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Aquatic hybrid water sports shoes|boots connect to fin-blade modules using ski-binding tech |aqua bionic|surf|snorkel|dive|swim|flipper
Aquatic hybrid water sports shoes|boots connect to fin-blade modules using ski-binding tech |aqua bionic|surf|snorkel|dive|swim|flipper
Aquatic hybrid water sports shoes|boots connect to fin-blade modules using ski-binding tech |aqua bionic|surf|snorkel|dive|swim|flipper
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Hello again! Strange request incoming - could you possibly upload a photo of someone measuring their foot (either real or a diagram) in the way that we should for these fins? I'm very excited but a bit worried about getting them in the wrong size! Thanks

    2. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Joseph,
      we are finalizing our survey and making sure we don't miss any info. It should be ready by the end of the month. Shipping is not til November so we don't want to rush the survey and leave anything out. Only one survey is permitted under kickstarter rules.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Hi! When can we expect the survey with sizes and colour options or whatever else needs to be decided!

      Thanks guys

    4. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi @Jakob Edens, we are still taking pre-orders on INDIEGOGO.
      Here the link:

    5. Francis Dring

      Great news, thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jakob Edens on

      Is it possible to make new orders.
      To increase you project.

    7. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Francis, we will ship European orders from Austria. This may change but currently that is the plan.

    8. Francis Dring

      @CETATEK: Probably should have asked this before the campaign ended, but will EU shipping be customs-friendly? I sincerely hope so...

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Jasiewicz on

      any chance these will be delivered by end of October for my next dive trip? XD ..... i probably know the answer :(

    10. Gabe Walsh on

      @Edward The campaign ended yesterday (5/1) around 2PM EST. You can not change your pledge after the campaign ends.

    11. Missing avatar

      Edward LeGar on

      Am I no longer able to add an extra set of fins onto my order for $65? It's not letting me manage my pledge.

    12. Gabe Walsh on

      Congrats guys!!!

    13. Missing avatar


      @CETATEK: If you see my uptdated pledge then there is no need to bother you with a msg. I will waitfor your msg/survey when the project will end.
      Btw congrats for getting funded. ;-)

    14. Joseph Thng

      Hi there folks, just wanna check if it's more advisable to change my pledge from 1x Early Bird package to the x2 system or just simply increase my pledge to x2 Early Bird to take advantage of the early bird deal?

    15. Missing avatar


      Hello again.

      Thanks for the previous reply.

      I will be adding an extra pair of boots and clips to my pledge. Will there be any additional postage costs or will they be put in the same package.

      Best wishes

    16. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Antony, Yes, we see what the initial pledge is for and an additional amount which we confirm when we take your details. You can message me with your exact purchase details now if you'd like check your total.

    17. Missing avatar


      @Kyle: Thank's for the help man,appreciate it. ;-)
      @GETATEK: I put the amount for an extra pair of shoes. Do i need to do something else because i don't know if you see it...

    18. Missing avatar

      Bayu satria pratama on

      Cant wait to try it under and above water... red and black color will be awesome, perfect match with my BCD

    19. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Bayu,
      Yes, you have the right amount. I tried different variations and you have the best deal available for your package.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bayu satria pratama on

      I order for carbon package plus additional fin (diving) and extra neoprene lining.. does my backup number add up correctly?

    21. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Amichay,
      I can see your pledge. Please send us a message with the breakdown of what you are ordering - it is not adding up.

    22. Missing avatar

      amichay on

      I added money for another set of fins besides the carbons, I did not get any confirmation or similar invoices. So I actually paid more for the same order.

    23. Kyle Morris on

      @Antony If you scroll down the campaign page near the bottom before the reward levels the picture with the add on items shows the amount in both USD and CAD.

    24. Missing avatar


      You posted that for extra fins or boots we will have to add/pladge more.
      Still though your base currency is CA but you post the price in USD.
      So what is it from these 2? Thank you in advance.
      P.S. Please check the comments and to your updates and not only in General chat... ;-)

    25. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Shane,
      we need to put the binding clips on the add-on graphic. They kickstarter price for the binding is $45.50 USD or $58 CAD.

    26. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Kyle,
      we cannot include the sock in the price of the system. The kickstarter prices are as low as we could set them.

    27. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Nirven,
      you can use the liners independently. If you give us your foot length in mm and the liner thickness then we can determine your size for you.

    28. Missing avatar



      If I order an extra set of shoes do they come with a second set of clips. If not, what price are the clips.


    29. Missing avatar

      Ersan Bayindir on

      Ordered early bird carbon and paid 426 CA$
      Also addet the 23 CA$ and 26 CA$ add on.
      Also added shipping fees.

      Total 426 CA$

      Very excited guys.

    30. Kyle Morris on

      Specifically I was referring to the socks and liners you are offering as add ons. Like say we hit a certain mark and everyone gets one pair of the breathable socks or a 2mm neoprene liner included. Especially since they are recommended to be used with the shoe anyway it’d be nice if they came with the system.

      On a different note, congrats on the funding goal being met. I am really looking forward to getting to travel with these inside my carry-on instead of having to strap my usual fins to the outside of a backpack.

    31. Missing avatar


      Are those liners designed to be used only with the boots or can they be used independently?
      When we purchase the liners, do we have to size up on the boots?

    32. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Kyle,
      We are working on the stretch goals. Can you please clarify what you mean by including socks or liners?

    33. Kyle Morris on

      I think a pair of included socks or liners would make for some good stretch goals.

    34. Missing avatar


      Are the Add-ons pricing subjected to the conversion rate of the date of the end of the campaign? If so, which currency remains fixed the CAD or USD?

    35. Kyle Morris on

      Any updates on the stretch goals?

    36. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Lorne, we are glad you are here now! Please spread the word.
      Insulation: The Mondopoint size system is more forgiving than other systems, it takes foot width into account (therefor used by NATO..). With the girth adjustment and depending on your thermal requirements I see no problem with wearing the boots in both environments- but even in warm conditions I would still always wear the 2mm short liner (hygienic reasons). Wearing a 6mm neoprene sock will add 12 mm’s to your boot length. Difference from 2 mm liner to 6 mm liner will be 8 mm’s in length- so no problem there.
      Weight: Our medium sized aquabionic1 fins weigh 2.2 kg’s a pair. If you add the average weight of a pair of standard booties (1 kg) you save roughly 3 pounds using the abs system.
      Carrying the blades: We do have a prototype clip that attaches either on the BCD or a belt. It works for all blade modules and uses the contact point to the binding clip.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lorne Cooper on

      Hey guys a bit late to the party but I made it. Saw your kickstarter insert in the Dive Training mag which got me looking. Looking to get a set for myself to use both here in the St Lawrence and scuba diving down south. The combination boot and blade might even save a pound or two on luggage. I will have to size my feet according to your chart and take into account barefoot wearing as well as colder diving in a dry suit. Your thoughts on boot sizing for these situations would be appreciated. A second thought is carrying the blades. Would there be an easy way to carry the blades attached to a BCD or whatever during entry and exit.? Would be nice to free up a hand went balance is an issue.

    38. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi Joseph,
      I assume we'll need your delivery address by the end of the campaign but you can stay in contact with us at our address and we can update your info if it changes.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      I know delays are a possibility but based on a November shipping, when would our delivery addresses etc need to be finalised? Maybe moving home (country) around September!

    40. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi@Gabe Walsh, there is a lot of confusion about shoe sizing in the market. We are using the Mondopoint sizing system. Foot length in mm's defines your size.

    41. CETATEK Creator on

      Hi@Gabe Walsh, if your overall foot length does not exceed 307 mm's, representing size 13, you will be fine. We will add sizes depending on demand. Next size up would be 14 with 315 mm's.

    42. Gabe Walsh on

      Just about size 14. Forgot to say

    43. Gabe Walsh on

      I have large feet but already backed this campaign. What sizes will the boots come in? I need to know if I should cancel my pledge or not if the boots are too small

    44. CETATEK Creator on

      Carbon fibre blades are very expensive to produce. I think ours is still cheaper than the others.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Thanks! Although seeing as adding the carbon blades puts the price pretty much the same as getting all three I'm not sure I can afford it !

    46. CETATEK Creator on

      Joseph - Canadian prices are now posted.

    47. Missing avatar

      Andrew Joseph Gonzalez on

      I think you guys are on to something big. Something that other fin manufacturers will be imitating and trying to beat. Glad to be part of the start!

    48. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      What are the prices for add ons in Canadian dollars??

    49. Francis Dring

      Surely you would advertise the product as it will appear in real life? Not sure I understand the necessity of magnifying the logo for the purpose of the campaign...

    50. CETATEK Creator on

      This is not the final look/design of the blades. The logo has to be more prominent for the campaign.

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