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A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
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Update on fixing first print issues! (3)

Posted by Payton (Creator)

Hi Monster Lover,

In case you are missing the game manual, here is a link to the digital copy. We will also be shipping replacement manuals and cards to you shortly, as soon as shipping and surveys have been completed. 

Let me know if you have further questions. 




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    1. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      @ John Berry - i rule it as 0 + item bonus.

    2. awyldknght on

      Here is a link to the PDF in my Dropbox. I'll remove it if Payton requests.

    3. P@rick on

      2 Days Have Gone By....Still no access to the Game Manual......

    4. Ric Tomsett

      @Owen Durivage - I also had duplicate sets of cards, the pack with Luis "The Cosplayer" on top.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Berry on

      Ooops... that should have been posted in the main comments, i thought I was clicked over there.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Berry on

      I've had the chance to play the [base] game 3 times so far, twice with 3 players and once with 4, we're really enjoying it so far! I can't wait to get a bigger crowd together and play with more people. We haven't beaten it yet, but we came close last time... but I get really bored with easy games, so I'm glad this offers a challenge as well as lots of variability.

      I'm not sure if this will get lost or if we're even ready for questions and stuff yet... but something that came up that we weren't quite sure about was if you have an item that adds to your combat / fist stat, and you encounter the witch or whichever monster it is that reduces your combat stat to 0.... does she also reduce the +1 / +2 that you get from the item? Or would you still get the bonus from the item (so your stat would effectively be (0)+X?

    7. Owen Durivage on

      Any chance for a better breakdown on what's supposed to be in the main game. Like I know it says 80 encounter cards but I have 105. I also only have 22 of the item cards. And I'm missing 5 player cards, I have doubles if 5 of them. Would help to see what I'm missing, not just the amount I'm missing, or have extras of.

    8. Mike May on

      Why request access? Dropbox would have been an amazing option also.

    9. David Miller

      That's a great and immediate option - thank you!

      It's just a game and as someone who is excited to be among the first to get this, my life isn't ruined if it's not perfect, in fact, as a backer I understand that I am getting the very first printing of this.

      Thanks Payton for the communication and doing a great job handling this unfortunate situation.

    10. P@rick on

      Uggghhhh - Seriously? Now I have to wait to get permission to access a game manual to see what parts i'm missing......Well, I've waited 5 months - Whats another day or so......