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Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
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Big iOS update coming!


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to quickly mention that we've been working hard on an update for the App!  And we are soooooo excited for this one because not only does it resolve some bugs, but adds huge improvements!

This is what we look like right now:

We're busy beta testing it so that we can release it ASAP.

Here are some of the things you have to look forward too:

Bug Fixes: 

- iOS 7: Fixed a bug where dates were not showing on Compiled Videos in iOS7 

- Snippet selection should be far less crashy, and more fasty 

- Fixed a bug where new timelines were being initialized with content from previous timeline 

- Fixed logic bug with Thumbnail reset process so that everyone will be forced to go through it automatically 

- Clearing a day now appropriately cleans up underlying video/photo assets


- The 'LOADING YOUR MEMORIES' popup is GONE! Moved the process to the background and the status is now shown in the Toolbar. YAY!!!!

- 'MASHING YOUR SECONDS' is SUPERFAST! Moved this process to the background as well, and the status is shown in the Toolbar. YYYAAAYY!!!!

- PHOTO DAYS are now able to be cropped to 16:9 ratio and we've made improvements to rendering of the text overlay. 

- Improvements to Photo Orientation Handling 

- Replaced our home-brew camera with Apple's native Camera - Faster Launches, AF Lock, etc... 

- Added some new reminders :)

Thank you all for your patience!  We are really excited to get this to everyone.  And once that's finally all set, I promise to finally dedicate more time to delivering the rest of the Kickstarter tiers that I haven't gotten to yet.  And REALLY starting to look forward to the end of the year when a couple of hundred of you in the $25 and above tiers will send me your favorite second of the year and I'll make a chronological compilation.  So excited to see what that looks like :)


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    1. colorrr on October 28, 2013

      Apparently they have a hard time with the ios update.
      See this…

    2. Brandon Talmood on October 26, 2013

      Does anyone know when the next update is coming out? It's been nearly a month and the app is glitching on me.

    3. Habi on October 20, 2013

      Do you have any news when we'll see the update? I've now got already two months without dates in the compilation, and would like to not have a third one of those...

    4. drewish on October 19, 2013

      Yeah this is a much needed update. When is it going to be submitted to Apple? I've basically stopped selecting seconds, I'm just recording video and waiting for a stable version.

    5. Travis Thompson on October 13, 2013

      Any Idea when this update will be coming?
      I really love the app, and have been using it every day since day 1.(Jan 10)
      My current issues are: Crashes every few seconds added. Compiled video has wrong aspect ratio, looks like 4:3 or something, so the images in the video are smashed. I am using Iphone 4s. Upgrading this week to 5s, hopefully everything moves over without issue.

    6. james reeve on October 2, 2013

      Really exited for this update it sounds like it is going to completely remove all the problems people have been having and plus it a amazing app overall thanks

    7. Habi on October 1, 2013

      I'm also having the problem that the video plays fine on the iPhone and in Aperture (where I import all the movies and snippets), but not from the Finder (with QuickLook, QuickTime and MPlayer) nor when uploaded to vimeo.
      Additionally last months compilation is missing the date on some of the seconds, which is really sad. I've added a request over on, but there no one seems to reply...
      Does anyone have an idea how I can make 1SE work again?

    8. Matthias Buchetics on October 1, 2013

      Exactly my problem, Mike.

    9. Mike Tartaglia on October 1, 2013

      After uploading the compiled video to youtube, the video is all gray. the same thing happens when I play it on my MAC. However, when saving to my camera roll on the iPhone it runs fine.

    10. Matthias Buchetics on September 30, 2013

      No wait, my mistake. It works in VLC but not in Quicktime.

    11. Matthias Buchetics on September 30, 2013

      Amy, I am having the same issue. When I export the video and copy it over to my Mac, I can only play it in Quicktime, it doesn't work with VLC for example. Also doesn't work on Youtube.

    12. ThtRanga on September 27, 2013

      This is sad I haven't used my app since feb this year. Gonna try n make a new one.
      I still believe its a great app just idk

    13. Martin Hill on September 27, 2013

      Thanks so much for putting so much effort into this :D Cant wait!

    14. Florence L
      on September 27, 2013

      I was SO excited to find out the app was on Android <3 I am just waiting for it to allow us to rotate :)

    15. Amy Worrall on September 27, 2013

      Looking forward to it. I'm currently seeing a bug with exported videos, they show as a grey blur on (eg) YouTube. Is there a fix for that?

    16. W on September 27, 2013

      Cesar, you rock!