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Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
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Mercenaries... and Project Video Outtakes

Posted by Collins Epic Wargames (Creator)

Nearing the Goal

Remember the 80's? We do. And while the music was great, we don't want to be stuck there for too long ;)... We are well on our way to make Polyversal a reality because of your support! Thank you, and please share the project link around so that we can reach 100%. Remember the more we raise, the more cool extra stuff (like more miniatures) we can include in the form of stretch goals for you. Here's the short link to share: 

Hiring Mercenaries

Right now, Ken and I are working hard to add a fifth Battlegroup and third faction- Mercenaries. We still have a few details to work out with our partners, but, this is what we can tell you so far: This group will include some models from Plasmablast's awesome Orbital Combine line as well as some models from Brigade Models that we think will work well as a group of Mercs. In addition, we'll include Combatant Tiles we design for all of them. The size of the group will be roughly equal in value and size as the UN and OPFOR battlegroups currently offered.

Mercenaries will fight for the right price... they can battle on their own or as a supplement to any UN or OPFOR army.

With this addition, we will be adding a new top tier pledge that gets you 5 Battlegroups. Or, you can add the Mercs to any pledge as a standard add-on. Or, it can be one of your choices in any pledge level that includes Battlegroups.

Mercenaries are about to be hired...
Mercenaries are about to be hired...

Making a Project Video isn't easy...

While fun to film, making a project video is never easy to do. Join Ken and I (and Benny) in this collection of outtakes from our Project Video. We pre-planned the video, shot 30 minutes of film, and then I edited for about 12 hours to get less than 2 usable minutes! Watch our main video again to see the final version. Here are the outtakes:

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    1. Ken Whitehurst on

      Ha! Obviously I'm going to eventually paint it all! Eventually. Maybe. Someday.

    2. Mike Hobbs on

      so tell me more about these box sets ken is putting together from his collection, I have a wish list of Epic stuff that Ken could help me with :-)