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Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
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Hi Everybody!




We've been working like crazy to bring you guys 2 updates.  The first of which is arriving very very very very soon!  I can't tell you much about it until it goes live, but let's just say that it's going to bring 1SE one little step closer towards my long term vision :)  I will be sending out another update to you all the exact second it goes live on the App Store and Google Play.  And I hope you all participate ;)

The other update we've been working on is the bugs that some users are still experiencing.  Our last update which we worked on for a long time, and tested like crazy, solved most of the bugs that arose from Apple's change of how they handle video in iOS7.  But we've been working with many helpful users to complete our next update.


Guys.  I don't know how... but... it DID NOT occur to me... until about 10pm on December 29th... as I paced around my living room... that maybe... New Years Day is to 1SE... As Valentines Day is to a florist... I thought... maybe there's going to be a rise in 1SE activity?  And starting at practically midnight on December 31st... BOOM... All our social media feeds were flooded!  COUNTLESS 1SE 2013 compilations were being posted, and I tried to watch as many as I could for as long as I could before they were arriving faster than I could click on them.  IT WAS CRAZY.

Til this day I'm still playing catch up and watching 1SE videos that are being sent.  It dawned on me that with so many 1SE videos showing up everywhere... I should take a peek at the App Store... and we had shot up to #4 in Photo/Video and #42 overall.  CRAZY!

App Store after New Years!
App Store after New Years!


As you can see above, 1SE was featured on The New York Times!  WOW!  And on the FRONT PAGE of their online site!!!  A bunch of 1SE videos ended up showing up in various interwebs. 

Here are a couple:


YAHOO News, This one is SO CREATIVE!:

Kickstarter Backer Noam Galai wrote this post for FStoppers & had his video also featured on Jezebel:

Finally here's a nice video piece from the television show Take Part Live on Pivot:


From Day 1, one of our biggest struggles has been keeping up with Technical Support.  And as we continue to gain users, this struggle only intensifies.  Back in that moment years ago, when I first had that moment of zen... "I should build an App so anyone can do this!"... I did not immediately think "But how will I handle technical support?"... FAR from it.  

Frankly I've done it completely wrong and I'm learning from my mistakes as I go.  I apologize to anyone whose had a bad experience trying to reach us in the past.  There are a multitude of reasons why what I put in place was never optimal.  I tried a couple of different things, but they didn't work.  I goofed :/

One of the many things I've spent the past several weeks putting together for this update, is a Forum... accessible directly from the settings of the App.  How this will hopefully be a lot better than before:

  • I've already pre-populated it with all the most common technical questions we answer constantly.
  • If nothing there answers your question, you can put your question in the Community Help area so anyone can answer, not just us.
  • Announcements!  Maybe we find out about a weird bug (like that daylight savings time fiasco! remember that! Ugh!) and instead of us getting 5000 e-mails/tweets/FB/Google+ messages about it, you can check out the latest announcements and we'll be like "WHOOPS! We know! We're on it! Sorry!"... and so you won't have to bother letting us know :)
  • And if there's nothing anywhere that answers your question... then there's a button right there for us to answer you personally.  And hopefully it'll be totally manageable.

Maybe I'm doing this all wrong again!  But if I am I'll do my best to learn from that mistake quickly.  I make a lot of mistakes guys. A LOT.

You can access it now, and there are even temporary fixes there for users who have Audio issues and iPhone 4 issues.

$25 Tier and Above Backers

Remember that video we'll be creating that will include our favorite second of 2013?

More on that very soon... ;)  My next update will explain further... in the meantime... Maybe start thinking about what you'll pick.  Pressure! 

$10 Tier and Above Backers

Our Private Facebook group is in the works.  You will receive a link very soon that will be sent to you here on Kickstarter.

Two 1SE videos you should make time to watch :)


THANK YOU!!!!  Be back again VERY SOON with an Update about the Secret Update :)

P.S. I swear this totally happened by accident... Something about that New York Times photo kept seeming familiar... a few days later I figured it out! It's nearly identical to one of my very first Seconds for a day back in 2011! 

Let's play PHOTO HUNT! I'll start... the Freedom tower didn't exist yet!! Top Right!
Let's play PHOTO HUNT! I'll start... the Freedom tower didn't exist yet!! Top Right!


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    1. Matthew on

      Update is online. Very cool

    2. Arthur Bárbaro on

      The newspaper didn't exist, too! (Or maybe it was hidden inside the cup. We'll never know.)
      Also, the huge thread at the bridge fell and turned into a merry-go-round. (Yeah, that's exactly what that is. (And what happened.))
      I'll leave the boy, the castaway tree and the rock monster slowly rising from the water for the others to point out.