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$31,741 pledged of $80,000 goal
$31,741 pledged of $80,000 goal

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    1. Lee Sweeney on

      Will buy the rules and the spreadsheet right now if I could :)

    2. R.J.Binkhorst on

      Good luck with the re-release. See you then :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Boyce on

      Sorry it didn't fund, Look forward to Polyversal appearing again in some shape or form in the future.
      I have one suggestion to make - suggest not embedding '6mm' in the project heading (or at least don't limit it to 6mm there) - may have put potential pledgers off if they see that in the title and they game at other scales - draw them into the text to find out as Polyversal is easily good for 10mm and 15(+?)mm with a big enough table! :-). I know the buildings on offer here were designed for 6mm, but they were incidental and not the game, (just a really nice addition for 6mm though I don't think they'd look too out of place in 10mm!) Just my two-penny worth.
      As I say, look forward to a re-launch.

    4. Missing avatar

      jlmartin621 on

      I wanted the rules. The more miniatures may have been a bridge too far. :)

    5. Donald Harders on

      I remain convinced that Polyversal will be a real game changer for 6mm Sci Fi. I will wait patiently for the next stage in working toward making this dream a reality.

    6. Missing avatar

      James on

      Guys, nice work. 266 backers and $32k are no mean feat. Well done, and look forward to the next phase. Ill be in for sure :)

    7. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Thanks again everyone. We'll return soon.

    8. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Thanks for your feedback.

    9. David J. Blood on

      I backed so I could give my feedback for the re-launch.

      I've been following this since I heard you on the M&M podcast a while back. I have 2 bits of advice, as someone who has backed 50+ Kickstarters:

      * You have 250+ backers, yet you have not funded. That means your goal is too high, or your pledge levels too low. 250+ backers should fund you.

      * $25 for a PDF rulebook is too much. At retail, that's fine. But backing a Kickstarter is a risk. You might never deliver. The rule might not be good. I should get a discount for taking that risk. This point is why I did not back "for real".

      Just my opinion, and I wish you luck on the re-launch!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Powers on

      Late to the party, and looks like it won't make it. But am behind on my D6Generation listening and so just heard about this a few hours ago. Still wanted to pledge because I could be wrong and it might fund, and even if not wanted to pledge to help give more info on interest levels.

      Love the concept. Have lots of 6mm already so would probably mainly be interested in rules for now, and then expanding into some new minis later.

    11. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Thanks for the comment Tyler. Totally agree. We had a graphic that people didn't really care for so replaced it with the lists that have hyperlinks for each model with an image. We were working to replace that with fully painted options of each faction but that unfortunately won't be done by the time the project ends. Hindsight. If we need to relaunch the graphics of the minis will be much better.

    12. Tyler Tinsley on

      Enjoyed the d6g episode so came to back the project.

      I would love to see a simple info graphic for each of the miniature set options. A text list of what's included makes it really hard to judge the value.

    13. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Rob, Thanks, we do too.

    14. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Matthew, Yes, I attend Historicon each year. I've also gone to Fall-In in the past but I'm not returning this year for various reasons. Thanks for supporting the game!

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sandee on

      Just backed after listening to the d6g interview! I hope others do as well! I am surprised I hadn't heard of this until now. I must be living under a rock.

      Just curious - do you guys go to the HMGS cons? Historicon?

      If the Kickstarter doesn't make it, I am excited to see where this goes next and will be happy to support.

    16. Mike Hobbs on

      excellent interview Ken, fingers crossed for a last minute increase in pledges

    17. Rob Vega on

      I sure hope we get lots of last-minute pledges. You all have made it very clear why the "high" goal amount is just smart and wise business. It makes perfect sense to me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    18. Missing avatar

      Mats Larsson on

      @Ken. Great job on the podcast ep. I hope it garners some interest.

    19. Ken Whitehurst on

      As soon as I see it.

    20. Todd 'Mastergunz' Farnholtz on

      Glad to hear, will it be linked here?

    21. Ken Whitehurst on

      Thanks Josh! Keep spreading the word, folks. My episode of the D6 Generation should be live tonight, and I am happy to answer any questions!

    22. Probable Koz on

      Shared with my Battletech group.

    23. Maurice Fitzgerald

      Great, looking forward to it!

    24. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      All, We're still waiting on the D6 generation podcast interview of Ken to post. Hopefully this will be up soon.

    25. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Lee, James, Maurice-- Thank you!

    26. Maurice Fitzgerald

      Yea, it's great to see that kind of 'combined arms effort' for this project. It's a great decision IMO because it gives gamers exposure to so many different companies that are all putting out some fantastic stuff!

    27. Lee Sweeney on

      Still telling folks about it!

    28. Ken Whitehurst on

      Thank you so much for these comments. You have said nearly exactly what I was saying during my interview on The D6 Generation last night. Thank you for your support. This is exactly what we are about here.


    29. Missing avatar

      James on

      One last thing - they managed to pull 6 different manufacturers into this. I think that's frankly astonishing in an age when there's more and more competition. And not just astonishing but, I think, unprecedented? I can't imagine the legwork that needed and I'm super impressed with both Byron and Ken for managing that.

      Furthermore, where there's six there will be more. I like the idea of manufacturers ultimately making Polyversal specific sets - like what you have for DBA and FOG and Impetus. The fact that they managed to achieve that level of coordination gives me a very good feeling about the future growth of Polyversal.

    30. Missing avatar

      James on

      I backed both iterations of the Eastern Front kickstarter - the unsuccessful one, and it's follow up: the successful one which lead to an awesome, fun, and super professional looking game. I have no doubts whatsoever that Byron (and Ken) will get this great product to market.

      In my view, at absolute worst, this format was worth a shot. If this kickstarter doesn't make it, I see that as step one in an iterative process. I'm sure that Byron and Ken will get Polyversal out there.

      In my view,

      - they identified a niche that has been absent since Epic Armageddon went out of print - the one stop boxed set, 6mm game.

      - then they recognized that there are a lot of great minis out there. I am the kind of person who will look at any and all minis, but won't buy them to just paint or look at - I need a ruleset to play them in. So putting all of these models in a boxed set with a ruleset makes me change from drooling over them to wanting to buy them.

      - and then the most fundamental thing of Polyversal that I like - cool rules with a "play whatever minis you like" angle. I have old Epic minis, and some other stuff in 6mm just sitting about. But not just that - I would now be able to buy whatever I want and play it in this game. I drool over the creativity that affords me.

      I agree that they could've just done the last bit: a ruleset and the unit design rules and called it good. But over the last few years, I have bought SO many historical rulesets that sounded cool, and I get them and read them, and they genuinely ARE cool...and then they decorate my shelf. Polyversal might very well succeed in that pure rulebook format, but this kickstarter was a chance to make it more than that, without the gazillion dollars that it costs to make a plastic-minis boxed set.

      Anyway, just my thoughts. I of course have lots more. For now let's hope this kickstarter flies, but I've no doubt I'll be playing Polyversal before long regardless.

    31. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @James, Thanks, I think so too.

    32. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Thanks for your feedback. It's logical. I can't say I agree with all of it, knowing the true costs involved and having gone through production on 5 games already. I'm very familiar with the costs involved with doing something like this and believe me, it's much worse to set a low goal and need more (going into debt to deliver) than it is to set the true costs as a goal. It's something I spoke about in the Meeples and Miniatures interview. I think we're offering a great product. Anyone who has played it or has seen it in person at conventions I've shown it at for the past 3 years agrees. Unfortunately it takes time to reach everyone we can, and we still won't reach everyone.

      The project will not be canceled. If it does fail, we will re-group and re-launch in a different way, and incorporate a lot of feedback from our backers.

      Hindsight is 20/20 and this is no exception, but I will disagree that our priorities are mixed up- we are on the right track for what we've been planning for years, we know our goals, we know our costs, we know what it takes to execute, we know the game and what we want the capability to be for players. It is possible to be successful with what we have- The value is there, The product is great. But if it is not successful on try 1, that's okay- it can be split apart a bit for a future re-group with a phased approach.

      Right now, we need more backers. We need champions for what we're doing who can help us out and spread the word. We need more buzz, shares, tweets, forum posts, etc. That can drive a lot of people here who have yet to look.

      Again, thanks for the suggestions.

    33. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      First let me say I have been very excited about Polyversal since I heard Ken on M&M around a year ago or so. Bu I am afraid I think you guys should cancel this project and relaunch with something like the following approach:

      1. Initial goal of ~$6,000 to fund just the rulebook (Open Combat just did it for this).
      -Include some sort of PDF option

      2. A set of small stretch goals to add more pages, color and maybe hardback to the rulebook. Maybe up to around $12K.

      That would certainly all fund quickly.

      3. Next goal would be the boxed game with no minis. Amount would be what you need. My guess $30Kish. Maybe even have generic force tiles instead of the miniature specific ones to increase usability and flexibility across ranges. Light tank, medium tank, jump troops, etc.
      -Generic force tiles could even be a bolt-on folks would like to have. Easy enough to take a pic of your particular mini and stick it on there if you want.

      4. Offer bolt-ons of individual miniature maker line sets that have a sensible mix from their line. Value around $50/set or maybe $50 and $100 sets. Players could add what they like and would be getting coherent forces. I still contend your current conglomeration set make no sense.
      -Having the maker specific force tiles with this could be a nice option as well.

      5. Building bolt-ons.
      -I love the designs by the way but they are too expensive for me for 6mm. I can get 4Ground and Tomix buildings that do not require painting for less.

      6. The absolute last stretch goal should be the Web force designer at $80K. I don't see this as something at all necessary. Nice yes but not necessary and it is killing the project. Both Hawk and Gruntz did a Windows/Java app for $5K that work great. Maybe even do that first before the web app.

      If you needed some misc stretch goals maybe offer a couple videos of the game being played by Ken and someone with a nice discussion. See Hawk with Beasts of War or Blue Table Painting for examples. In fact Beasts of War might be happy to do this. I'm sure BTP would as well.

      Lastly, I am a huge fan of Hawk but their inclusion here makes little sense to me except as a standalone 10mm option (which I am sure would work great). But few of their minis mix with other 6mm figures. Basically anyone into Hawk just needs the rules (and maybe a box set) and can have a great time in their 10mm world (it's something I would do if I had the rules). But you guys keep talking about this being an intro to those new to 6mm and I think this is an odd choice in that regard. Your 6mm buildings really would not work that great with most of the Hawk stuff either.

      Anyway, just my two cents. I hope this all works out but I'm afraid you guys got your priorities mixed up.

    34. Missing avatar

      James on

      d6g interview would probably help this along nicely. I hate to think of the amount of $ I've spent because those guys talked about something...

    35. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Thanks for the suggestion Todd, will do.

    36. Todd 'Mastergunz' Farnholtz on

      You guys may also reach out to Harold Crossley of Clear Horizon Miniatures. He has a popular pod cast he does weekly called 'in the garage'. He mostly focuses on 15mm but talks about other scales and games as well

    37. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Josh- Those can generate interest, but, we've got a ways to go to get to the goal. That's my focus right now. We will reveal stretch goals as we get closer.

      @James, Yes! Hope it continues. Ken is getting interviewed on the D6G podcast this Wednesday. Looking forward to that.

    38. Missing avatar

      James on

      Nice momentum developing for polyversal the last few days :).

    39. Probable Koz on

      I don't know if it's been suggested before but, you might want to reveal what the stretch goals are to generate some extra interest. 30 days in and we aren't even half way to the finish line.

    40. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      About to head to Charlottesville, VA to set up and exhibit. Polyversal demos will be given at my booth there at Prezcon the next 3 days. Looking forward to it!

    41. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Rob, hopefully we get the chance to reveal the stretch rewards :) That is a cool model.

    42. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, guys.

    43. Rob Vega on

      I'll tell you what I'd like to see as a stretch reward: the Haedlus Heavy Assault APC from Plasmablast Games. That's a gorgeous miniature!

    44. Todd 'Mastergunz' Farnholtz on

      That being said, there is no doubt that the box set and add ons are an outstanding deal and lord knows us gamers are gluttons for more minis, lol. But like i said, i have legions of minis with no solid rules set to use them with. If the rules were available for sale as a pdf right now i would have bought and been playing already. Then when word of the KS comes about and the option to get a hard copy and box with pre made tiles and eventually a build program...man I'd be all over that.

    45. Todd 'Mastergunz' Farnholtz on

      I have to agree with Matt, at least partially. With the rules complete and ready why not release the pdf for sale? As was said in the KS notes, most of us have a vast quantity of 6mm figures already (or more closely 1/285th i.e. battle tech or 10mm CAV, etc...) So it seems to me that a solid rules set and build program would be more desirable at this point than a boxed game. Don't get me wrong, i love the idea and fully support what you guys are doing here but the overall response from the wargaming communitu seems to be underwhelmed where the KS is concerned.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mats Larsson on

      To me, the two major issues here are: 1) lack of marketing prior to the campaign, and 2) a product (combination of products rather) that is a hard sell on the Kickstarter market. Both these issues are hard to tackle at this point. I listened to the recent interview on M&M podcast and must say I respect and sympathize the ideas behind this project, but I don't think they are compatible with the current wargaming market, especially on Kickstarter. Conceptually, the Polyversal game reminds me of Open Combat, and I think it could be very successfull if marketed in a similar way. First design a rulebook and sell it as a DPF, then Kickstart the printed version. Everything else should be stretch goals and add ons. But all these considerations are moot unless there is buzz out there in the wargaming world (podcasts, blogs, social media, conventions). That is what you should focus on. And you don't have to do it alone. Make the game available (i.e. sell it) as a PDF so that people can start playing the game and discover the joys of the design system. If the game is as good as it seems, it will gain its ambassadors and the community can start to grow. My 2 cents.

    47. Donald Harders on

      I think the weakest link in the campaign is community involvement. Having just looked at #polyversal on twitter it is kind of disappointing.

      The one thing I can suggest from you guys is maybe having a more robust demo set. Currently two of the models represented in the demo can not be purchased. I was really hoping Plasmablast would be accepting orders in time for me to get models to match with the demo, but it doesn't look like there will be any such luck.

    48. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      So far, would you say we've done an okay job running this kickstarter, responding to feedback, and answering questions? If not, how can we improve?

    49. Collins Epic Wargames 6-time creator on

      @Donald, no problem, doesn't hurt to have a head's up here as well.

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