Polyversal Miniatures Game

by Collins Epic Wargames

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    1. Lee Sweeney on

      Swap the INF and you have a great Alien look as well.
      They look great

    2. Missing avatar


      Quite true Lee. I could see a number of alien infantry being used here - perhaps Microworlds Kreen or Lizard Rider Infantry?

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Hall on

      They look awesome!

    4. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Absolutely, Lee.

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      Reynolds Monach on

      They do look great. How do you add onto a pledge?

    6. Missing avatar


      @Reynolds Monach - What tier are you pledged at? If you are pledging at The "Elite Unit" level or above you can select the Mercs as one (or more) of the factions you receive with the game. See below snippet from the main campaign page:

      Battlegroup Options based on pledge level:

      Elite Unit = Choose any 1 Battlegroup
      Battlegroup Commander = Choose any 2 Battlegroups
      UN Special Envoy = Choose any 4 Battlegroups
      UN Security Council = Choose any 5 Battlegroups

    7. Eric Tighe

      They look great

    8. Missing avatar

      Maurice Hopkins on

      Great looking battlegroup! They would make a grand add-on for the Battlegroup Commander level.

    9. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Daynes, Thanks for posting that- I totally missed Reynolds' question.
      @Eric, Maurice- Thanks!