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Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!  Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
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Posted by Certifiable Studios (Creator)

Everybody knows you can't say "Dungeons & Dragons" without pissing off a few wizards!  Ha! That's why we asked. In the meantime, we may have accidentally unleashed another monster!  

Rick becoming a lefty has clearly allowed him to channel his inner Jesse!  You're welcome! :)

- The Certifiable Team


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    1. Johan Nilsson on

      The new cover is much better than the previous one. Thanks for yet another lovely update video, guys! I always laugh out loud when I watch them.

    2. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      🎵Let it go! Let it gooooo🎶

    3. Steven B.

      *.. updates...

      I hate you too mobile!

    4. Steven B.

      @Jeffrey You are the hero this comment Cove needs ...

      ... not!

      If you are willing to listen what they say during the uodates and let go, you might actually get all the information at the end of the day, while being entertained at the same time. If you want boring, energyless, unmotivated and completely filtered information, then this is not the right place for you!
      You have to differentiate between the product they will deliver with good care and quality, and their style of updates during an ongoing campaign.

    5. David "(o)(o)(o)(o)(o)(o)” on

      This is the WRONG PLACE for clear & precise information 😂

    6. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      @Jeffrey ... - They are more than likely joking, but WotC needed them to take down the art stat for legal reasons ... So they needed a hasty replacement.

      Also the red D&D art was never the box art ... It was always the art for the DM manual. Don't worry, the awesome original box art is staying 😀

    7. Jeffrey Haager on

      The new 3 year old Drawn cover artwork SUCKS, I do hope your Joking, One the reasons I backed this was that Red Box art. So far these Updates are a Real let down, looks like something that should be on Mr Rogers or Barney. I dont want cartoons or Comedians. Im paying money for a game im backing, I want Clear and Precise information please.

    8. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @JimmyRibi We also have the American variant of Smarties here, but I don't know what they're called. I always found those in a mix kids candy bag.

    9. JimmyRibi on

      Smarties are not a Canadian thing.....We've had them in Europe for decades :P

      That Rick cover is perfect. Maybe I should ask my 4th graders (my students) to redo all the D6 artwork :P :D

    10. Sheriff K on

      Inb4 the "Rick Cover" is actually a slip-cover for the red book, making a reference to how Rick felt about the Stuffed clip-cover.. :P @Jesse

    11. Anthony Ellis

      "This is Abuk, Master of Locks" Anyone else remember Betrayal of Krondor?

    12. Sheriff K on

      So.. we’re NOT getting the cool red book, and instead an ugly white one (at least make it red, too 😒) because of WotC legal reasons? Or is it just a joke?

    13. Paweł Szwarc on

      It's almost like WotC didn't get the concept of "homage".

    14. Jesse Labbe' Collaborator on

      I gotta say, I liked the cover as well...In fact I liked it so much I spend hours creating it!!!
      So I guess the only thing we can do is storm the WotC castle! You and me together!!!
      Together we shall win back our cool art.
      Me...for my pride AND you...for your coffee table!
      Yeeeeah...If this cover is a turning point for you, Id be afraid for you to actually open the book

    15. Missing avatar


      New cover is great!

    16. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      Personally I love the Rick art 😆

    17. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      WotC probably told them that they had to change the cover "ASAP" ... & With only 2 days left in the campaign ... They made a quick fix ... More than likely not a permanent fix.

      Threatening to jump ship over a chage instigated by "outside legal forces" doesn't help Jesse recreate a new cover any faster.

    18. Missing avatar


      I’ll be honest, I don’t like the new cover. One of the first things that drew my attention to this project was the artwork on the book. I was really looking forward to pulling that book out on the game table and seeing my friends reactions as recognition set in. I think it would have really set the tone for the game. Additionally, the new cover just doesn’t match with the rest of the game. I know you’re scrambling a bit at the moment, but is there any chance of getting something else that matches the art of the rest of the game?

    19. Dyne1319

      I really hope your joking about that cover cause im out if that is the case.

    20. Marcel Claxton

      Nuthin' like some good ole' chocolate bars to get over the Man coming down hard on ya! Yeah, I said it, WotC are the new Man, and not the good kind, the legal, grown-up, boring, establishment kind, the kind TSR never was themselves with their copyright-free use of their system (*Paizo smiles*), the kind that spurred on many great fan-made barbarian babies of games and yourselves! So, be that way, Wizards, I quit your endlessly rehashed products a long time ago and have been eaten chocolate bars and playing cooler games ever since...*nom nom nom*
      P.S. I love the new cover ^_^

    21. Emil Rudvi on

      Damn D&D... Well just work on a cooler cover.

    22. Charles on

      Good luck with the cover art--perhaps a shifted perspective would be acceptable? The cover instead would be an over the shoulder from the Dragon's point of view as opposed to the PC 'warrior'.

    23. Justin Boehm

      This is a book... lmao 😂

      Well they took it away, guess you'll have to take something from them 😉

    24. Matthew Dimalanta

      what does Rick do with that left hand?

    25. Alman

      @jesse any chance after you got rick to draw the new cover(awesome job by the way @rick) that you can convince rick to sign each and every copy(he will probably have use of his arm back by the time they are printed and how much time would it actually add to fulfilment?)

    26. Missy

      FYI American smarties are called rockets up here in Canada.

    27. Patrick KBF on

      @Brent - Try putting some maple candy in your coffee.... Time released maple as it melts in your maple whiskey maple coffee. If only you could get some maple glazed donuts...

    28. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      @Brent - I love maple .... And even I think that might be too much maple ... Well I hope you enjoy.

    29. Jordan Constantine on

      I like that cover. That's a nice cover.

    30. Certifiable Studios 5-time creator on

      @Diego - They are actually very cordial and nice. It's a slippery slope when being lenient with trademarks. If you don't protect against even the smallest of things, it creates cracks in the future defenses. Didn't keep us from wanting it, however. :)

    31. BBHouseRodent

      Who'd thunk WotC had a proctologist on staff to F you in the A with an ASG?

    32. Brent Hearn Collaborator on

      Dave MD - I hit that candy hard! Next up: pouring maple syrup in my maple coffee and mixing it with a little maple whiskey...

    33. Diego Andrés Acosta on

      Really !!!??? D&D piss off because of that??? Really??? Are all kids of 15 years old ??? REALLY !!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!....

      Disappointed of D&D....

    34. John C

      (and, yes, WOTC will veto it, but GARY GYGAX WOULD APPROVE!!!!)

    35. OATS

      Good work @Dave! 👍🏽
      Keep them CS boys caffeinated or sugared up!

    36. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      Muskoka is a region in Ontario Canada that has great maple syrup ;)

      Brent ... Don't put maple syrup in Maple coffee ... You will Canadian overload & be apologizing uncontrollably for days.

      Glad you enjoyed.

      Now make sure to share that coffee crisp with everyone ...

    37. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Dave Good call after last year's maple cookies fiasco. Frosting was contaminated by all that kindness psh.

      I do love the new cover.

    38. Patrick KBF on

      1) AWESOME cover! (Sadly WotC will veto that as well)
      2) You guys got ASG'ed..... Hah! How do you like them apples?
      3) Enjoy the sugar rush!

    39. Majik

      Bugga, damn legal things