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A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
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Update on fixing first print issues! (4)

Posted by Payton (Creator)

Hi Monster Lover,

Time for another update, I'm so excited!

I've found out lots about backer pains this week, and made breakthroughs with my manufacturer, and shipping company. 

First off, I want to inform that Asia/Oceania backers will not be getting tracking numbers, but should be getting their orders in the mail soon. Thanks for the patience guys and sorry about the delay. 

We are dedicating ourselves to fixing all card misprints and packaging issues. However, those surveys will have to wait until the majority of backers have received their packages. 

In other news, the Bag-O-Monsters is supposed to contain 22 monster avatars. I don't know how we got the number 43 before, but it is a mistake. Including the character pieces Ultimate Collectors get 40 flat plastic miniatures, but that is still less than 43. As you can see, the figures look good with a white background, but if the background is dark it is harder to see. Unfortunately, that is avoidable while having a transparent background! It is an issue we are looking into for future products. 

While we're on the avatars, each plastic piece has a thin plastic film which peels off. The paint stays on, so don't worry!

That's it for now, but just keep in mind that even though this is my first project delivered, I am dedicated to making it a success. We will crush any issues which will pop up. 

On a personal note, I am getting a new job soon, woohoo! That means that even if the projects goes into deficit I can still afford to fix your issues.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Silk

      Just opened & played my first game with the wife & kids. Only played the basic game (haven't opened the additional packs yet).

      First opinion; GREAT GAME!!!!!

      No bases in the package I received (Grrr)
      Timings. Took WAY longer to play than I first thought.

      But, for those of you still waiting, it's well worth it when it arrives. Keep the faith!

    2. Thiago Melasippo on

      So anyone got the survey already? Mine is kinda missing a LOT of stuff =[

    3. Thiago Melasippo on

      So anyone got the survey already? Imminent is kinda missing a LOT of stuff =[

    4. awyldknght on

      @Scan, it's more likely that while Payton was creating the different theme decks, he just copy & pasted the cards from the mummy deck in to the other sets. After doing so, he forgot to change the backs on them since it is all the same cards in all 4 collectors decks.

    5. Phill Thompson on

      So just got mine today, my generic encounter cards from my Vampire and Zombie decks are miss printed with the zombie background, other than that, great components

    6. scantrontb

      got mine last week, but i haven't been on this site for a while... i just checked and saw that i also have the Zombie, Alien and Vampire collectors decks with the Mummy backgrounds on about half-ish of the cards in EACH of the three non-mummy collectors decks... all the actual monster type cards (and agenda) have the correct back for the associated deck, but the whiffs, blessings and secret notes all have the Mummy card-backs... like they printed out way too many of the mummy types and forgot to print out any of the other three kinds.... the base game was in perfect working order, all cards and items present

    7. Missing avatar

      Jack Benjamin on

      I finally received the game. I like the overall quality. I do have an issue with the plastic tray. Given the amount of material in the game, the weight of the cards and especially the coins, the tray was thoroughly broken when received. Perhaps my box was dropped during shipping, but there were bits and pieces of the tray floating around the box and the tray is very thin and flimsy. None of the game materials seem damaged so it is more of an inconvenience than anything else. Thanks.

    8. Sarah Hudson on

      Were there supposed to be bases for the bag of monsters?

    9. 1soni

      Package delivered 1 hour ago, can't wait to get home and check it out.

    10. awyldknght on

      @Payton, I'm glad that you are learning from this Kickstarter and wish you better luck on your next Kickstarter endeavor.

      From a backers standpoint, I feel like I haven't received anything close to what was promised when the KS funded & closed.
      I originally pledged for the base game. After it funded & with the changes you had made to the base game , I decided to stick with it & upgrade to the Ultimate edition because I believed in the idea behind the game.
      The whole time you never said anything about the decrease in the BoM. You did let us know that the deal with Arcknight did fall through for the FPM, but never said anything about a change in production numbers for decreasing them.

      So after receiving the game and seeing the numbers cut to 1/3 of what was promised

    11. Payton 5-time creator on

      I have no explanation for the mistake other than to say that those numbers were a bad estimation. For that, I have no excuse, other than to remind you that this entire project is done out of my love for game design, and that I am not profiting by this project by any means. I can live without profits. I can even live with taking money out of pocket to fix issues with the first print. However, none of this will deter me from continuing to make games in the future, because you, me, and anyone who is willing to change can learn and improve for the future.

    12. Missing avatar

      Pedro Grala on

      Hi Payton,
      In this update you said that you did not know how the number 43 for monsters has appeared. So I looked up on the updates section. The bag of monster was offered with 50+ monsters. On update 6 you can see that it would come with more than one of each monster.

    13. Kirkstarter

      @Payton - you just can't help yourself, can you? Every step of the way you have lied and cheated your backers just so you could make your damn game.

      Don't worry about looking into the issue of FPM transparency (oh, the irony) for a future project because there won't be one. I hope that new job works out for you because your career in game design is over.

    14. awyldknght on

      So as I'm looking over this, you are including FPM's that got unlocked as stretch goals into the Bag-O-Monsters, is that correct? So once again, you are taking things away from what was promised in the Kickstarter? This includes the Poison Apparition, The Executioner, The Stalker, Succubus, and the Halloween Set (Only counting the 2 in the image) that is playable by all pledge levels. You are also showing / counting the FPM for Sir Kalavan from the Get Medieval Add-on in the Bag-O-Monsters.

      So that drops the count down to Bag-O-Monsters down to 15 FPM, which is a far cry from the 40+ you advertised in the Kickstarter or the 46 that you told me in a message. I can deal with the other "changes" that you decided on since it funded & you posted about them. What was the reasoning behind lowering the FPM count and including the stretch goals in the Bag-O-Monsters instead of the base game like it was stated?