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Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures.
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    1. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Corey, Thanks for the support! We're getting there. It's been a massive undertaking.

    2. Missing avatar

      corey riordan on

      Appreciate the updates. For the rest of the backers, the one thing I can share is that I have backed Byron on previous projects and he has always delivered a great product. Based on that track record I am confident we are all going to see and enjoy this one when we finally get it in our hands.

    3. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Roger, Yes, I'm leaving right now for WBC but will post an update as soon as I return.

      @David, Sorry. I am disappointed in my own performance on managing this one. There are a lot of reasons we are not yet delivered, but, I assure you we'll get there soon. All I can do is keep pressing forward and apologize. Once released, I do believe it will have been worth the wait.


    4. Roger Rexroad on

      Should we expect update 37 before Gencon?

    5. Missing avatar

      David Gaidasz on

      So... I come back here a year and a half after the projected COMPLETION date...
      And the latest news from the company is that the rules layout isn't finished yet and printing isn't started. Let alone all the organization and shipping...

      So yeah - I'm not even sure I'll be seeing this at "two years behind schedule" at this point.
      I must admit - I am rather disappointed.

    6. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Daryl - We have not shipped anything yet. Once our artist finishes rules layout, which is taking longer than expected, we can print our printed components, kit, and ship. We have all of the miniatures we need to fulfill orders.

      I'll be posting another update soon on progress since Update 36, which is a lot.

    7. Daryl McLaurine

      Has ANYONE gotten the game yet?

    8. Troy Gustavel

      Man, I got all excited for a minute. There was new posts in the Polyversal thread on taccoms.

      Just another attack of Easter European bot spam.


    9. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Update 36 just posted- a big one! It includes the first release of one of two Combatant Design Tools, a spreadsheet for designing Polyversal Combatants for your own miniatures collection.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Nolan on

      As we are approaching the first anniversary of the original release date what is the actual status of the release of this game?

    11. Roger Rexroad on

      Any status on the update?

    12. Roger Rexroad on

      Looking forward to the update.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sable Wyvern on

      Well, that's some exceptionally good news. :-)

      I had been starting to get a feeling the topic was being avoided. With the proper context, it's now clear that it wasn't being addressed because it isn't an issue.

    14. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Hey guys- no need for concern Sable. Doug is ready to ship the other half. Even without that half, I have enough of the DRM stuff to ship everyone's minis.

      Rules layout and scenarios remain the main work- also working with graphic artist who's been also on leave for 1 month- to finish up the backs of tiles and some other minor things like icons for some of the lesser used special abilities.

      Sorry for slow update- been out of town for both Adepticon and then my full time job on two occasions. Just got back. In the mean time, even while gone, I have been busy writing scenarios and doing what I can while away.

      Adepticon report and update soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sable Wyvern on

      I'm starting to feel concern about the lack of news on the rest of the DRM order. If the status of the remainder remains unknown, at some point we're going to need an alternative path forward.

    16. Missing avatar

      corey riordan on

      Hi Byron,

      Looking forward to any news you can share!


    17. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Quick note: Heading to Adepticon! Full report upon return and an update. If you're going to the show, please stop by. Watch Twitter (@CEWargames) and FB for updates from the show.

    18. R.J.Binkhorst on

      Ooh baby, just read the update. Excitement levels are increasing :)

    19. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Anthony, Working tirelessly every day on a lot of aspects to get us to delivery. We're getting very close- my best estimate is a few months from now. I'll know a more concrete delivery timeline once I receive the full DRM order (received half last week). I'll be keeping everyone informed as we near that point.

    20. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @R.J., YES! Yesterday received 1/2 of our order! Very excited about that (See our latest update just posted for more and for some photos).

    21. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Matt, Sent you a message on address update.

    22. Missing avatar

      Anthony Bartram on

      Anyone know when the game is going to arrive????

    23. R.J.Binkhorst on

      Do you guys have any news on DRM delivering yet?

    24. Matt Mills on

      I have moved and can't for the life of me find where to update my mailing address. Can't wait to get the game but nervous about it going to the wrong place.

    25. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Sable, Yes, received it and passed it on to Ken upon receipt. Thanks!

    26. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Maelstrom- received, responded, and processed.

    27. Maelstrom on

      @collins - in a direct message to you, I've asked for a refund.
      Kindly respond.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sable Wyvern on

      Hi guys. Did you get my response to your message on here?

    29. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Same to you as well Corey! Actually yes, I'd be up for a game sometime soon. Let's talk by message and set up something.

      @Will- That's actually a good catch. We discuss it in the Command and Control section and mention there is a cost (I think there should be since you're paying more for Elite units, for example) but, we didn't put a cost in Setup. I think it was in and out of the rules at various times. Anyway, we'll be editing in a cost for Command Units in the Setup section, likely as a Psych profile.

      @Brian- Still in initial layout on the rulebook with the artist. He has all of the printer specs for setting up the file, margins, etc., and we've been extensively discussing how we're going to tackle everything- graphics packages, QR codes, style, etc.... And yes, as soon as the PDF of the rules is completed, we'll send that out to every backer!

      @Duskland- Still waiting on DRM to deliver. Initial kitting is happening now of what we have, so staying very busy with that and many other aspects of production. I'll know a better ETA once I receive DRM's miniatures.

    30. Missing avatar

      corey riordan on

      Hi Byron, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Looking forward to an update as it has been awhile. Can we get a production update on the various components (especially Dark Horse)? Looking forward to the game! I've got a 9'x5' city scape in RVA if you are inclined to get in on some games!

    31. Missing avatar

      Will Bendik on

      I may be a bit late to the party, but I've been playing around with constructing my units using the points system in the backer only document. I might have missed something, but I can't find the points adjustment for units to have "command" status? Otherwise it's a great system and I'm enjoying building an army with it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Keenan

      How's the rulebook coming? If the layout is finished, is it possible to get the PDF of the rulebook?

    33. Duskland on

      Nice seeing all the photos of delivered minis on Facebook. What’s the eta for delivery?

    34. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      RECEIVED plasmablast games miniatures. More to follow, update coming with some pics.

    35. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Plasmablast has shipped but they have not yet arrived. I've requested a new update from Dark Realm.

    36. Missing avatar

      corey riordan on

      Has Plasmablast shipped/arrived?

    37. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Hey guys just a real quick update. I'm heading out of town for work for like 11 days :/. But, here are some quick progress updates: 1) Plasmablast Games COMPLETED PRODUCTION! I don't have the minis yet but that leaves just 1 more company for minis production. Great news. 2) Ken and I are finalizing the spreadsheet that calculates costs for designed minis. 3) Ken and I are filling in examples in the rules (those were placeholders). Rules are locked down otherwise unless we see some major issue. 4) Carl has nearly completed programming the script that generates tiles in the proper format. Awesome stuff. Catch you guys when I get back.

    38. Roger Rexroad on

      I'm really curious how the rulebook is coming along?

    39. Missing avatar

      corey riordan on

      Good Morning, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Any updates on Dark Realms or Plasmablast Games minis?

    40. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      You too Corey!

    41. Missing avatar

      corey riordan on

      Looking forward to the update. Great seeing you at Historicon!

    42. Maelstrom on

      Do about that update!

    43. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @all, new update coming soon. Post-historicon report with a video, updates on production, new art, all that good stuff.

      @Michael- Marios is re-vamping his site. I've actually seen a draft and it's nice.

      @Glen- Not yet, but soon. Marios estimates end of August for completion of their production. I'll cover that in the update.

    44. Michael Nolen on

      plasmabast games? I went to visit their website and it doesn't exist anymore.

    45. Missing avatar

      Glen Oberhauser on

      Did Plasmablast deliver? Any update from Dark Realm?

    46. Eran Boudjnah

      Take your time, thanks for updating us. Good to know it's still in progress. Looking forward!

    47. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      And making steady progress every week with an insane amount of hard work.

      Let's please keep it positive here. I am extremely excited to get this game out to you guys, just need you to bear with me. It's much better to deliver late and right than rushed and wrong. We'll get there.

    48. Maelstrom on

      Well, we are now in the beginning of Q3

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