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WHO GOES THERE?, the book that inspired THE THING, is now a growing paranoia tabletop game!
WHO GOES THERE?, the book that inspired THE THING, is now a growing paranoia tabletop game!
WHO GOES THERE?, the book that inspired THE THING, is now a growing paranoia tabletop game!
6,535 backers pledged $612,776 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. GhstbstrLMLIII 39 minutes ago

      @CS - Endangered Orphans was a BIG hit with my game group tonight! Very, very fun. (But don’t let that go to your heads or anything.)

    2. GhstbstrLMLIII about 8 hours ago

      @Lochie - You got a restroom in there?? 😂

    3. GhstbstrLMLIII about 12 hours ago

      **Dang autocorrect strikes again. Perfect timing. Certainly not perfect typing.**

      @Patrick - Simpson’s fan?
      Seller: “We have Mountain Dew and crab juice.”
      Homer: “Ewwwww. Yuck. Gross. Just give me a crab juice!”

    4. GhstbstrLMLIII about 12 hours ago

      Woo! My Endangered Orphans set arrived today! Thanks, Rick. Perfecting timing as my game group meets tonight.

    5. Patrick K. about 14 hours ago

      @Dave - Yeah, Lochie is right, it's Thing excretion....aka Diet Mountain Dew.

    6. Lochie FrostedBook 1 day ago

      Ummm noone had the courage to tell you that it is Thing excrement

    7. Dave MD 1 day ago

      There's only diet soda left? Then what is this green stuff I've been drinking?

    8. Alman
      1 day ago

      @mr suitcase welcome, but due to being late a warning there is only diet soda left and the potato salad has been sitting refrigerated for quite some time.

    9. Insulin King 1 day ago

      I cannot wait for this to get in to port next month! Somehow the closer the due date is, the harder it is to wait!

    10. Mr Suitcase 1 day ago

      Okay. I'm late to the party, but I'm in.

      Best of success, guys.

    11. GhstbstrLMLIII 1 day ago

      @Patrick - Good point! I knew I should have splurged for those. I told myself anything was better than nothing if I'm going to be playing with children or inebriated friends. (Same different really.)

    12. Patrick K. 1 day ago

      @GhstbstrLMLIII - sleeve will stand up to the "daughter bend test'...not even Dragon Shield sleeves, unless you bought the stainless steel sleeves...

    13. GhstbstrLMLIII 1 day ago

      I broke down and bought a box of 500 sleeves. That will cover this and Jurassic Park: Danger (of which my daughter already bent a card).

    14. Lochie FrostedBook 1 day ago

      Ahhhhhh yes! I completely forgot. Shame on me. Thank you for the reminder. All is not lost (unless of course, I sustain injury. That would be ever so unfortunate. But super likely to happen let's be honest)

    15. Patrick K. 1 day ago

      @Lochie - That's okay! Remember one of the ASGs was a cover for you to make your very own dice cup. Just dump out that beer, cut the top off, and slap that label around the empty can... and're very own dice cup. (Disclaimer: Me personally, The Comments Cove collectively, and Certifiable Studios specifically, are not liable for any injuries sustained in the creation and usage of said 'dice cup'. Use at your own risk. Do not taunt the 'dice cup')

    16. Lochie FrostedBook 2 days ago

      Dice cup. Of course I hope to get dice with WGT

    17. Lochie FrostedBook 2 days ago

      Just realized that because the dice will come with STUFFED, I'm gonna have to play Who goes there... WITHOUT THE DICE CUP!!! What is this world coming to??

    18. GhstbstrLMLIII 2 days ago

      @Angela - Thanks! I knew you were the person to ask.

      Maybe since we already have a WGT coin, the EO coin can be the add-on to the Tank Expansion campaign? Or should that have its own special Tank coin? What am I saying? We need both!!

    19. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      2 days ago

      @Trey It's still on their to-do-list. *glares at @Anthony*

    20. GhstbstrLMLIII 3 days ago

      @Angela - Because your tentacles are all over the place, and I can't post in the Endangered Orphans comments because I wasn't an original backer, AND because I don't want to go through all the comments over there - What was the word on an EO Collector's Coin? I've ordered one for this and Stuffed. Now that EO is on the way, I feel I'm missing something without a coin to go with it.

    21. Mac Drizzle
      3 days ago

      If Who Goes There is available for pick up come Gen Con I would absolutey be interested in doing so. How would I go about being added to that list?

    22. Alman
      3 days ago

      @oats jesse vetoed the last attempt to have a tattoo based tier for backers; though, there is a picture of a young lady with some of his art on the art book campaign page.

    23. GhstbstrLMLIII 3 days ago

      @OATS - Depends on where you were going to put the tattoo!

    24. OATS
      3 days ago

      I was going to show of my Certifiable Fandom by getting a tattoo.... but maybe I should try this microbadge first 🤔

    25. Mister Jeeves 4 days ago

      If anybody wants to show off their Certifiable fandom on BGG there is now a Certifiable Studios fan Microbadge. Show your pride and pick one up today!

    26. GhstbstrLMLIII 4 days ago

      @Matthew - You can go to CS’s website or the Endangered Orphans Kickstarter page and click “order now.” (And if you haven’t read through that campaign page, do yourself a favor and do so. It’s hysterical. And I’m sorry I missed Jesse’s Best Buy Midget story.)

    27. Jarrod 4 days ago

      As a big thanks for all the effort put in to this game I too ordered a full set of Endangered Orphans! Love your work Certifiable Studios!

    28. Matthew Degele
      4 days ago

      Where’s you order them? Is it too late to add an order??

    29. GhstbstrLMLIII 4 days ago

      Once again, Rick is quick on the draw. Order confirmed and card charged. Woo. (Does this help my Cove standing to have officially ordered all 3 games now??)

      Back to WGT: I finally got a change to watch the Man v. Meeple video and it just makes me all the more excited for this game. And Jesse - Way to tease a potential future character pack. That could be part of the Tank Expansion (with Dogmud shirt add-on)!

    30. GhstbstrLMLIII 4 days ago

      Dang it all. I saw CS posting all the Endangered Orphans stuff to their Facebook store and couldn't stop myself. Went through the EO Backerkit link and ordered the game and all 4 expansions.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ulrik Dahl 5 days ago

      Me and my gaming group just watched one of the playthrough vids. We want the game NOW!!!!

    32. GhstbstrLMLIII 5 days ago

      @FrostedBook - The GHER will balance out the packaging. We’re good!

    33. Lochie FrostedBook 5 days ago

      Surely adding a tank in there wont upset the balance at all

    34. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies
      6 days ago

      @FrostedBook Maybe it's a surprise for loyal backers only? 😄

    35. Lochie FrostedBook 6 days ago

      Man vs Meeple.. no mention of Tank expansion though

    36. Lochie FrostedBook 7 days ago

      woot woot boaty mcboatface.

    37. David "(o)(o)(o)” on

      Yeah, this game is gonna be huge

    38. Jarrod on

      Compared to a certain other project this is barely a delay. The Man vs Meeple vid was great. Just further fueled the excitement. Can't wait for this to arrive!

    39. Insulin King on

      I hope things smooth out for y’all soon! Thank you VERY much for the update

    40. Chris MacLeod on

      Just got the latest update. You guys are amazing. Thank you for keeping us all updated and abreast of what is happening. While it is unfortunate that it's delayed this is till awesome news and the cost and effort you are putting into this is truly appreciated. Thank you!!

    41. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      @Robert Just see it as more time to work on that pokerface when you draw the host card :P

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Bridgewater on

      I just got the email about when I may expect the game to land in Canada, I am disappointed, but it is what it is, I just really want to play this game! Haha

    43. David "(o)(o)(o)” on

      Boaty McBoatface has our games 🤘

    44. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      *Announcer voice* And out of nowhere - Brian comes in with a chair...I mean video link, dominating the Cove.

    45. Adam Siller on

      @CS great update! Sorry to hear about the delays but you all have been taking each obstacle in stride and have been keeping us in the loop.

    46. Patrick K. on

      @Brian - You really are the Cove's champion.

    47. Brian "The Cove's Champion" Thompson Collaborator on

      I heard you guys wanted a video to watch.....…
      It isn't technically by us, but I think you'll enjoy it. :)

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