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Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
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Super Seconds! New Scrubber! & Grumpy Cat!


 Hi 1SE-ers!


You know how we often learn things the hard way?  Well right now, I'm learning a rough lesson the hard way.  

I've done a terrible job of communicating to our users the changes to the new scrubber, and explaining why it's better than the old one.  We should've done this the first time you opened our latest update.  Instead, everyone was forced to either figure it out on their own, or left the interface angry before they realized how it worked.  Let me try and explain.

Things you've always asked us to improve:

- The scrubber didn't accurately return to it's original position when you hit the Preview button.  It was often 1-3 frames off.

- The preview button should not be the same as the scrubber.  Often users were moving the scrubber instead of previewing.

- When selecting your second... bars at the top (which had the date), and bottom (the scrubber) would end up occluding roughly %30 of the video you are viewing.  So if something important was happening in the video on the top of bottom, it would be extremely difficult to select the perfect second. 

Example of the bars on the top and bottom of a video
Example of the bars on the top and bottom of a video

So we put a lot of love into making this better for everyone.  

Here's what the new Scrubber looks like:

the new 1SE Scrubber
the new 1SE Scrubber

Why is this better?

- We made the Scrubber completely accurate!  If you preview the video, it goes back to it's exact position afterwards.

- We removed the "preview" button from the scrubber.  Now the preview button is on the left (there's a play logo on it) and the scrubber is now that entire strip.  You can freely move the strip around.  There's plenty of space now, so the thumbmails on the strip aren't squished (see above).  And now even if the video is long, the strip will just keep going instead of making the scrubber inaccurate on long videos.

- Now %100 of the video is viewable!  If something happens on the top or bottom of the video, now you'll see it!  No more guessing.  Plus it gives us room on the left and right to potentially add some buttons for future stuff.


So here's where I goofed the most.  And it never dawned on me until it was way too late.  Our new Super Second button looks like it's the new scrubber.  Except it doesn't move.  Because it's not the scrubber.  

The #1 piece of feedback we've received from day 1, is "more time"... while most of you agreed that 1 second is awesome.  Some of you wanted it to be 2 seconds.  But I've seen a couple of 2 second a day videos... and they totally lose the 1SE charm in my opinion.  But I did agree that often 1 second wasn't enough time to really nab that perfect moment from a video.  

And then some fans of 1SE sent me a video they made that was inspired by 1SE... and it included either 1 second clips, or 1.5 second clips.  It was fantastic.  It kept the 1SE magic, but totally added that extra jolt when it needed it.  You might be thinking that 1.5 seconds is silly.  But trust me, 50% more time is quite significant. 

But as much as I wanted to build a Super Second button, I didn't have the resources to do so.  It stayed as something I was hoping I'd get to someday.  And then Naked Juice stepped in.  And thanks to them, we were able to build not just 1SECrowds (a dream of mine, that is totally just optional for 1SE users), but they also stepped up to the plate to help us build Super Seconds.  You can choose to never use it of course.  Or you can use it only when you need it.  Super Seconds can be unlocked by submitting any video just 1 time to any Naked Juice Crowd Challenge.

If you like Super Seconds, and you feel so inclined, maybe you can give Naked Juice some twitter/facebook love.  Just a thought.  I'm so grateful that they've helped us build new features for you all.

Tough Lesson Learned

So yea.  Even though we worked our butts off to bring you guys something awesome, it kind of backfired.  There's all sorts of ways users are either confused by the new design, but worst of all, some users seem to think that we're forcing them to submit to a Crowd project in order to move the scrubber.  Except that's not the scrubber, it's the new Super Second button.  I'm sorry about that.  

New Bug on iOS

Our new update fixed a lot of bugs including the "flashing black frames" issue that some of you experienced.  

Unfortunately there seems to be a new bug that's been afflicting some users.  When making a compilation a long error message pops up.  We are working on it.  I'm still trying to find the root cause.  In one case, the 'custom' button caused the error, but the 'All' button worked fine.  In several other cases users were able to identify a single snippet that when included in the compilation, caused the error.  If they re-snippetted, the problem was resolved.  One scary theory is that it may be an iOS 7.1 issue. (which was recently released).

If you are being afflicted by this error, send me a message here on Kickstarter and maybe you can help me find the pattern.


For the past week 1SE has actually been featured on the front page of the App Store under BEST NEW APPS because of Super Seconds.

Featured by Apple again!
Featured by Apple again!

Unfortunately the reviews are pretty rough right now thanks to a combination of the confusion with Super Seconds, the new scrubber, and the new bug.  The reviews start from scratch with each version of the App and users can rate/review again with each new version.

We've still never built a way to bug you for reviews in the App, which every other app I have seems to do.  Sadly this means that we tend to get reviews mostly from users with issues, and those having a good experience rarely take the time to review without being asked too.

If you're having a good experience with the App, and you're feeling generous, it only takes 20 seconds to leave a rating on the App... you don't have to write anything... it can be as simple as:  Click on App Store on your iPhone > Search 1SE > Click Reviews > Write Review > Click on the stars. Done.

In Closing

I'm working extra super hard on making 1SE better and better.  Sorry that I occasionally fumble the ball in the process.  If you've stuck around until now... and you've read this far... then I can't thank you enough for your continued belief and support.  YOU are the reason I will continue to give it my all.

Here's a 2 minute snippet of our "LOVE" themed 1SE Crowd:

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    1. kirk is on

      I'm one of the ones having a problem. 7.1.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Bell-Egge on

      Cesar, not only do I value the energy and work you have put towards turning the idea of 1SE into a tangible reality, I also appreciate your transparency throughout the process. We all make mis-steps, and you are learning some good lessons with your product launch and iterations. But you are learning, and are course-correcting as best you can, and that’s all anyone can ever ask. Kudos to you for all you have done, and continue to do; and for doing it all with a great attitude. Color me impressed! Keep on keeping on. :)

    3. Mike K on

      How do you use the new format to preview your selected second of a video without it being chosen as the second for the day? This was always possible before the update. It is clumsy now.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kendrick on

      Nice update, the explanation is much needed and appreciated!

      Question, the Super seconds are locked? What if you don't want to submit any vids to Naked Juice, and you just want to use the super seconds feature?

    5. Unkle Mike on

      Error code 12633

      I tried month, all and custom and received the same error for all.

      I am running the latest apple iOS.
      The problem started after the update.