D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!

by Certifiable Studios

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    1. John C

      Amazing! And I love the photo > character comparisons, AND the Chibi looks AWESOME! (LOL, actually more powerful than the character.. woot!).

    2. Pawline the Werecat - Dungeon critter on

      Save the third kitten. Avenge the ones I could not.
      Evil hunters, prepare to be hunted in return.
      I might be prey, but I’ll prey on your hide too...

    3. Orchid

      @Jesse, @Brent - did y’all lose your train of thought on Update #5 to keep the awesome Hero #2 art to yourselves for just a few more minutes? Must have been a small train... :D
      @Pauline - great Hero concept for this project!! Thanks for sharing!!

    4. Scott C

      Are we sure it wasn't brain surgery o.O

    5. Scott C

      That would explain a lot!!!

    6. Sheriff K

      Woah, so Werewolves don't technically have a CHIB-out? (Or rather, an inverse variation of one?) Cool.

    7. Pawline the Werecat - Dungeon critter on

      @Sheriff K: yup, they actually become more dangerous. But I can’t believe the change does wonders for their other stats, can’t have it all I’m afraid.

      Were Cat God Mode would be cheating...

    8. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      Wow it must be fun to see yourself as an awesome cat. And to have that new avatar... no envy here :D Go go Pawline.

    9. Pawline the Werecat - Dungeon critter on

      @Kasper: still on a quest to safe the 3rd kitten!

    10. Caroline Rolén on

      That is so fvcking cool! :D

    11. Johan Nilsson on

      I'm very intrigued by that character. Great idea, Pawline!