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Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!  Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!
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Posted by Brent Hearn (Collaborator)

We have some amazing backers who have thrown their support behind D6. Now we’re asking you to show some love to those who could use it even more. For those who are familiar with our previous campaigns, you know what that means: time for some Social Sugar Goats (stretch goals)!

There are three ways to help us help you by hitting these goals. Don’t think of them as “choices” or “options,” though—why not go ahead and do all three?

1) Do something nice for animals. 

You can donate time, money, or resources to an animal shelter or wildlife organization, “adopt” an endangered animal, or whatever else your generous, critter-lovin’ heart desires. Both the type and amount of your contribution are completely up to you.

At some point while performing your act of service, snap a photo of yourself with this proof-of-kindness graphic. You can print out the image or get someone to take a pic with you holding it on your phone. However you do it is fine as long as you post your pic in a comment on this Facebook post. (If you don’t use Facebook, no worries; just email your proof-of-kindness pic to Rick Moore at

2) Do something nice for children. 

Again, it’s helper’s choice here. You can donate money to a children’s hospital or a children’s home, volunteer as a tutor...whatever you want as long as it directly benefits children.

Same deal with the proof-of-kindness graphic and Facebook post. (See #1.)

3) Share even more love for D6. 

This one does require a Facebook account. Simply share this post. Doesn’t get much easier than that, folks.

Now that we've taken care of the “social” aspect, it’s time to explain the “stretch goal” part….

50 (verifiable) good deeds for children = one new Cleric hero unlocked

50 (verifiable) good deeds for animals = one new Cleric hero unlocked

50 shares of our D6 post = one new Cleric hero unlocked

For anyone tempted to take a shortcut and think, “Okay, cool—I’ll just take care of a whole category by donating $1 to my local animal shelter...50 times.” Nope. We need 50 separate backers for each category. The same backer can qualify in multiple categories, but not more than once in the same category.

At this point, you’re probably asking, “But what happens if we reach all three stretch goals? Surely you’re going to give us more, right? More, more, moooore!!” (We know how you are.)

Some of you have asked for it...a few of you have demanded it...and one or two of you have offered to trade your firstborn for it. (Nice try, but the nursery is currently full from previous campaigns.) If all three social stretch goals are reached, you’ll unlock a whole new hero class for the game! (Hint: It’s the Cleric.)

And if there are any concerns about us putting our money where our mouth is on the charitable acts front, allow us to alleviate them. We'll be doing our part for the kids and animals, too, and we'll share those pics in the Facebook post. Heck, we may even apply our efforts to those totals so you won't have to quite hit 50. (We want the Cleric class just as much as you do.) 

Now go do some good, you good-doing do-gooders!

Oh! And one more thing before we sign off. Remember: The next custom hero card is up for grabs tomorrow! The same (Un)lucky Bastard tier will open back up for one more backer at 3:00am CDT on Friday. (Same tier, but the limit increases to two.) If you want to disappoint Anthony by snatching his custom-designed card out from under him, have your wallet and your clickin' finger at the ready!

Until next time!

- The Team at Certifiable

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    1. Nick on

      I really love this idea! Tried to pull my weight on the animal side of things. Wish more people would get involved here because it's all for a good cause and it unlocks an additional class. Come on people!

    2. Patrick KBF on

      @John C - Go back and watch the videos from the Endangered Orphans campaign to see where it all started, it'll be well worth your time...well maybe not, but you'll laugh a lot!

    3. TL S. on

      Hey @dave @angela, still holding the fort down I see! Sofa looks well worn now.. brownies lovely as ever too!!

      Shame it’s only volunteering.. I work with kids all the time!

    4. John C

      I must say (well, I shall say!) on a more sedate note, it's really pretty darned swell that Certifiable handles "social" goals in a meaningful way (not just FOLLOW US ON BGG...which I am, by the way). "social" attaches to the world rather than just "media." Very classy.
      It's also heartening that nobody blinked! You are all used to this.
      This is my first Certifiable campaign, so I am impressed and happily surprised.

    5. Sheriff K on

      A new Class?? o_0 They're full of surprises, aren't they? 'xD

    6. John C

      How 'bout if I break up a cat fight that my dog is refereeing?

    7. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Justin No walking or petting them though.

    8. Justin Lane on

      nooooo i'm getting paid to fix the computers that the rangers and volunteers use to help the animals :D soooooooo technically.... no you're right ok.... working on the kid thing tho....

    9. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Justin But you're getting paid to be nice to animals... that doesn't count :P

    10. Justin Lane on

      i work for the government department responsible for protecting wildlife and marine life in Queensland Australia, thats A LOT of animals.... thats got to count for something right?

    11. John C

      Whew! OK, that passed muster.

      Now I wonder if feeding the cats and walking the dog count as animal hero?

    12. Steven B.

      @John and all other who struggle to figure it out! :P

      I just opened the confirmation e-mail in a window, the graphic and took a screenshot which I then uploaded to the mentioned Facebook post:…

    13. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      *tosses frosted Brownie @TL S.*

      We missed you ☺

    14. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @TL S. Only volunteering counts, not paid jobs

    15. Dave MD - DJ Sassy Syrup on

      @TL!!! Where have you been hiding? *Wipes dust & brownie crumbs off sofa* Have a seat get comfy.

    16. TL S. on

      I’ve just accepted a job working with kids with cancer. Does that count?

    17. John C

      @Jared - Oh?

    18. John C

      OK, well I sent Rick "things," and I hope that they count. It was EASY donating to Thon; it was a pain in the cleric to figure out what and how to send, but I sent...."things"....

      Hoping that it's enuff... I tried folks..

    19. Jared Bond

      @John - Rick just had me give him my credit card # over the phone, and he said he'd take care of the donation for me personally. Seemed easier that way. Not sure why he needed my social security number as well, though...

    20. John C

      @Angela - OK, I SORT of took a pic of me and the graphic that was on my could be called BAD or Creative (I suppose). But it doesn't show my donation to Thon...
      Should I forward the donation e-mail to Rick AND ATTACH (or copy/paste) the picture on after it?

    21. Ryan Smith

      So a cleric, like, writes stuff down and works for Ebenezer Scrooge?

    22. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      Or be creative and photoshop the picture on the email :P

    23. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @John Put it up on your laptop, computer or whatever
      print the graphic or show it on your phone
      Take picture

      Send it to Rick or post on FB. It must include the graphic to count

    24. John C

      OK, this one seemed straightforward to me, but I can tell I am getting confused (in an of itself, not an unusual state for me).

      So if I donate to THON (kids), they will send me an e-mail showing I donated, but it will not have my picture in it (it WILL have my name in it). Is THAT sufficient evidence?

      And I then take a screenshot of it and post it on TWO sites? AND/OR send it via e-mail to rick?


    25. Patrick KBF on

      @Danny Boyes - You only think you do...

    26. Danny Boyes on

      Patrick Karns I see you there

    27. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Kristian Screenshot it with the graphic (link above) and post it on FB or email to

      Posting it here (and without the graphic) won't count.

    28. DrKenny on

      Make sure you are sharing the correct post. Also there is a second post that you need to put your proof of good things on. Make sure you read the posts carefully!

    29. KickAssSeb on

      Well let’s do good things !

    30. Jared Bond

      Great idea! I'm going to make sure tonight's hamburger dinner came from pastured beef, so at least the animals had fun out in the outdoors before they were slaughtered. Will that count?

    31. Terrence Miltner on

      Would a contribution to a group that connects kids and animals count twice? I recall a group that brings kids into animal shelters to read to the animals to help both get better, one at reading, one at tolerating humans.