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The toughest leather belt on Kickstarter. Built from 13oz thick American leather & boasting a double lifetime through wear and abuse.
The toughest leather belt on Kickstarter. Built from 13oz thick American leather & boasting a double lifetime through wear and abuse.
The toughest leather belt on Kickstarter. Built from 13oz thick American leather & boasting a double lifetime through wear and abuse.
308 backers pledged $34,490 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Bought $100 belt from them. They sent wrong size. Their mistake. Have proof it was their mistake. They offered no help to make good. Never again! Beware!!

    2. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      Cody Coleman - Thanks for always being such a rad supporter!

      We're live now for our Insider Wallet!…

    3. cody coleman

      Here comes another one, anybody need a matching wallet that looks just as great.

    4. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      TomPreech - Tracking shows that it left the USA on July 1st. You should have received the tracking info in your email. PM me or email for further support. Thanks.

    5. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      Andrew - I apologize for missing this comment until now. There's really not much care needed, excepting of course apply leather balm if it ever feels dry. Also, don't light it on fire using gasoline. Other than that, you're golden.

    6. Missing avatar


      I have not received my reward yet.

    7. Andrew Mellon on

      Are there any care tips you have for the belt?

    8. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @Bernhard Hipfinger - You should have received an email with tracking info. Tracking currently shows it is in transit to Austria. If you do not receive it soon, please check with your local customs office as they will often hold packages in case of VAT.

    9. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @Jordy - You and about 8 other folks should receive your tracking emails this week. Thanks

    10. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @Randy Thompson - Yes, you can order through the website. And buckles are interchangeable using a standard screw driver to remove the screw posts. Thanks!

    11. Bernhard Hipfinger on

      Also still waiting on my order or shipment information...

    12. Missing avatar

      Jordy on

      @chadvonlind - Hi, I've ordered one belt and one key hook but haven't received it yet. May I know the status?

    13. Missing avatar

      Randy Thompson

      If I want to buy a 2nd belt, do I go to the craftandlore web site? And can the buckles be switched between belts? Just a thought.

    14. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @ Randy Thompson - Thanks Randy!

    15. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      Daniel - I'll send you a PM regarding your options.

    16. Daniel Grosz

      Mine arrived today but its way to long. Any chance i can replace it for a shorter one?

    17. Missing avatar

      Randy Thompson

      Mine arrived yesterday. Fits perfectly. Nice work.

    18. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @ Daniel Grosz - Tracking shows that your package has left the US of A, and is on it's way to Deutschland! Thanks!

    19. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @ Bradley McKeon - Haha! Excellent. That there is our favorite kind of review!

    20. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @ zephyrsaidwhat - Thanks so much for all of your support through the years!

    21. Daniel Grosz

      Hey there, great Project! I did not receive my belt yet. But i got no problem waiting. Makes it even more exciting. Take it easy. Daniel from Germany

    22. Missing avatar

      Bradley McKeon on

      So, a little while ago i ended up with some Pronto x Ironhearts. Not a bad decision (wait till summer comes��) except the two belts I own shake in fear with the thought of holding those bad boys up. Yesterda, my sneaky little parcel from Chad arrived and I can tell you this Mountain Belt just laughed right in the face of the IH's. After a minor tussle they have become the best of friends. In short, this belt is solid and won't let you down (except if you're at the pub and need to undo it and the Ironhearts in a hurry after too many beers�).
      Cheers mates from Aus.,

    23. zephyrsaidwhat

      Received this beast of a belt last week - what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! Well done, as always!

    24. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      Eduard Lefter - We are working long and hard hours trying to get these out the door and to keep our promise of a June delivery. We have 95% of our shipments delivered, and it was unfortunate that we didn't have them all done in June, after receiving an incorrect shipment from a supplier. As for communication, we've been posted general updates when information is available. For us to stop working on production to answer every PM asking for a personal update only further pushes back our ability to ship at our promised time so you'll have to forgive us for taking a few days to give you a personal update and then directing you to the publicly posted update that included the answer to your question. I'm sorry that we've let you down on your first Kickstarter experience. This isn't a perfect system, and we're not perfect humans. But we're working hard and can guarantee that you will receive your reward, even if it is a bit after our promised time.

    25. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      Pete Garza - Your reward is in with the ones mentioned in the latest update. We hope to receive our shipment of needed supplies today so that we can get the remaining dozen belts out the door. Thanks for your patience.

    26. Missing avatar

      CK on

      This thing. When it unbuckles, when my pee breaks water. It sounded masculine.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eduard Lefter on

      Two broken promises so far.
      No reward shipped in June as it should and the only answer to a PM sent 1 week ago is "we sent out an update" (today).
      I'm frustrated and disappointed, my first Kickstarter experience is not a positive one.
      "Delivery Dates & Expectations
      I'd rather under promise and over deliver, so I set the delivery date to June even though I believe we'll be shipping out before then.
      My promise is that there will be constant communication and replies to every backer comment and message requesting information."

    28. Pete Garza

      Still waiting on my belt, hopefully it will arrive soon.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Hokan on

      Received my belt and key hook yesterday. Just like your previous campaign. outstanding quality and timely delivery. Thank you

    30. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      Lincoln and Randy - I should mention that there are still a couple others that are lumped in with the remaining group. So please don't worry as the remaining packages are still going out.

      Keep an eye for a tracking email soon to come.

    31. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      John and Vlad - Thank you guys!

    32. Missing avatar

      Lincoln Walburn on

      @chadvonlind - I ordered one belt and one key hook but haven't received it yet. According to your email, I should have already received it. Please update me when you have an opportunity. Thanks

    33. Missing avatar

      Randy Thompson

      I ordered one belt and one key hook and am still waiting delivery. My order didn't seem to fit in your list of the few not shipped yet.

    34. Vlad

      I want to buy another

    35. Missing avatar

      john trunkwalter on

      are you kidding me ? a package from idaho just arrived,and this mythological belt is now here. seriously chad and co..... you guys have over achieved and I thank you for this effort. it's not correct to say this is a life-time belt....this will live on way after I am dust.....and I take comfort knowing that my heirs will have it to think of me. cheers gentlemen.

    36. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @Randy Noya - Thank you friend!

      @Aytan - The Mountain Belt tends to receive that response a lot. We're glad it is setting the bar by which other belts will be judged. Cheers!

      @Hoobajoob - Excellent, we appreciate your support and encouragement!

    37. Missing avatar


      I received my belt a few days ago (Seattle) and I've worn it every day since. The true waist sizing was spot on and this is by far the best belt I've ever owned. I'll be directing my friends and family to your online shop.

    38. Missing avatar

      Aytan on

      Got my belt! Apparently, I didn't know what a real leather belt was until today! Amazing quality! thank you very much!

    39. Randy Noya

      I also got mine today (Netherlands). And it is awesome. Thanks again.

    40. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @Philippe Ribeiro - Excellent, thank you Philippe! These belts are never better than paired with denim.

      @CK - Your Mountain Belt shipped out yesterday! Thanks bud!

      @Orak75 - Thank you friend! Glad it made it safely to France!

    41. Orak75 on

      I got mine today. (Paris, France)
      Awesome !
      Well done guys ! =)

    42. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Eagerly waiting for mine after all these reviews. Hoping to receive a tracking email in the coming days. Meanwhile i'll continue to live vicariously through you guys.

    43. Philippe Ribeiro on

      Chad, the little cardboard box with the mountain belt was waiting in my letterbox today. The belt is awesome! Thick as hell! I have been a denim geek for some time now but still looking for the perfect belt to pair my pants with. I have found it now!
      Cheers from France.

    44. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      tampines - Haha! Thank you friend. Glad to hear that you love the belt!

    45. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      dbueker - Thank you!

    46. Missing avatar

      tampines on

      Good Afternoon, received my belt in SG.

      Very disappointed with the product. What were you people thinking?? This product is ridiculous!!!!

      The center hole is perfect, leather is thick and soft and i love the weight. The color is way too beautiful and I can't bear to wear it. The worst thing happening now, i am looking your other products and trying to restraint myself from ordering them.

    47. Missing avatar

      dbueker on

      Received the belt on my birthday. Perfection. Almost makes me want to grow my belly so I can buy another one. :-)

    48. Chad Von Lind 4-time creator on

      @ ZOARLOB - Haha! That is beautiful. Thanks so much for the feedback!

      @ Roy Wagner - Thank you Roy for writing in about it.

      @ Sean OConnell - Awesome! That's what we like to hear about the Mountain Belt. Thanks so much for your backing!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sean OConnell on

      Holy Crap! This belt is awesome! I've been searching for a "lifetime belt" for years. My search is over.

    50. Roy Wagner on

      Got mine! It is wonderful.

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