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Oil spilled moves downwind : we are sailing upwind to capture it. Protei is an ocean cleaning and research open hardware drone.
331 backers pledged $33,795 to help bring this project to life.

Protei in Norway, Oil Museum Stavanger

Posted by Cesar Harada (Creator)

First of all, THANK YOU !

Protei is fully backed and we are now in a very beautiful space of excitement and organizing ourselves to ship your rewards. Protei has 331 backers and as many people we want to thank for supporting us. In the coming days we will contact you to express our gratitude and get your details to ship your rewards. We must already warn you that most rewards will only arrive after we have built and tested the full-scale prototype in September 2011 in Rotterdam - so bear with us :)

We just came back from Norway : Oslo and Stavanger. Here it is Daniella (i/o lab), Cesar Harada (Open_Sailing), Boris Debackere (V2_ Rotterdam), Hege Tapio Gaare (i/o lab on facebook) at the Oil Museum in Stavanger, Norway.

We had a great time, discovered the largest drill bit in the world, and meeting people from, DNV and NOFO, the "Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies" who were interested and had very constructive questions for Protei.


We were exposed to the extraordinary complexity of oil exploitation systems, the prospect of drilling deep off-shore in the very north of Norway. Danger...

We also enjoyed the playfulness and ruggedness of the flashy equipment off shore companies use :)

Protei loves Norway and hope to come back soon with new partnerships!

We are now meeting regularly every monday for engineering meeting to prepare our time in Rotterdam this summer. If you want to join the "insider" - I mean, even more insider email conversation : just send me an email at <> and I will add you the list. 

Again, thank you much. 

The Protei team 

5 hours left to back Protei

Posted by Cesar Harada (Creator)

Strangest sensation. 5 hours left to back Protei. We have been working on this for many months - and we are going to be working on this for many more months to come, this really is a turning point.

We are all feeling so grateful for your support. We are a community now, the adventure is only starting with Protei. A technology that is developed to clean an oil spill that is "accidentally" inventing a whole new way of sailing with an articulated hull. A hull as a wing in the water. So many dreams.

The numbers seem so abstract, the project is backed and more, thanks to you - yet every new backer gives the project more power, beyond the deadline of the full-scale prototype that will be exhibited in September in Rotterdam. With your help we can start to think longer term. 

5 hours left to back Protei. If you had to send one email, make one call to one person that would back Protei, who would that person be?

Thank you so much.

Protei is backed !!!

Posted by Cesar Harada (Creator)



We are just a few hours to the deadline and we are delighted to announce that Protei on Kickstarter is backed! Immense thanks to you 260+ backers, Protei is your technology. 

From now on, any additional funds that would come into the project will allow us more creative comfort and do more testings in different conditions. We can already confidently say that we will be able to build the full-scale machine and equip it with all the sensors we need to measure the performance of Protei. This guarantees the fabrication of a strong technology that we will be able to continue through the years.

We are so happy and grateful to you guys, the Protei community.  With your help, we really hope that we will be able to make a difference to study and protect our oceans. 

 Protei Coordinator, Cesar Harada

Protei 5.1 sailing by Rotterdam bridge and $20'000+ backed!

Posted by Cesar Harada (Creator)

A week ago, we floated Protei 5.1 in Rotterdam by the famous bridge !!! That was quite an experience !

We gave a nickname to this yet undocumented version : Protei "Alien" 5.1, after we took this picture :


Protei 5.1 is the baby of Piem Wirtz, Etienne Gernez, Henrik Rudstrom and Cesar Harada, all built for about $150 at the V2_ in Rotterdam, NL. 


Protei 5.1 isn't a truly functionnal prototype, but enabled us to :

  • - Combine Inflatable AND articulated hull (Protei 002 + 003).
  • - Test new Materials.
  • - Enhance a more compact version of the command box with suspended servos.
  • - Enhance the transmission cable path.
  • - Give a preview to the $400 backer of the type of Protei they will get.
  • It was great fun, we learnt a lot again but overall Protei 5.1 will be very useful for the whole Protei team coming this summer in Rotterdam to build the full-scale Prototype Kickstarter was set up for. Thanks to your help!

    If you want to stay updated with the progress of Protei, we recommend you to also join the Open_Sailing Facebook group :) You can also join the internal email newswire - just write to contact{at} 

    Just as a reminder : there is only 5 days left to back Protei on Kickstarter and we still need about $7000. Spread the world our short URL : "". Thanks! 

    100 Backers! Assembling team and getting ready for final Kickstarter Sprint!

    Posted by Cesar Harada (Creator)

    Dear Backers, 

    We just pass the 100 backers and can't thank you enough for your support!!! Yes, you are making Protei project possible, Thank you so much!!!


    We are now at the V2_ in Rotterdam Netherlands, working hard on :

    • recruiting the team for this summer in Rotterdam. 
    • finding a workspace to build the full-scale Protei. 
    • finding windy waters where to test Protei. 
    • writing down the Long Term Technology Development plan of Protei and deciding what our engineering evaluation criteria. 
    • developing partnerships / sponsorships. 
    • building a test of the 400$ RC 1m long Protei.

    We have interviewed many amazing people in the last days, and we can already guarantee a fantastic team for this summer Protei engineering / fabrication and testing team. Assembling a team of brilliant people make us feel very confident about what we can produce this summer. In september we hope to have a full-scale working prototype of Protei.

    Also, we must comfort you by saying again that we have found the initial funding to develop Protei and what we are funding on Kickstarter is the money to buy more accurate sensors and carry all the tests in towing tanks and at sea. These tests and scientific data are required to take Protei to the next level to meet academic research and industrial standards. So no matter what happens on Kickstarter, Protei will be built ; with your help we can go much further. 

    By middle of next week, we also hope to have a small inflatable + articulated prototype to show you. The 2 lucky $400 backers will have a preview of what they will get. In fact, many people don't realize that for $400 - the price of a normal Remote Controlled Boat - you can have your own revolutionary Protei of the same size!!!

    The deadline is approaching. We have 17 days to find $20'000. Ouch.

    That is more than $1000 per day. We need your help again. Not to give us more money, but to let the world know. We've had these 2 amazing articles that helped us a lot : 

    So, if you have friends in the press, on-line media, blogging etc let them know about Protei! We have a Press kits here :

    This is what we need now : A rocket launcher for the Protei team!

    Let's do it !