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Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
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Thank You!

Posted by Collins Epic Wargames (Creator)

Thank you from the Designer

Seeing my own game design published has been a dream of mine since I was a young boy. Like many of you, I have been playing and making games since I was little.

When I first sat down to write what I was then calling "Multiversal," I figured it would be a fun diversion for a few demonstration games at our club's fledgling show: The Williamsburg Muster. Little did I know that the game (and my bizarre collection of miniatures and terrain from nearly every manufacturer in the business) would be so well received that Byron would be willing to take a chance on publishing it.

Fast forward to today, and 390 fellow gamers, you, have signed on to make my dream of being a published designer come true.

Thank you.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in the creation of Polyversal. The one where I'm no longer alone in my thoughts, but joined by hundreds of fellow enthusiasts, all interested in making the best mass combat game we can make.

I am honored that Byron of Collins Epic Wargames has chosen to publish Polyversal, and humbled that you have pledged your support for our project. We're all in this together now, and I can't wait to see what all of you will do with the system we have created.

Do not hesitate to contact me as the project moves forward at

Until then, see you on the battlefield!

Ken Whitehurst, Designer

Thank you from the Publisher

Thank you for backing us! We’re so excited to have a successful funding campaign for Polyversal and you all made that happen. Also, we want to thank our manufacturing partners for working with us on this game- Brigade Models, Dark Realm Miniatures, Hawk Wargames, Microworld Games, Plasmablast Games, and The Phalanx Consortium.

Finally, big thanks to Mike Hobbs and Neil Shuck of Meeples and Miniatures Podcast, Maurice Fitzgerald at Clubfantasci, Brant at Grogheads, Gianna at Beasts of War, Jeff at The Gaming Gang, Bill at TMP, Jason at TGN, John at Consimworld, Mark H. Walker, DB94 Podcast, D6Generation Podcast, Hub Systems Podcast, and many more I may be missing for all of your support, coverage, and enthusiasm for Polyversal.

When I first saw Ken’s game, I was excited to see people picking it right up, having a lot of fun, and realizing- “I can use anything I want in this game, I’m not constrained… and it works!” You can read more about that (and Mr. Teleporter) here.

I’ve run demos and shown off portions of the game at conventions over the years since then as Ken and I worked together to figure out how best to present this awesome game in a unique way, now called Polyversal. We began a path of refinement that will continue right up until we ship. We fostered relationships with manufacturers. We took a unique approach. Our goal is to publish the best mass combat miniatures game we can make and we think you’ll be very pleased with the end result.

We are getting right to work and switching modes from funding into final development and production. We will keep you up to date as we progress by way of production updates through Kickstarter. In addition, we’re active on our Facebook Page for Polyversal, so we recommend you join us there. For more in-depth discussions of rules, development, and more, please join our Polyversal Group on Facebook.

Update Frequency

Everyone has different preferences on the frequency of updates. If you find you’re receiving too many, you can turn them off, but we recommend not doing so because you may miss something important. If you find there aren’t enough for you, please note that we are never idle. So, if you don’t hear from us, don’t worry- We’re most likely working hard on what needs to be done to get the game out.

We do not use Kickstarter as a preorder system. You’ve funded not only production costs but also costs for artwork that will soon be commissioned, layout, editing, and much more. There is work to be done and we’ll communicate exactly what has to happen and how we progress by way of production updates. So stay tuned as we enter a phase of hard work.

Thanks again everyone! We’re glad to have you with us.

Now, let’s make a game.

Finally, I'll leave you with a little humor. Many of our new backers have probably not seen our outtakes video. Ken and I are introverted geeks and we aren't the best on camera. Watch as we fumble through making our project video...

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    1. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Robert there is a pnp which is out now but it is very condensed. We will share a draft later on with backers for feedback.

      Cranky- Big stompy robot lawyer with laser eyes?

    2. TheCrankyLawyer

      Robot? Where's the robot?

    3. Robert Slaughter

      I came into the KS late - is there a rules draft available currently, or is that a future item?