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A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
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Update on fixing first print issues: Replacements Are Ready To Ship (6)

Posted by Payton (Creator)

Hi Monster Lover,

Happy Thanks Giving! (if you don't know what that is please ignore). I just wanted to inform you that the survey is complete, and now that we have a much better understanding of issues with the game, it is time to begin fixing them. The replacement cards for misprinted collector decks (vampyre, zombie, alien) have already been printed, and will be shipped out asap. Everyone who has received any of the above collector decks will receive a replacement. 

If you have not received your copy of the game yet, please email and we will get the game out to you asap.

Finally, I just wanted to share the most awesome story one of our fellow backer has shared so far! It is exactly the kind of awesome experience I hoped to bring to your table, and at the end of the day it is why I do game design!  

John Berry:

I got a chance the other night at my comic shop to play a game of Monster Mansion with 6 players! It was definitely better than the 3 or 4 times before when we just had 3 or 4 players. Lots of fun with more people, and the conclusion to the game was very dramatic! I played Scruffy the Dog, whose special power is being able to assist twice.... and I got the Henchman agenda card... and I basically played it cool most of the way through the game, and we had discovered that one of the players was the VIP, and figured out another who was the Scoundrel. We were to the 2nd to last room, and at this point, the scoundrel was all the way at the beginning. I bought a firebomb, as I wasn't able to attack effectively on my own. Our VIP actually was in the 2nd to last room, but with 1 hp... I firebombed him, and it surprised everyone... unfortunately the guy who is able to automatically absorb damage without using the assist was there, so even after he did that, and I attacked, the VIP still lived, I then got killed and knocked back to the start with the scoundrel. The following turn, the VIP moved into the final room, ready to win, I defeated a monster, securing me enough gold to buy the teleport crystal, I then gave it to the scoundrel, and she teleported to the final room with the VIP, and rolled to win the game! I'll be playing with 8 players in a couple weeks hopefully, but I don't know if we'll ever get an ending as dramatic as that one! I figured I'd share my experience as there is mixed reception right now (not with the game itself, necessarily, but because of the shipping problems), to show that you do have some cool experiences to look forward to, once you're able to appreciate the game! Still waiting on my corrected expansion decks for the ultimate edition, but I'm enjoying the game a lot so far.

(feel free to share YOUR stories in the comments) 



P.S. For anyone who wants additional avatar bases, you can order from (around $4.50 for a pack of 10). If you have missing pieces, I will pay for the order. If you paid for extra bases, I will offer a refund for the additional cost. Thanks.


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    1. Paulo Miroslav Djordjevic on

      Hello, Payton. I just got my MM Ultimate Collector box from the post office and noticed my card backs were also affected by the printing issue. I've responded to the survey, but I don't know if that for is still being looked at. Please let me know if I need to re-submit the information via some other mean.

    2. Payton 5-time creator on

      Thanks for letting me know. Feel free to exchange for 25mm bases and I will cover the additional costs. It was my mistake and I take full responsibility. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ladd on

      As Payton suggested in Update #47, I ordered the 20mm circle bases for my monsters. I ordered the 25 pack from Litko to cover the needs of all the flat plastic minis that did not come with bases. I payed over $15 total to ship them to me.

      Guess what... Big Mistake! The 20mm bases are the wrong size! The bases for the characters that came with the game are 25mm. The bases Payton suggested, with a direct link to the product page, are too small. They are smaller than the small characters. What a freaking screw job this has been!

      The 20mm bases are cheaper than the 25mm bases. Payton quoted the cheaper price, for 10 20mm bases (which are not enough to cover all the FPMs) probably to shut us up about the bases. Well, mark this as another failure of this project. I am now convinced that Payton is a liar and scoundrel. I have no hope left that our games will be fixed.

    4. Nancy Hutchins

      @Ed That is so good to hear that the game is good. I have a copy but can't play as I am missing pieces or have too many card of one type or the other. It would have been nice to play over the holidays, but . . . still waiting to hear about replacment/correct parts.

    5. Ed Stevens on

      Hey guys. Just want to chime in say I got the game about a month or so ago now and have played it through 3 times.

      The first time we played we weren't sure if you needed to offer aid for dex rolls before or after the roll so we did after, we have since fixed that mistake. We moved through relatively smoothly, but the scoundrel ended up escaping for the win with a few minutes to spare (at the recommended 20 minutes per person as first timers).

      Second time we played we did it with fog of war and when the time limit ended we decided to reset it and see if we could do it at the newbie double time limit, no luck, the mansion shut us in.

      But after this is where something interesting happened. My friends, who are generally pretty hard to get excited about these types of things, started asking "When can we play that game again?".

      so we got together after T-Day for our third session. Once again our luck was sealed with the mansion doors after 50 minutes of playtime, but we had a ball getting there.

      So to the handful of you still waiting on your game, my point is, it is worth the wait. I've already got people asking where they can get a copy for themselves, that's how much we've been enjoying it.

    6. Nancy Hutchins

      In this update you have addressed those who have problems with the add on expansions. But what about those of us who can not play the gme because the cards or other parts received in our core game are incorrect or missing?

    7. PerfectVirus

      What about missing cards and avatars?

    8. Missing avatar

      Timothy H. Ott


      So, I was out of town when my copy arrived, and my parents (who were getting my mail for me) only got it to me at the end of last week. First thing I noticed was that the box is damaged (one corner of the cover is considerably busted in). I'll need to take inventory, but I can tell at a glance that there are not enough bases to cover my 'Bag-o-Monsters' add on. The rest I suppose I'll have to go through piece by piece. How will I know if any of my cards are misprinted? I don't have a 'special' collector, just the main game + Bag-o-Monsters & the Medieval add-on.

      Thanks y'all,

    9. Terry Ash on

      Hey. Loving the game. Not really the flat plastic minis though. They keep falling out of the bases and with a timed game every second counts. Really was looking forward the the real Minis. I'll survive this part. We just use real minis anyway.

      I know that you are incredibly busy, Payton but I have sent a couple emails about replacements for missing components and have yet to receive a reply.

      Could you please respond to my messages?

    10. Payton 5-time creator on

      To get the missing bases, please order them online and send a receipt to me, and I will reimburse it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    11. Payton 5-time creator on

      We can't give additional bases to Ultimate Collectors. Those are reserved for people who paid $25 for the Bag-O-Monsters with xtra bases.

    12. Mellissa McGuigan on

      I'd also like to know if we're meant to get the bases as part of the ultimate collectors.

    13. FS2K

      for the ultimate collection, were we supposed to get bases for the extra avatars or is this something I need to order with the link above?

    14. Sarah Hudson on

      So what do I do to get the missing bases?