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Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
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Gen Con Report, Neo Tyrannis Live, plus Progress Updates

Posted by Collins Epic Wargames (Creator)

Gen Con 2016 Report

Gen Con was an incredible show with a massive audience of nearly 61,000 attendees. Collins Epic Wargames was there this year for the first time since we got started publishing wargames back in 2008. Our Spearpoint 1943 games were shown, demonstrated, and sold, but we also focused heavily on Polyversal. Those who stopped by included backers of this kickstarter, many people new to us, and some who had heard of Polyversal but missed the kickstarter.

It was nice to meet all of you who stopped by in person and show you the prototype, take you through some command and control demos, and run you through a combat example or two.

We also featured two newly 3D-printed skyscraper master molds (one is shown below, as controlled by some infantry) from The Phalanx Consortium which made our demo table look amazing.

Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes Kickstarter Live

Speaking of amazing terrain, the Kickstarter for the Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes Terrain, originally inspired by Polyversal and the setting we are creating, is now live by The Phalanx Consortium. Go support them today and get some awesome skyscraper terrain, perfect for Polyversal, and other games in the same general scale!

Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes Kickstarter Live
Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes Kickstarter Live


Progress Reports

Rules. Rules development continues to be our primary focus. Areas previously saved for “fill-in later” continue to get fleshed out and refined, and as we do, we expand options for design, streamline, and edit for clarity in all aspects of gameplay. The latest focus is a heavy dive into the Design System for creating your own Combatant Tiles as well as the points system that balances it all out. This section is now greatly expanded to give those planning to customize tiles additional options for armor, weaponry, and damage tracks. Ken and I have regular calls to discuss "all things rules" and hash out various questions.

Artwork. Art commissioning is a process that continues with both Bruno Werneck and James Masino. James is in progress on several rules artwork pieces at the moment. When they are approved, we will reveal them to you. These pieces and more to come help us communicate our story visually. We are very excited to see what both artists can do for Polyversal. To help with the art creation, we’re in the process of receiving 3D model files from the miniatures manufacturing partners who use them.

Tile and Orders Tokens Graphic Design. A very helpful backer, Carl Olsen, is helping us clean up our Illustrator template file for the Combatant Tiles. In addition to redesigning the icons, Carl is tackling a redesign of all 10 Orders tokens. To this point, we’ve been using prototype tokens that needed some refinement before printing. He has already improved the Combatant Tile damage and weapons tracks and made the file easier to work with- which saves time during population of data for all of our Combatants. Kudos to Carl for the help.

Production of Hex Tile Paper. One of our add-ons has moved to production- this is the custom hexagonal thermal die-cut paper for use with tile customization. This product will be really handy and we’re excited to get the die on order and the printer geared up to produce it in a decent quantity- 2000 sheets of 5- or 200 packs of 10. This handles the initial order from the Kickstarter as well as gives us some to sell later. As a bonus, we are having the printer package each group of 10 sheets of this paper in a shrink-wrap pack with a chipboard backing. The shrink-wrap is actually a jacket that is able to be opened and closed instead of just opened and discarded.

Miniatures Orders. One of the trickiest aspects of Polyversal involves coordinating massive miniatures buys from 5 manufacturers. This is not as easy as it sounds. Different manufacturers have different requirements. We’re working with each of them to finalize quotes for the incredible amount of vehicles, walkers, aircraft, and infantry we’re ordering to support the game’s production. All are doing special casting runs and some mould re-designs to support the production and optimize their work to suit the large quantity buys. One manufacturer in particular, Tony Francis of Brigade Models in the UK, will be blogging about the process as it moves forward. We’ll be sure to pass on more information as posts like that go live.

Till next time, happy gaming!

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      Sorry for the slow reply, Corey, Thanks for the offer, will talk to you directly about it. Best, Byron

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      Erik Walton and I would be happy to act as sounding board/ play test rules in Richmond if you want feenback. Just let us know!

      Corey Riordan