vast gem mines run deep through the planet, and their vast networks dwarf even the greatest of cities in size. However, these mines have long since been stripped of all their resources.

The Starhounds have since spread their mining industry across their sector of the galaxy, and beyond. But this post is solely about their home planet.

The cities of Aschere mirror the mountainous terrain both literally and figuratively. The dense population that fills the valleys means that the buildings have become towering skyscrapers. Due to the alpine environment, wood is a commodity and so these skyscrapers are made from the materials extracted from Aschere herself. Those towers, covered in metal and glass, reflect the beautiful vistas they are surrounded by. It truly is a breath taking sight to behold.

The cities are also laced with some of the finest public transport in the galaxy. Gem-powered trams weave throughout the cities and across the land like an unfurled net. These trams are automated and run on a super precise schedule.

But, it isn't at all a perfect utopia. The beauty of the place hides a darker underside. The entire society is governed by the Starhound Syndicate. While efficient, the Syndicate is also very greedy and ruthless, but over the many years they've proven time and time again that money talks. And they have lots of it.

The darker corners of the cities also cast a shadow over the closed-door negotiations and organized crime that permeates unchecked through out their world. Extortion and so-called "Protection Plan" schemes are among some of the most common issues, often conducted by the Syndicate government itself.

It is also a colder planet. Snow, is actually even more common than the crime. Snowfall occurs on average 40% of days out of the galactic year. And the snow itself covers the ground an average of 70% of the time. The Starhound's fur coats have allowed them to survive these conditions and become the race they are today.

Anyway, that concludes the quick look at the Planet of Aschere, home world of the Starhounds. Next Tuesday will be a look at the Starhounds race themselves.

And a reminder that we will be taking our first look at the magic system next Thursday, October 25th, too, so look forward to that!

Thanks for joining us today! See you then!

- Project Lead Spirit


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