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WHO GOES THERE?, the book that inspired THE THING, is now a growing paranoia tabletop game!
WHO GOES THERE?, the book that inspired THE THING, is now a growing paranoia tabletop game!
WHO GOES THERE?, the book that inspired THE THING, is now a growing paranoia tabletop game!
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    1. Patrick K. just now

      @GhstbstrLMLIII - Well be fair now....if they were still in here with us we'd have grabbed onto a lot more random things (whoops...not that one.) and played SO many more mind games. SO MANY MORE!!!

    2. GhstbstrLMLIII about 2 hours ago

      @ Censored David - My sensitivities are offended. I thought this was at least basic cable, not network TV!

      @CS - SEE!!! This is what happens when you leave us to our own devices! We grab onto random things (TANK) and beg for their release. Or start playing mind games with one another (CENSORED DAVID). We need to see the updated rule book AND plans for a Tank Expansion or there is absolutely no telling where we go next! :)

    3. Patrick K. about 4 hours ago

      @TRD - Oh I meant by just being here....

    4. Patrick K. about 6 hours ago

      @TRD - You brought this on yourself...

    5. David "CENSORED" about 7 hours ago

      What’s lower than tit jokes?
      Poo jokes!!!

    6. Patrick K. about 7 hours ago

      @Angela - HAHA.....I should have seen that coming... or did I?

    7. Patrick K. about 7 hours ago

      @TRD - Right on man! Way to put your foot down!

    8. David "CENSORED" about 7 hours ago

      @Jeeves had to be done. She was like...boobie boobie boobie boobie boobie boobie restraint! Freud would have a field day.

    9. Patrick K. about 7 hours ago

      I'm just going to call him TRDavid from now on.....Eventually I will be too lazy to type all that and then it will just be TRD. You know what, why wait.....@TRD it is!

    10. Mister Jeeves about 8 hours ago

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    11. Mister Jeeves about 8 hours ago

      What happened to David??? Why are his boobies censored?? Angela what have you done?!

    12. David "CENSORED" about 8 hours ago

      It’s for your own sanity @Angela

    13. David "CENSORED" about 8 hours ago

      Hate to have to do this....

    14. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      about 8 hours ago

      @Boobie David I already do. You're the one flaunting them

    15. David "CENSORED" about 9 hours ago

      I’ve told you, keep your mammary obsession to yourself :-P

    16. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      about 9 hours ago

      Just a @Boobie David with 3 boobies...

    17. David "CENSORED" about 9 hours ago

      No silliness around here, no siree

    18. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      1 day ago

      @Patrick That would be silly...

    19. GhstbstrLMLIII 1 day ago

      @Boobie David - But...But...But we’ve never known you by anything else!! You’re just messing with me now!

    20. Patrick K. 1 day ago

      Perhaps we should call him Total Recall David?

    21. David "CENSORED" 1 day ago

      Failed the rorschach test again Angela. Tut tut.

    22. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      1 day ago

      @Boobie David Of course it is *points at boobies and 'David'*

    23. David "CENSORED" 1 day ago

      @Ghstbstr cool at least I know.

      Believe it or not, Boobie David isn’t my real name either, right @Angela? ;-)

    24. GhstbstrLMLIII 1 day ago

      @David - It's still Trey. I just changed my screen name. Most people weren't using their full names here, and I think that was just a holdover from when I first made an account. (My legal name is a third, so that's the "III" at the end of the screen name. "Trey" is my nickname.)

    25. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      1 day ago

      @Derek Right now all is on track.

      The rules will be posted once done so we can read and double check them before finalizing.

    26. Missing avatar

      derek 1 day ago

      So are we on track for may fulfillment or later in the year? After backing EO, just looking for a reasonable estimate.

    27. Certifiable Studios 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Derek - They are currently mass producing all approved prototype items. As @Angela said, just finalizing box and rules otherwise.

    28. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      @Derek All art is done. Anthony is now working on the boxes and rules are next.

    29. Missing avatar

      derek 2 days ago

      Any update on where production is at?

    30. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      @Paul So you basically missed out on all the fun :(

      *tosses frosted Brownie*

    31. David "CENSORED" 2 days ago

      @Angela both!
      @Alman just add sprinkles
      @Paul sorry!

    32. Paul 2 days ago

      Reaaally haven’t followed this campaign as closely as I did their 1st one - started reading back comments and by George it’s as convoluted and curious as a comments cove has ever been.

      Hope you all had a great new year. Looking forward with anxious trepidation and excitement at getting this beauty to the table in the coming months

    33. Alman
      2 days ago

      @boobie david would taking a flame thrower to a sugar pony get you a caramel pony?

    34. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      @Boobie David Which one? Being a furry or dressing up a Sugar Pony?

    35. David "CENSORED" 2 days ago

      I read that as “dressing up as a sugar pony”!

      My sugar pony days are over. Could not pull that off.

    36. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      To* damn tentacles

    37. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      @Patrick Why did you have yo take all the fun out of it? Boobie David dressing up a Sugar Pony would be so worth it.

      I would pay to watch that.

    38. Patrick K. 2 days ago

      ...and by dress I mean field dress! If you get trampled over and gored while trying to put a dress on the Sugar Pony I am not to blame...

    39. Patrick K. 2 days ago

      @David - Be sure the dress them first, otherwise all you'll get is singed hair....and that doesn't taste good no matter how much BBQ sauce you use...

    40. David "CENSORED" 2 days ago

      @Patrick I would use the flamethrower on the sugar pony’s and have a Chewbacca / Porg moment.

    41. Patrick K. 2 days ago

      @GhstbstrLMLIII - It's okay that you didn't add Sugar Ponies... You can correct that oversight in the Stuffed Backerkit!

    42. David "CENSORED" 2 days ago

      Has Trey changed has name or is someone else using same profile pic?

      Doesn’t take much to confuse me.

    43. GhstbstrLMLIII 2 days ago

      @Angela - Thank you, ma'am! Right, it being a Sugar Pony Card, and being unlocked after the Sugar Ponies Add-on Anti-Sugar Goat (that's a lot of descriptive animals...), I wasn't sure if it was going to be packed in WGT or the official Sugar Ponies card game. I didn't purchase Sugar Ponies **ducks thrown plate of frosted brownies** but am glad I'll still be getting the Pony Stuffed card! :)

    44. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      The Stuffed card comes with WGT

      It features a Sugar Pony maybe that caused the confusion.

    45. GhstbstrLMLIII 3 days ago

      @Angela - Speaking of "extra cards," I've got a question, and I'll bet asking you is the fastest way to get an answer: Does the unlocked Sugar Pony Stuffed card come with WGT or in the Sugar Ponies set? (I did search around in the updates, but I'm still not clear.) Thanks!

    46. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      3 days ago

      @Jacques Forgot about the two extra cards: the one you get with Stuffed (food card) and the BGG bonus one (Flare Gun)

    47. Jacques Dahl 4 days ago

      Thanks Angela!

    48. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      4 days ago

      @Jacques Normal poker sized cards: 63x88

      300 cards for 4 character game
      40 cards for each 2 player expansion
      380 cards for 8 character game

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