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This map-based expansion for our WWII card wargame adds gorgeous mounted maps, terrain tiles, new scenarios, and more!
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Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front on the verge of funded!


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Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front relaunched on Kickstarter!


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Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front now on Kickstarter!


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Fulfillment Update 2 - All Games Have Shipped!

All Games Have Shipped!

That's a fine headline to write!  This update is to let you know that all Kickstarter Reward Tiers that included a copy of one or more games (Tiers 3 and above) have now shipped.  If you have not already received your game(s), the package(s) should be arriving soon!

Please note that any reward tier that includes the basic game (Spearpoint 1943) plus the Map Expansion ships in two separate boxes.  Some of our international supporters are reporting receiving one box before the other- sometimes days apart- even though they shipped on the same day.

How To Get Support For This Game

We don't wipe our hands clean and wish you good luck at this point.  Rather, if you need anything as you learn the game, or anything else, please get in touch with us here, through our website, or on our Facebook Page.

We'll also update files and videos as necessary on our website's game information page.  This is our central hub for Collins Epic Wargames.  Please check it out.

Finally, you can also get support by posting questions / comments / reviews / photos / ratings right on the game information pages on, both linked below:

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 BGG page
Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion BGG page

While you're there, please add an honest rating to each game as well as any comments you may have - this feedback really helps us out!

Also, if you happen to write any BGG Session Reports for the Map Expansion, I'll personally tip you 15 Geekgold (offer good till I run out)!

The Red Army Is Coming

Our next Kickstarter project will most likely be for Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front.  This is the second standalone base game in the series and includes new German and Russian cards, new Command and Damage cards, new scenarios, and an updated scenario book for use with the Spearpoint 1943 Map Expansion to add Russian/German action.  Box Art for the Eastern Front game (by Mark Mahaffey) is shown below.  Keep an eye on this project.  The Map Expansion is an expansion for the Eastern Front set as well- adding even more value to your game. 

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Fulfillment Update 1

Steadily Shipping Games

We're pleased to report that we're 'in the groove' of shipping games out to preorder and Kickstarter supporters.  We're shipping hundreds of pounds worth of games each week.  Some of you already have the game in-hand and are playing it (a few comments have been posted on the game's boardgamegeek entry and we've received several complimentary e-mails about the game).  For everyone who does not yet have their game in-hand, rest assured it's heading your way very soon.  The time it takes is the nature of a small company that's not quite as efficient as larger companies with fulfillment- so we do appreciate your patience.

Historicon 2012 Convention and Pick-up Option

Historicon 2012 in Fredericksburg, VA begins tomorrow.  This is a large HMGS-run event that is primarily miniatures-centric but always includes a healthy number of boardgamers as well.  Collins Epic Wargames will be there.  We will have several "supporter copies" of the expansion on hand and available for pickup for preorder/kickstarter supporters.  If you are attending the show, please feel free to stop by our booth in the vendor hall and pick up your game.

Join us on BGG

As we ship games, we shift from a production/fulfillment role to a support role.  So please join us over on Boardgamegeek to add comments about it, rate it, or ask questions.  We really appreciate your honest ratings- they do matter because distributors and retail store buyers scope out games through BGG.  Plus, the site is a great place for us to quickly and easily interact with you, and we certainly appreciate your feedback, questions, and support of other players as well.  Here's the link one more time.