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Late backers can now pledge via Paypal
Late backers can now pledge via Paypal
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Tools Preview, First Social Goal reached, Italian Version

Posted by Ceres Games (Creator)


In today's update we will show you a little preview video of our editing tools, which will be shipped along with the game as mod tools, so you can create your own scenarios and campaigns.

Our map editor allows you to texture and modify the landscape, place objects and effects, set the lighting and place creatures and NPCs on the map. It's a powerful editor which gives you a lot of options, but the map building process is quick and easy to learn.

The dialogue editor is just as easy to use and just as powerful. Easily write different conversation nodes and connect them with a click of your mouse. Add conditions to the different dialogue options, making them only available to certain classes or races. Or make them dependent on the player character's gender, or a certain skill or stat. With the dialog editor's script calls, you can implement a large variety of condition checks, and you can have NPCs react in different ways to the player's dialogue choices. 

We use AngelScript as a scripting language, which is an object-oriented language based on the syntax of C++. This allows you to create all kinds of interesting scripts to spice up your campaign with the custom scenes you want it to have.

Realms Beyond provides you with powerful modding tools that are easy to learn and allow for quick and efficient mapping and dialogue scripting once you are familiar with them.

Have a look:

Social Goal reached

We have reached our first social goal! 506 people now follow our Facebook page and the fourth beer mug has been unlocked! We want to thank all our backers by including the Digital Art Book with many high res concept artworks of the game as a bonus.

Italian Version

We're overwhelmed by the interest of the Italian RPG community and the support of our Italian backers is tremendous. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we can finally confirm the Italian version of the game!

Once again, thanks to everyone supporting us! Stay tuned for new updates!


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    1. Ceres Games Creator

      @Dark_Ansem: Yes, the default ambient light setting is usually almost dark in dungeons. Any character with Darkvision in your party will improve the sight a little bit.

    2. Dark_Ansem on

      And I suppose dungeons can also be set to be "torch-lit" only, for those of us who crave an experience of Darkness?

    3. Ceres Games Creator

      @Windemere: The time of the day itself is a fundamental part of the world simulation, although the NPC behaviour scripts should account for the time (if not already handled by the regular NPC schedule feature).
      Every map has different light settings, one for every time of the day (dawn, day, dusk, night). Those can be adjusted to create different kind of ambient moods, e.g. the light setting is very different in northern regions of the world. Dungeons and other indoor-only level can be set to a static light setting that ignores the current time of the day.

    4. Windemere on

      That looks really nice. Can you explain how day/night cycles are handled? Are they inherent properties of a level that can be customized or is it handled with scripting or some other interface?

    5. MadBeard on

      This is awesome!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      'phoon on

      The editing tools look great!

    7. Indira Obsidian Apex Weresheepcat of Sin on

      The dream! And what a treat for the modding community as well as for the players! Imagine all the potential content and the longevity of the game itself. :)

    8. Dark_Ansem on

      Well colour me damn impressed with the level editor. We didn't see SFX but, damn, it IS 3d!