D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!

by Certifiable Studios

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    1. Jake Leach on

      Will the dice have the Kraken logo on the d20?

    2. Certifiable Studios 5-time creator on

      @Jake - No. The size we are going with will and an actual 20 instead.

    3. GhstbstrLMLIII on

      What a tease... No impersonations by Brent? I was expecting that in every video for the rest of the campaign.

      Honestly though, it looks like they absolutely nailed the dice colors. They look great!

    4. Chris Henthorn on

      I like the larger size D20 die. Its something different. :-). Looks great.

    5. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      The "Eater" dice design is phenomenal. Can't wait to use these dice for D-6 .... and every other possible game I can.

      Great work by Kraken & Great video by Certifiable

    6. Missing avatar


      @Certifiable, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate that your campaigns are so well run. I have another campaign (for a special pillow) where they started shipping and then sent out updates to everyone that they all needed to pay more for shipping because the "creator" screwed up on the shipping cost. The extra cost is 80% of the original pledge, which did include shipping.

      So thank you very much for being so awesome.

    7. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, though the video being uploaded 3 days ago... were we forgotten?

    8. Certifiable Studios 5-time creator on

      @James - Not forgotten. We aimed to have the other update out a bit earlier, but I opted to not have the updates overlap when it was delayed.

    9. Áxel *Dungeonology dissertationist*

      Those are very nice die, I like that you could crack the head of anyone who anoys you by saying something dumb like "the werewolf mini has the wrong moon" or some rubish like that :-p (It's nice to see that Kraken lives up to your standards :-) )

    10. Patrick KBF on

      Wow, those dice are going to need the water balloon launcher to roll....

    11. Robert Nelson

      I haven't commented much if any on this campaign, but I want to shout out to guys. Coming from Who goes there? and now d6, you guys run an amazing campaign. You are responsive, funny, smart, hard working, you have beautiful eyes and phenomenal posteriors. I will kickstart, buy, donate to whatever you guys have your hands in for life. Even if you run a campaign for literal shit, I will back just to watch your videos. Good day and keep up the great work!

    12. Katherine D. on

      I found out about this kickstarter when Kraken told their kickstarter backers about the team up and I fell in love with this game and the campaign. Their dice really appeal to my goblin brain (shiny...pretty...make click-clack sound) so it is amazing to see it kinda come full circle and to see the actual prototypes in a video!

    13. Orchid

      Why cant they make all the different dies the same as those D20s?

    14. Emil Rudvi on

      Looks a little hard to read, dice should have been a little darker with yellow numbers, would have been easier to read.

      Aswell for the black red, could also have been darker. To get more contrast

    15. Ivan Crojach Karačić

      Every update gets me so pumped and then I remember DEC 2019 :D

      I really hope this year will fly by fast :D

    16. Rachel James

      Does anyone else want those giant D20?

    17. Radioland on

      Those dice look amazing!!! Are the number colours final or still testing? they look a little soft to read. But maybe they are perfect in real life!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on


      (One step closer to getting more goodies from y'all... ;-))

    19. Paul Munday

      I love you guys :)

    20. JimmyRibi on

      Man those dice look good :O)
      I would love to get the d20 in that bigger size.

    21. demongirl on

      I've been wandering cus I've never gotten kracken dice. Do the dice come with anything? Like a bag or something to hold em?

    22. Johan Nilsson on

      I would have liked those dice to have a little more contrast so the numbers are easier to read.