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Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!  Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
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Posted by Certifiable Studios (Creator)


 Another update? We’re not giving those greedy backers another update until it snows in March! IN MISSI--FRIGGIN--SIPPI! Like THAT'S ever gonna happen!

 *looks out window*

Wellll, s***.

Solo Board

The focus of this segment of our update is just like the temps right now: SOLO. Get it? So...lo? As in “so low”? You know what...forget it. (They can’t all be winners, people.)

As we continue to get D6 ready for production, we’re dialing in the final design on the various components. In this particular case, we’re literally dialing it in. Check out the tasty dial on the solo board—it’s progressing nicely, if we do say so ourselves. (And we do.) Check out the video for all the details on where the solo game currently stands. 

Thugs: OUT. Cubes and Fairy Blob Things: IN. 

The original Rent-a-Thug mechanic has been updated, with gelatinous cubes replacing the thugs. Why? Because jelly boxes that digest whatever's in their path are pretty friggin’ awesome, okay? ANY OTHER QUESTIONS?! Cool. We made another video. 

The Playset Gets Even...Play-ier?

From early in the development process of D6, Rick has been excited about there being a “playset” feel to the game. While we usually don't like to make Rick happy, we decided this may be a good time to make an exception.

Have a great week, friends! 

Until next time,

  - The Certifiable Team

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    1. Patrick KBF on

      @Angela - Well now that is a HIT!

    2. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Patrick Well how about this song then?

      Step into a land of fun
      Where Rainbows like to come
      No one is ever sad
      All the smiles are super glad!
      You can be the real you
      Do all the happy things you do!
      You and all your pony crowd
      Together we are pony proud!!
      Sugar Ponies
      Cupcakes and frosting cream pies
      Sugar Ponies
      A glitter bomb - big surprise!
      Sugar Ponies
      Boomba and the sugar twins
      Sugar Ponies
      Rainbow Ponies for the big win!
      Sugar Ponies
      Eat chocolate frosted Brownies
      Sugar Ponies
      Sugar Goat prancing townies
      Sugar Ponies
      So super sweet and it shows
      Sugar Ponies
      It´s making love with rainbows!!
      Sugar Ponies
      Sugar Ponies

    3. Topher on

      Keep going Martin, Patrick just doesn’t have good taste

    4. Patrick KBF on

      Sheesh @Martin - there is such a thing as copyright law... also, choose songs from a less sucky movie.

    5. TigerNineThree

      Hate ME NEXT, Jesse!! HATE ME!!!

    6. Topher on

      I would love to have a Sugar Ponies coin. It should just be a random button with a sugar pony picture glued off center on one side and glitter thrown on.

    7. Martin - Golden Ticket Winner !

      @Jesse - your welcome!

      and just for you....

      Oompa loompa doompety doo
      I've got a perfect puzzle for you
      Oompa loompa doompety dee
      If you are wise you'll listen to me

      What do you get when you guzzle down sweets
      Eating as much as an elephant eats
      What are you at, getting terribly fat
      What do you think will come of that
      I don't like the look of it

      Oompa loompa doompety da
      If you're not greedy, you will go far
      You will live in happiness too
      Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do
      Doompety do

      Oompa loompa doompety doo
      I've got another puzzle for you
      Oompa loompa doompeda dee
      If you are wise you'll listen to me

      Gum chewing's fine when it's once in a while
      It stops you from smoking and brightens your smile
      But it's repulsive, revolting and wrong
      Chewing and chewing all day long
      The way that a cow does

      Oompa loompa doompety da
      Given good manners you will go far
      You will live in happiness too
      Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do

      Oompa loompa doompety doo
      I've got another puzzle for you
      Oompa loompa doompety dee
      If you are wise you'll listen to me

      Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
      Pampered and spoiled like a siamese cat
      Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
      You know exactly who's to blame
      The mother and the father

      Oompa loompa doompety da
      If you're not spoiled then you will go far
      You will live in happiness too
      Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do

      Oompa loompa doompety doo
      I've got another puzzle for you
      Oompa loompa doompeda dee
      If you are wise you'll listen to me

      What do you get from a glut of TV
      A pain in the neck and an IQ of three
      Why don't you try simply reading a book
      Or could you just not bear to look
      You'll get no
      You'll get no
      You'll get no
      You'll get no
      You'll get no commercials

      Oompa loompa doompety da
      If you're not greedy you will go far
      You will live in happiness too
      Like the - Oompa -
      Oompa Loompa Doompety do

      We of the cove ... clearly we are NOT Oompa Loompas!
      we are like anti-Oompa Loompas .... we are the Disaster-that-Naut to happen :-) !

    8. Jesse Labbe' Collaborator on

      @Martin thats stuck in my head. So I hate you as well!

      You just shut it! No one will miss you at all! Especially ME! You might be the greediest of them all...which means you to will probably be leaving. Also, I dont like your can-do attitude or your awesome sarcastic way with words!
      So good sir, Dont let the door hitcha where the dog shoulda bitcha!

    9. Jarrod on

      I sure will miss Jeffrey. He seems like a light hearted, open minded, and fun type of backer. Able to interpret sarcasm and not one to complain about something insignificant... Bye Jeffrey :(

    10. Martin - Golden Ticket Winner !

      I want a feast
      I want a bean feast
      Cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts so good you could go nuts.
      No, now!
      I want a ball
      I want a party
      Pink macaroons and a million balloons and performing baboons and
      Give it to me now.
      I want the world,
      I want the whole world.
      I want to lock it all up in my pocket
      It's my bar of chocolate
      Give it to me now!
      I want today
      I want tomorrow
      I want to wear them like braids in my hair and I don't want to share them
      I want a party with roomfuls of laughter
      Ten thousand tons of ice cream
      And if I don't get the things I am after
      I'm going to scream!
      I want the works,
      I want the whole works!
      Presents and prizes and sweets and surprises in all shapes and sizes,
      And now!
      Don't care how I want it now!
      Don't care how I want it now!

    11. Mister Jeeves on

      I'm not greedy, I just want DISASTERNAUTS! I WANT IT NOW!! GIVE ME ALL THE DISASTERNAUTS!!! thats all...

    12. OATS

      I still want my THING mini!!!!!

    13. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Jesse All I want is for Sugar Ponies to have its own coin. If that's greedy, then yes I am.

    14. Patrick KBF on

      @Jesse - I'm not greedy, I just want DISASTERNAUTS!!!

    15. Jesse Labbe' Collaborator on

      Ok maybe I was a bit harsh...
      Maybe I misspoke...
      Maybe, just maybe I was wrong about yall...
      maybe yall aren't greedy...

      (pause for effect)

      *waits for Certifiable backers to start calling themselves the most greedy, sorry, always asking for more, Backers who roam in these here woods we call Kickstarter.*

    16. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Patrick That was years ago... You're not getting 2nd place.

    17. Patrick KBF on

      @Angela - Normally I'd say you have a leg/tentacle up on me...but this is his most hated list, and I did send him fake poo once upon a time. That's gotta count for something.

    18. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Patrick I do hope I'm runner up... 3rd place is so sad.

    19. Patrick KBF on

      @Angela - So..... which one of us is in 2nd place?

    20. Alman

      @jeffrey there are greedy backers(note I am not calling anyone in specific greedy). If you don't believe this go to pretty much any kickstarter campaign and read the comments about stretch goals. That being said certifiable has decided to acknowledge that some want it all by creating a greedy bastard tier in all of their campaigns. It is a running joke. While you don't have to appreciate the joke hopefully knowing the background will help you see where it is coming from. To fully appreciate it go to the endangered orphans campaign and watch the anti-stretch goal videos.

    21. Jesse Labbe' Collaborator on

      You sir, stay out of it!!! You might be the most greedy of them all! I dare you to say otherwise. I DARE YOU!

    22. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      Aww I'm not number 1? 😭


    23. Jesse Labbe' Collaborator on

      Disasternaut???? Where???

      I tried but I was the only one showing up!

      Its true, that definitely was not an apology. Also just in case there was some confusion...Angela, Patrick and David....especially you David. I dislike you even more than Jeff. Actually I hate David. I hate you with every fiber of my being.
      And yes Jeffrey Patrick is correct. Just write Rick and ask for a refund.

    24. Mister Jeeves on

      Some people can't take a joke...

    25. Patrick KBF on

      @Jeffrey - If you're serious about a refund, email Rick at, assuming of course he hasn't emailed you already...

    26. Jeffrey Haager on

      Nice...instead of apologizing for calling us greedy backers, like were Not helping you with putting your game out, You go further and focus it on , me or anyone... what procedure do I need to do to cancel this Backing and get my Money back.

    27. David "(o)(o)(o)(o)(o)(o)” on

      @Jesse and @Jeffrey you guys need to get a room!!!
      The sexual tension here is palpable. 😘

      @Brent can sit at the foot of the bed watching while peeling an orange 🍊


      Wait... did someone say Disasternauts? Because I thought I heard someone say Disasternauts.

    29. Patrick KBF on

      @Jesse - My eyes were not roaming. They were fixed on 2 spots in that video:
      1) The tv in the background giving the precious information on DISASTERNAUTS, and
      2) The DISASTERNAUTS poster on the right side that was reflecting the side of the tv that your chattering gob was covering.

    30. Jesse Labbe' Collaborator on

      Ok Where to begin...where... to... begin?
      @Patrick KBF & Adam Siller - Stop letting your eyes roam around and focus on the issues at hand! And its not the "Hunter Killer" Adam...its "Winter Killer." Also...I dont know what you're talking about.

      @Nate L - I hear you. Im with you. And I agree. I'll probably play the solo version a few times myself ;)

      @Paul Mumby - That is indeed the plan my good sir. Remember, we like making the games we want to play. And breaking down the carts and trays every game would get old. So if we can avoid that....we will.

      @TigerNineThree - Christian Slater you say??? Wow. Ill take it!

      @Martin - set!!!!

      @Roman Rak - Hide Amber? What are you talking about? Wee didn't hi....OOhhh, I see what you're talking about. Yeah, that was a complete accident. And the coin...dont fall for our trickery. You dont need that old thing!

      @Alman - First, do we look like a company that puts a lot of weight on what other companies think? Second, we arent technically using cube companions. We have cubes that can be used to slow other players and we have companions (on the reverse side). But cube companions??? Now you're just talking crazy.
      All of the companions help during combat against enemies, find gold and help you travel across the board.

      @ Jeffrey Haager - Oh Jeff Jeff Jeff. First, whatever it is you are talking about was definitely hilarious. And second, it's not about what we think of yall. It just goes to show what we think of you. We were specifically directing it at you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rick Holzheuer

      This is looking good! Thanks for the update and I am really looking forward to the entire game.

    32. Adam Siller on

      I liked the update... was anyone else distracted by the screen in the background? And what is Hunter Killer?

    33. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton


    34. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Jeffrey Still no sense of humor I see... Doubt that line will get you into another update though :P

    35. Jeffrey Haager on

      Start of this WAS NOT funny and goes to what you think of us really !!!

    36. Alman

      Hopefully another gaming company doesn't try to say you are stealing the idea of companion cubes.
      Do the pluses on the non eagle companions apply to things other than combat or does the eagle have some sort of limitation?

    37. Insulin King on

      Great update! And yes, I a, one of those people that get excited 😉. This is looking so great

    38. John L Vogt

      Looking good.

      Waiting on the Amber's revenge video.

    39. Majik

      loving it all. the solo porotype is looking good. the playsets are looking great, brings and extra spice to an already awesome game. super keen for this.

    40. Roman Rak on

      Why did you hide Amber?
      Now I learn that the coin would be cool on the dial ... NOW? Now i need it!

    41. Martin - Golden Ticket Winner !

      oohhh Play Set... yay ! :-)
      on a more serious note.... yay ... playset ! :-)

      ok ok... fine... the rest of the update was great... ok there i said it... now... where was i... oh right...

      yay! playset :-)
      runs off giggling ! .....

    42. Matthew Grove on

      I did not see ANY snow there. No pictures, it didn't happen :p

    43. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Sheriff K The Rent-a-Thug has been in the game from the start. On your turn rent one for 2 gold and place them on any space on the board. They are just like a D12 monster. and you are not affected by your thug. So if one of your oppenents gets on a space with your Thug, they have to fight them too (and vice versa if you come across one of theirs).

    44. Molly Dickson McKee

      This looks SO great! Thank you for putting time into the solo mode. It is so greatly appreciated & I for one can't wait!!!

    45. TigerNineThree

      I just love the fact you guys have Christian Slater and Tom Hardy as your spokespersons! Fracking awesome!Love everytime I see an update from you guys.

    46. Missing avatar

      T Carl on

      This game is gonna be so sweet! *waiting at mailbox, tapping foot impatiently*

    47. Paul Mumby on

      I Wholly endorse this line of questioning from Patrick KBF, Also... I assume the "playset" aspects will fit in the box when assembled, since you guys have such great attention to detail in your previous box designs? (to avoid constantly tearing them apart, and potentially damaging them?)

    48. Missing avatar

      Nate L on

      Loving the attention you are giving solo play. I know my wife will play from time to time but I'm a sucker for relaxing and enjoying a board game for myself.

    49. Patrick KBF on

      One quick question: Why was Jesse blocking the view of that sweet, sweet Disasternaut art on the tv in the background? Who were those guys with the visors and the little pistols? Are they the Anti-Disasternauts, the 'BlessingNauts'? Who were the Disasternauts with the afros and other 70s style hairdos? Are they the RetroNauts? Are the DisasterNauts based in the 70s like everything else that's awesome? Who was that on the far right in the lineup? BobaFettNaut? What is going on??????