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Halloween Update: A Demon With No Name - Yet!

Posted by Ceres Games (Creator)
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Only a handful of witches and warlocks have met this creature of the underworld. But even they know not its name.

But maybe one among you has been told its name? A silent whisper in the night, a cold breath of something dark and primal speaking ancient syllables into your ear. Tell us the creature's name, so the people of Cormac know what to say when they pray to their gods for protection!

Everyone can participate in this little game. Come up with a fitting name for the demonic creature that rises on the night of Sanhviun and send it to us. We will choose the one we like the most to be the name of the creature in our world. The winner will also be proclaimed - if he or she so wishes - and be listed as "Invoker of [Demon'sName]" in the credits, in addition to the normal credit listing given by the backer tier if he or she is a backer.

Please be aware: Only one submission per person! Otherwise, the demonic creature you're trying to tame will burn you alive there and then.

Suggestions can be submitted below in the comment section of this update, on TwitterFacebook, or in the related thread in our forums. We will collect all names sent our way before the end of the deadline and then choose five of the best – and you will choose the winner by voting on the official Realms Beyond website.

The deadline is 1st November 22:00 (10PM) CET 

Who knows the creature's name? Come forth, wise men and women of our realms, and tell us!

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    1. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Certainly,that is the idea. Thanks for the honor.

    2. Ceres Games Creator

      @Miguel: I personally voted for Alsharooth "The Devourer", so maybe you allow us to use this name as well? :)

    3. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Well the clock turn out to be an enemy this time...

    4. Ceres Games Creator

      Thank you for voting! The name of the demon has been finally revealed:


      Congratulation to the invoker: Samuel Reifert also known as @trefierleum on Twitter.

      Thank you all for your fantastic contributions! Even if your name hasn't won the first place, we will probably use it to name one of the numerous other demonic creatures in the world of Argea.

    5. Ceres Games Creator

      The voting is now available at

      Thank you all for your fantastic contributions!

    6. Ceres Games Creator

      The night of Sanhviun is over, and we have received your messages.

      Tomorrow (2nd November), you can vote the best name out of a preselection on our webpage at !

      Soon we will find out the demon's true name!

    7. Missing avatar

      Graf_Fridula on

      Caorthannach the fire spitter

    8. Lightblade on

      Marshavan the Demon Dancer of Sanhviun - (Demon and personification of drought and distress. He is the enemy of the "good" religions.

    9. MadBeard on

      Vra'H Kanceekool

    10. Missing avatar


      Tcha' Tchagoth Night fever Lord. Try to Stayin' Alive. If you can.

    11. Missing avatar

      Freyaldo on

      Verminora for the creatre's name

    12. Missing avatar

      snon on

      -Sinister Versatile Evil Irresistible Nasty-

    13. Wojciech Jaskot on

      Maghazar, the Dream-Eater

    14. Peter Taucher


    15. Missing avatar

      Ken Rudkin on

      Ken Rudkin


    16. Frank Flury on

      or how about

    17. Ostarion on

      Sebruna, an ancient word for a demon of secrets. I used a couple of pre-celtic words with some creative elements.

    18. Joni Nyman on


      "She were not first nor greatest of witches but she hated rest of them. With lot of effort and time she research an summoning ritual so dark and powerfull she were unable to cast it at first. After some years gathering power she finally did.. ..and in her last dying breath she realize, Witchbane would devour all witches without proper protecting hexes in the world.. ..starting from her".

    19. Missing avatar


      I suggest Básmhargorta, which would be the gaelic for "dreadful hunger".

    20. Bruce Jones on

      Zugamoth, Bringer of the Long Night.

    21. Qarlynd on

      The Ancient Evil (Tae'Lhvcin)

    22. Stephan Reitz

      Sabadarth .... The Lurker in Darkness

    23. Joan Aracil Andrés on

      Suhlabaj, the light eater. Spells based on light or heat (such as magic projectile or fireball) doesn't affect him...well, the skills are up to you :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Ano on

      (Daemon loves pumpkins for sure)

    25. Lufia

      The last Whisper you will ever hear

    26. Missing avatar

      ds62 on

      hyeol-yagwi (The Horror of Bloody Night)

    27. Missing avatar

      John Plunkett on

      Dhaerbeith for the monster....

    28. Kimmo Kulovesi

      Baeldaer (the gatekeeper)

    29. mastergradius on

      Jimminith the Butcher

    30. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Alsharooth "The Devourer"

    31. Missing avatar

      Mrozie on

      Since the people of Cormac seems to follow some Gaelic tradition, I'm quite sure this demon is called Caorthammach. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Dromin on

      Lewynikash (The Foul Whisper)

    33. T.J. Brumfield on

      Kvetch the Bone Cruncher (Kvetch means someone who complains a lot, so the demon is somewhat a reference to online trolls)

    34. Sinitar Gaming on

      Esserdip, the blood keeper

    35. Indira Obsidian Apex Weresheepcat of Sin on

      My name suggestion for your demonic blight: Ardura.