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Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…
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Posted by Cesar Kuriyama (Creator)

Good evening 1SE friends!

It's honestly hard to believe that 2 months ago, I had NOT even launched the Kickstarter for 1SE yet.  Meanwhile we've already been featured by the App Store for a week, and we already submitted our third update (V1.03) for approval!

Tonight it brings me great joy to announce that 1SE for ANDROID in underway!  

I was lucky enough to have the BEST iPhone devs in NYC, Alchemy50, collaborate with me to bring my vision of the 1SE App into existence.  Without their passion & talent, this App would likely still be a wishful dream of mine.  I owe them a life debt.  

And now I'm lucky enough to have the BEST Android devs in NYC!  After the Kickstarter campaign was funded (in just a week!), I started the process of seeking out Android devs and looking at all my options.  After all, I want to make this idea available to everyone!  Literally every human being in NYC said that I should speak to TouchLab.  And much like the first time I met with Alchemy50, they instantly earned my trust and respect after our first meeting.  I feel extremely fortunate that TouchLab will be bringing 1SE to Android.

In order to comply with Google's Android design guidelines, we'll be making very minor adjustments to the design that Alchemy50 & I developed.  Most notably, the App will also be able to rotate vertically since some Android phones have a physical keyboard (pictured above).

I'll send you guys notable updates on our progress as they arise.  In the meantime please be patient. :)

MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the Android Backers who pledged in good faith, even though I expressed that I couldn't make any definitive promises during the month long campaign.  I look forward to delivering you the App as soon as possible!

Have a memorable weekend!!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Seth Forbus on

      Very excited for this! My Galaxy Note ll is waiting :)

    2. Susheila Li on

      So excited for the Android version.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Winter on

      thanks cesar, if you need 4.2.1 beta testers, let me know.

    4. Malik M.L. Williams on

      Adding my "ditto" to those who've already requested the portrait orientation for the iOS app. And kudos on getting the Android version out!

    5. Missing avatar

      DB089 on

      Yes !! Thank you !!

    6. Rockondevil on

      I'm sure you Android users will love it when it gets released, it is a great app.

      Also as others have said I would like to see a portrait layout for iOS also as I personally would prefer to use it that way. And since you are already starting it for Android might as well keep them the same.

    7. Missing avatar

      RJ Macapagal on

      Yes! I cant wait for the Android version of this. :D

    8. Robby Myer on

      Love the App! Been using it and have one little suggestion. Make the snippet have the option of being 1,2, or 3 seconds. I have found that I don't always get my second every day.. and some days I want the snippet just a bit longer to show the full content...

    9. Raju PP on

      If I switch over from iPhone to Android, will I be able to port my existing timeline (videos) to android (and vice versa)?

    10. Alex Nairn on

      When I mash a month it crashes. Is this common. Year is ok

    11. Anestis Sivroglou on

      Thank you Cesar! Cant wait for the Android Version ;-)

    12. Peggy Rolando on

      So looking forward to this. Even more reason to make sure my phone is always charged!!! LOL

    13. Missing avatar

      hilly leopold on

      How about a yardstick background, to show growth charts with kids..I'm about to start a series around my major home renovation..4 to 5 months of 1sed.visual collage..gr8 App! your success does not surprise me at all...

    14. Paul on

      As others have said, I wouldn't mind portrait support in the iPhone version if that's at all possible. It looks great in the screenshots.

      Glad the android versions becoming a reality anyway. The more people that experience this awesome app/concept the better :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Gal Buki on

      The screen shot looks great. Looking forward to using it.

    16. Missing avatar

      jon blaylock on

      great news! looking foreward to it.

    17. Pewter City Trading Company on

      Yes! Proud to be an android backer!

    18. eileen2000 on

      Thank you! I'm so excited that you pursued getting it on Android so quickly.

    19. Wolfjaw

      Thank you. Now I know exactly how it will look on my phone (sans case).

    20. Matt Clifford on

      Love this app and love IOS and android but switched to windows 8 recently and don't think I'll switch back. Any plans for a windows mobile 8 app?

    21. Conrad Brookman on

      Awesome news! So glad that the Android version is coming, as I'm sure many others will be also. I switched from iPhone to Android after I'd learnt about 1SE - glad I'm not going to miss out!

    22. Leo Vogel on

      Can you please add a portrait mode to the iOS app; as is shown in the Android mockup?

    23. Missing avatar

      Lisa Kelly on

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your effort to wake up the world and make a positive impact.
      Your dedication is awesome - It's amazing you've blazed the way to the android version this fast - really looking forward to it. Love good news.

    24. Jon Cheuvront on

      I am really excited about the Android version. I don't have an iphone anymore and I look forward to using the app when available. If you need people to test the app during the dev cycle please let me know, I would be more than happy to help out,

    25. natasqi on

      SO EXCITED about the Android app. I've already starting doing the videos.

    26. Eric Nakagawa on

      Please add better support for square videos. Now that Vine has launched you will start getting lots of square videos uploade.

    27. Brady on

      I hope you can later add the vertical layout to the iphone version as well. and let people select there preferred layout design from the options menu. its the small things like mutli-directional interfaces that make a good app into a great one.

    28. Florence L

      My gosh I cannot wait. <3 Like I said in the other update :) If this happens I am more likely to use my cell than my ipod anyway :) so better use for sure

    29. Martin Rodriguez on

      Sweet! I pledged $5, and got the iPhone app. But soon, I'm going to be switching to the Google Nexus 4 when they become back in stock. Will I be able to get that version too?