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A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
A real-time cooperative adventure for 3-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
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Update on fixing first print issues! (2)

Posted by Payton (Creator)

Hi Monster Lover,

Here is what's going down: 

1) We have already ordered replacement cards for the Zombie, Vampyre, and Alien collector decks. 

2) We will wait for all the backers to receive their copies of the game before taking further action. 

3) As soon as everyone (or at least 99% of backers) get their game, I will send out a comprehensive survey for everyone to report on broken or missing components. 

4) I will work with my manufacturer to produce the missing components.

5) We will deliver them to you asap. 

Hope that makes sense. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know! 



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    1. Thiago Melasippo on

      Just got the game now and the back of mu cards all say mummy collectors... Anyone got the survay already?

    2. Rick Kitagawa

      Just got my game yesterday, and I'm on the "Alien edition with Mummy backgrounds" list as well. Additionally, I ordered the "Bag O Monsters" and extra bases, but didn't get any extra bases.

      Thanks for dealing with this craziness in such an awesome and professional manner. From one creator to another, kudos for your integrity and professionalism! Thanks and good luck with all of this!

    3. Mike May on

      I just got my game today. Very well made; and yes; I got the Zombie Edition with Mummy backgrounds on all the cards. I only got 80 cards vs. the Kickstarter page stating 100+ for the extra editions. I looked back in all the emails I received but never saw anything mentioning that the editions would be 80 cards. Thanks and look forward to the survey.

    4. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Have the surveys been sent out? I haven't seen anything yet?

    5. TERW_DAN on

      Did anyone notice some of the cards don't have an equal surface? In my scoundrel card there is a clear dent, if you know this it is fairly easy to see who is the scoundrel.

    6. Missing avatar

      Van Hovannisian

      I just got the game. There is no rulebook.... I dont know what is missing or how to play the game. Hopefully this is adressed today so we can play by Halloween

    7. P@rick on

      @Payton - So we're all on the same page, and for those of us that didn't get game rules/instructions with a complete list of game pieces, could you post an updated version of this with exact quantities so we can see if our game is complete. Also, VERY disapointed in the clear character pieces. They are EXTREMELY hard to see when on any cards

    8. Reed Dawley

      I got my shipping email yesterday. Looking forward to it!

    9. Owen Durivage on

      I'm sure its already been noted. But the main game itself has double printing of cards, and is missing cards.

    10. awyldknght on

      Just got notification that my game is shipping today. Washington USA. Sucks I won't have it for my Halloween party tonight. So much for shipping last week like it was stated.

    11. Chris Z.

      Thanks for the update. This must be a headache =P

    12. Michael Kruckvich

      btw, happened to notice that the agenda card in the Alien Collector deck has an error in the text: "...attacks IS becomes..."

    13. Mike May on

      Thanks! Do you have any information for people in the United States for receiving their game? I still haven't received a shipment email yet or the game.

    14. Punxnbutter on

      This is The right way to handle it. Looking forward to playing...

    15. Marcel Zehnder on

      Thanks! This is the right way to go.

    16. Renan Da Silva Machado on

      Hey, Payton. Do you have any information about tracking numbers for deliveries to south america (more especifically Brazil)? So far I'm kinda in the dark regarding when it will arrive for me, and even though I'm aware it takes longer to get to me than it does for other backers, it would still be cool to have some extra information.
      Anyway, great job on handling the problems that showed up. :)

    17. David Miller

      Hi Payton, what a huge nightmare this is for you - ugh! You are doing a great job handling it, thank you. =)

      How did you want to collect information regarding missing components?

      I went through everything and am missing 2 coins (28 vs 30).

    18. Daniel Mcgannon on

      In the US and have not received tracking number or game.

    19. Evan Schmalz

      Mine was *supposed* to have been delivered yesterday, but UPS couldn't because the address on it was wrong? I dunno, hopefully they worked it out and I'll get it today.

    20. P@rick on

      @Aaron Allot of people, including myself, did not get the instruction book. That is why everyone is asking. It would be nice if Payton would scan and update this.......

    21. AaronT

      @Tom: there is a list of components for the base game in the instruction book. Each collectors edition contains 80 cards. About half are the new monsters, the other half are repeats of the item cards and generic encounter cards.

    22. Flession

      In the US and still have yet to receive a tracking number.

    23. Sean Clements

      Cool plan. I shall wait for the survey then. But the game is a hoot. Well done

    24. Oliver A. on

      All clear. So I wait for the survey.
      Even with the printing mistake the game looks and is great.
      Any news about the App?
      Thanks for your work Payton!

    25. Tom Hoefle

      is there a list of what exactly i should find in my game?