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Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
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Thumbnails. From Birth. Android.

Hi Everyone!


While our update seems to have dramatically helped those who had crashing issues.  Part of the fix involved a one time process to regenerate all the thumbnails.  Unfortunately some users didn't get theirs regenerated automatically, which caused many to think they lost all their seconds :/  I apologize deeply for this.

The instructions to regenerate the thumbnails = 

iPhone's Settings > 1SE > and set 'Reset Thumbnails' to ON, then restart the app. 

We've figured out why some users weren't prompted for the thumbnail regeneration, and will be sending another update to Apple so that more users aren't affected by this.

On a related side note:

I'm still trying to be avoid being one of those Apps that constantly asks to be rated on the App Store like basically every App I have.  But even though I get wonderful messages from users every day about the app, getting them on iTunes is pretty important.

We suffered big time from users who thought they lost their seconds :/  Sorry to ask again, but if you're having a good experience with the App, I humbly ask that you rate/review it.  Apologies to bother with this again.

Direct link:


I was at the wedding of one of my best friends 2 weeks ago in Greece and didn't have much access to the internet.  During that time I had been sent a message from a Sam Cornwell.  He thanked me for the 1 Second Everyday inspiration and wanted to share with me not his 1st compilation... but his sons... 1 year... starting on the day he was born. 

But by the time I read it, my inbox was FLOODED with friends sending me the same link :)

This thing went crazy viral and most of you have probably already seen it!

2.8 million views on Vimeo (and almost a million on youTube):  

It even hit TIME!


I will be sending another update about this very very very soon.  We're basically ready to launch!  Just doing the very final tweeks!  It even went live accidentally momentarily and some people who just happened to be searching for it nabbed it :)

It's looking like we'll be doing things a little differently for Android.  I think we'll be making the App free... but it'll only compile the first 30 days.  That way users can try it out before they buy.  And if they want to continue beyond 30 days, they can buy it for 99cent through an in-App purchase.

Once again we're having issues trying to find a way to give the App for free to Kickstarter backers, so hold tight as we figure that out.  But at least you'll be able to start using it as soon as it goes live with everyone else! :)  

More soon.

I am eternally grateful for you all



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    1. Nikki on

      Thanks for the update, looking forward to the android version. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      My apologies! It seems the problem has finally been fixed and all of my clips have been restored!!!!! Thank you!! I will continue to support the app and will back-up my files just in case ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Francisco R Gonzalez on

      Cesar, I'm so excited about the upcoming Android version, that even though I participated in the Kick starter fundraiser, I will gladly pay for the app. Please just continue to keep us posted when it goes live at the Play store. Regards from Miami!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      I have sent in two email requests regarding my one second app. I followed the instructions in you email to update the thumbnails and it did not work. Also I am still missing entire video clips from December to March!!! And my compilations are gone! :(

      This is very upsetting... any help or advice would be appreciated. For now, I don't see a point in continuing to use the app since I'm afraid of losing my videos and clips.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob Albury on

      I am glad you realize he'd your goals and ad to helping am not the sharpest knife it drawer how. This. Works

    6. Missing avatar

      Nimish Shah

      I think that Google Play has a way to do alpha/beta testing rollouts using Google+ circles. Maybe that could be a mechanism for you to roll out the paid version of the app to us (android backers) for free?

    7. Romona Cummins on

      Somewhat confused, didn't us Android backers pay already? What do you mean it will be free for 30 days? Please explain.

    8. W on

      Cesar, I'm a little furious - and hope you'll take the time to respond/investigate this because we didn't just think we lost our seconds, we -did- lose them as some of us have moved the videos from our phones due to both the videos & 1SE taking up huge amounts of storage. While this worked perfectly in the past, this update has made us lose all our seconds from videos that aren't present on the device anymore...

      This has taken me so much time to do since the birth of my son - what could I possibly do to restore this?

    9. Giovanni Marin on

      What about a Windows Phone version now? There are some backers that are using a Nokia here! :)

    10. james reeve on

      Thank you once agen for the loving supporting of this app I love it and could not imagine how easy and fun it is to video my second every day :) thank you and keep up the good work

    11. Malik M.L. Williams on

      Rating and review done. (Sorry, i thought i'd already posted one before.) It really did change my outlook on life. So thank YOU!

    12. Missing avatar

      Randall Martin on

      Android is easy; just send the .apk file to all backers, and make sure it's the same one you upload to the Play Store. It'll show up as downloaded.

    13. George Katsaros on

      Cloud Saves on iOS please!