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Oil spilled moves downwind : we are sailing upwind to capture it. Protei is an ocean cleaning and research open hardware drone.
Oil spilled moves downwind : we are sailing upwind to capture it. Protei is an ocean cleaning and research open hardware drone.
331 backers pledged $33,795 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tom Holland on

      Did anyone ever receive their pledge reward?

    2. Cesar Harada Creator on

      Hello dear Jason.

      Thanks a lot for your message. Yes, I need to give updates, I apologise.
      Our whole group has been going under tremendous re-organisation this winter :
      We have been through internal political storm and as we are coming out of it, we are now working towards the transition from prototype to product. From being an informal research group to become a real company that delivers products around the world. It's been quite a ride and I am so apologetic we're taking forever to deliver.

      Gabriella Levine and myself are now in the middle of the Indian ocean, sailing with the
      and building a strategy for Protei, testing markets, to deliver a product that will be usable all around the world.
      You are right ... there is so much to update with.

      In a few blog post I will announce that we have decided to move our headquarters from San Francisco to Shenzhen (China) in order to accelerate manufacturing and be ready to scale our production. So yes, a lot has happened. We are working restlessly to deliver the 1m boat at the end of the year : goal is december 2013.
      I see that we need to ship you a coloured manual. In the mean time allow me to point at :

      I apologize again for the lack of update, I have been trying to keep up on my personal blog, we'll have a big update soon ! Thank you so much for being our patient backer !!! My apologies again.

    3. Jason Aller on

      It has been a while since the last update (Sep. 28, 2012) and it would be wonderful to catch up on what has been going on.

    4. Cesar Harada Creator on

      Dear Phil and Chuck, I'm really sorry for the very long wait. We're in the process of moving the Headquarters of Protei from London UK to the USA currently and we'll be fully set in the USA hopefuly in the late spring. Sending reward will be much easier from that point. We're also in the process of forming as a non-profit and we'll use that status to send you the reward but have not obtained yet our status. Again, I apologise for delay.

    5. Chuck Pell on

      I signed up for a hoodie, too ($150). - Chuck Pell
      Go check out my TEDMED Talk at…

    6. Phil Pham on

      Any updates on when we'll receive the Pledge awards? I signed up for the hoodie at $150.

    7. Cesar Harada Creator on

      That's very nice! Wool! Ha! One more material to test !
      Thanks for link!

    8. Wouter de Valk on

      Great to see all your hard work come to this wonderful result. Congratulations! Reading the Economist this weekend I saw an article regarding oil soaking capabilities of wool: Is this useful?

    9. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Nadine : Sure thing ! We'll post updates here on the kickstater, on the Protei website and on facebook Open_Sailing group :)
      @Annie : Merci !

    10. Nadine Freischlad on

      Amazing! Congratulations!! :) Good luck on all your next steps. Keep us up to date!

    11. Harada Annie on

      la planète est pour tous, les dégâts aussi. Alors mettons du côté de ceux qui ont la force et le courage de faire pour le bien de tous et respectant la nature et en ne la mettant pas en danger. Altruisme et humilité en respectant la fragilité de la nature et des vivants !! Merci César et tous ceux qui sont animés par la Vie la Vraie. Next step V2 and so on ... We are always here for all of you. Love Annie Harada

    12. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Robert : Thanks so much to help us put the word out !!
      @Andrew : Yes, both big and small medias are good, many "likes" on facebook help a lot that's true! thank you so much guys for your help! 24 hours to go GO GO GO !!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Pisher on

      Oh and contact local news stations to tell them about the Protei project.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Pisher on

      The best way to spread the word is through social media. Twitter, Facebook, youtube and all the smaller ones.

    15. Robert Douglass on

      This video explains a lot more about the project:
      If you're thinking about backing Protei, make sure to watch!

    16. Robert Douglass on

      Yay! Slashdot published the story! Let's hope this BRILLIANT project gets some extra funding!

    17. Robert Douglass on

      Ok here's what you can do. I've submitted the story to Slashdot.

      If you have an account, log in, and click "Is This a Worthy Story?"

      If you don't have an account, get one.

    18. Robert Douglass on

      I can't believe this isn't getting more press. This is a project that thousands of people would be willing to support. What can people do to spread the word???

    19. Ben Jervey on

      Congratulations to all! So excited to see the prototype--and the first round of hard data!

    20. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Shabnam : THANKS A LOT SHABNAM! We got each other's back! Thanks so much !!!
      @Jean-Noel : WE did it !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!
      @Walter : Thanks a lot, yes, this is just the beginning of the adventure !!!

    21. Shabnam on

      You guys made! Great work and we'll keeping on back you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jean-noël Lafargue on

      You did it ! Congratulations.

    23. walter mason on

      congratulations! i'm really glad you guys have made your goal. you have an amazing invention, and it deserves getting built. all the best.

    24. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Edward : Thanks ! We need help, we are so close!
      @Rob : Thanks, yes we are !! And we're all on the same boat HAHA!
      @jrgd : I'm over-excited too, this is really nerve-breaking, so close !!!! Let's do it !!!!

    25. Edward Clark on

      I'll try another, more courteous, approach to recruitment of new donors. I'll also try to get some of my friends to chip in. That's because I think your project is outstandingly intelligent & could be of enormous ecological & health value at very low costs affordable to virtually any nation, state or city needing to clean up oil spills swiftly & cost-effectively.

    26. Rob Rogers on

      This looks amazing- and you're so close!

    27. jrgd on

      Cesar i'm amazed and diving into your marvels! Thanks for all that: i'm overexcited!

    28. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Jim Burley : We are opting for flexibility instead of stiffness : bend with waves, tilt with gusts of wind. Protei is mostly submerged so it may not endure the waves as bad as a conventional boat. Think of it as a torpedo with a sail. Because the body is mostly cylinder-shaped, it is easy to make self-righting.

      @Ron : Thanks ! you make our project possible !

    29. Ron Bassilian and Jim Wheelock on

      This is really awesome - a textbook case of why I love Kickstarter.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jim Burley on

      How do you deal with severe ocean/weather conditions?

    31. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Nadine : Thanks a lot Nadine for your support! We are working on the 1m long prototype for backers next week, so in about 2 weeks at most, you should be able to see how your Protei will look like - we'll post a link on youtube. It is not difficult to ship, so don't worry, we'll get it to you :D Also, I need to clarify : the kit will have everything you need : the remote control, the crystal, batteries etc. so you'll just have to put the parts together and sail away!!! Thanks again for your support!

    32. Nadine Freischlad on

      Exited to see this develop, fingers crossed. If it's too much of a hassle to send me my protei, no worries, I will pick it up myself one day!

    33. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Will : The Project is open-source, so anyone can decide to support, use and modify the project. BP owns many chemical and oil-absorbent companies -indirectly-, so they are "the client" as much as they are "the market challenger". They might primarily support Protei for the image as part of their marketing strategy ; we know what we are doing and which interests we are serving : the environment and the people.

    34. will on

      I think BP should buy the large logo :p

    35. Cesar Harada Creator on

      @Thingstodo : The $20 manual will have all the Protei versions ever tested, including the large full-scale Protei. The color edition is the same as the black and white edition but easier to read. The large print is the standard the industry needs to manufacture Protei with all the production details.

    36. Missing avatar

      thingstodo on

      Is it possible to build the Protei with the manual from the $20 level? Do the color illustrations and larger prints make it easier, or is there more information?