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Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!  Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
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Posted by Anthony Coffey (Collaborator)

It has been another good week for D6, and we owe a big thanks to all of you for supporting us.

Design A Hero

Congratulations to Pauline for snagging the second "Design A Hero" tier and also for designing a pretty awesome character (with a little help from Jesse).

So, that leaves just one more slot for the "Design A Hero" tier. Anyone interested in getting this last character will need to be ready on Friday, Oct. 19 at 10AM CDT. Who is going to get the last one?

Social Stretch Goals

Everyone has been doing a great job helping to unlock the Social Stretch Goals. We are getting very close to the halfway point. 

As of this update, we have 20 acts of kindness for animals and 16 acts of kindness for children. We don't even need to mention the Facebook post that needed to be shared. You all blew that one out of the water on the first day!

And if helping animals and children isn't a good enough reason to reach these Social Stretch Goals, then consider all the extra money you will make Rick have to spend on that extra class. That would definitely motivate us at least! 

When you donate, make sure and post your proof in the comments HERE.


We have received a lot of questions from backers who are wanting to know if we will be going to Essen this year. A month ago the answer would have been yes. But unfortunately due to a few unavoidable factors, we will not be going to Essen this year. We are all a little disappointed with having to make that decision. There is still good news. All that means is, we will now be able to focus our efforts on D6.

PAX Unplugged

We may not be going to Essen, but we will have a booth at PAX Unplugged this year. The show is November 30 - December 2 in Philadelphia, PA. If you're going to the show be sure to stop by our booth and say hi.

Thank you all again for your continued support. We hope you have a great week.

-The Certifiable Team

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    1. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Sheriff K They haven't been to Essen once and all there campaigns did great so far. Looking forward to seeing them next year.

    2. Bernd Linke

      @John C:
      that cut isn't that bad i think, sure compared to germany where about 30% of thpopulation do some work on a voluntary basis it shameful, but not proving to do that kind of things does not mean that the others don't do it. Some people just don't want others to know they do such a thing.
      @Sheriff K:
      as the "Spiel" in Essen (Germany) is the biggest international gaming exhibition (open to the public at least), and many people (around 180,000 guests and over 1,000 exhibitors) are there, that totally could happen. And as PAX Unplugged is way after the campaigns end (and only about 1/7 of the size of the Spiel) i don't know if it will be better or worse in terms of creating late pledges. Potentially there will be more time for people to actually play and look at the game, but advertising normally has way better effect the higher the numbers of addressed...

    3. Sheriff K on

      Wouldn't no Essen mean less exposure for D6, and thus less backers? :'(

    4. Pawline on

      @John C: thanks so much!

      @kittylady: here’s another kitty loving lady :D
      The Pawline hero was my creation, pictured after myself (but wayyyy fantasy cooler than I’d ever be ofc) My goal was to turn her into a hero that saves/avenges the helpless animals, defs not a man pleaser ;)

    5. Missing avatar


      Can we please have fewer designer heroes that pander to the straight men?

    6. John C

      I so love Pawline!

      I gotta say, though, that with close to 2k backers.. we are at only 20 acts of kindness to animals and 16 to children???!!! That just has me gobsmacked.

      True, I am only about 6 months into my KS life, and I don't yet know the story of who backs and what their situations are, but it seems that just over 1% and just under 1% are not really meteoric.


      Well, I still don't know if the Cleric will even help me in solo play, so....

    7. MAJBrown22

      Sweet, see you in Philly!

    8. Ben on

      YESSSSSSS PAX UNPLUGGED!!!! see ya there :D

    9. Paul E. Milligan #D6 The Orphan

      Hopefully I win the race... It'll be interesting, that's for sure...