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IF YOU MISSED this fun friendly frantic unique multi-level game, you can click the "ORDER HERE" link below to buy Centrix online and have it shipped to you in North America.
IF YOU MISSED this fun friendly frantic unique multi-level game, you can click the "ORDER HERE" link below to buy Centrix online and have it shipped to you in North America.
319 backers pledged CA$ 31,250 to help bring this project to life.


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Centrix: A Spinning, Jumping, Bumping 3D Tabletop Game

CA$ 31,250


After checking out our video and pics, we hope you're as excited about bringing Centrix to your tabletop as we have been in creating it on our kitchen tables.

It's taken us the better part of a year to design, develop and refine and we finally have a truly fun game that we are proud to show the world and with your backing and many others, you can become part of the Centrix story.

Hi, we're Richard and Corey, the creators of the board game Centrix.

Richard MacRae & Corey Myckan
Richard MacRae & Corey Myckan

We've been friends for many years and are tabletop game fans, regularly playing board games with our friends and families.

At the start of this project, we wanted to create something completely different, unique and universally loved by all analog gamers.

After dozens of play tests by board gamers from ages 6 - 60, we unlocked the magic to tabletop game fun, while also insisting that the game must be beautiful in its own right, just sitting on the table.

We've personally invested in the game board CAD design, the several generations of prototypes built and all the artwork,  and have received four quotes from reputable board game printers, up till this point.

The funds raised here on Kickstarter will go to manufacturing sufficient numbers of the game for all those who pledge their support, shipping and warehousing and of course a little for the wonderful Kickstarter team who helped us reach you.

This is how the $ US 24,500 that we are hoping to raise, will be spent:

Funding Pie Chart
Funding Pie Chart

Please choose a pledge amount that's right for you, by clicking one of the boxes on the right and help us make 'Centrix the Board Game' a reality and let us send you your reward as a token of our gratitude.

We know that you won't be disappointed once you remove the shrink wrap, open your fresh game box and start playing Centrix.  The game board changes with every move and you never know who will get to the top first; it always comes down to the very last few moves, where anyone can win.

One of our favorite experiences with Centrix was introducing the game to families and watching them really get into the fun.
One of our favorite experiences with Centrix was introducing the game to families and watching them really get into the fun.

We found that teens also enjoyed taking a break from their electronic devices to spend some analog time with friends and Centrix is an easy game to learn and a fun way to interact in real life.

Teens 'Analogging'
Teens 'Analogging'

The most satisfying discovery was learning that adults loved playing the game and would play several rounds together. Hard-core-gamer play testers first mentioned that the game looked really cool, but quickly added that this wasn't their preferred type of game and yet they'd end up playing it for up to five rounds, in their attempt to learn and master a winning strategy.

Play testing at Snakes and Lattes
Play testing at Snakes and Lattes


Please note that all the components that you see in the pictures on this page, in the various videos and on social media are all prototype items and so the final production game will be different, though the most recent artwork that we have been revealing is in fact the artwork files that will be provided to the printers for production.

The base game box will include:

•  Game Board – Six multi-colored rotatable rings, with 12 colored squares each and a black, stationary top level;

18 Pawns – Three of each in six different colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white; and

Deck of Cards – 42 playing cards, as follows:

- 36 cards in six different colors and numbered 1, 2 or 3,

- Three ‘any-color’ wild-cards, and

- Three ‘unlimited-spin and any-color’ wild-cards.

This picture below represents the closest image to what the final production game will look like, though the pawns will not be translucent, as shown here, but instead solid colors.

The components in your Centrix box
The components in your Centrix box

 The artwork on the box is shown in this picture:

The Centrix Box Top
The Centrix Box Top


The Centrix Box Bottom
The Centrix Box Bottom


Review by Bearded Meeple - Tyler Anderson

"Bright, colorful, and fun - exactly what I look for in a family game!"

   -Peter C. Hayward, Jellybean Games

"Every parent I've spoken to about board games has expressed the need for fun family games that are just slightly more challenging for their kids. As soon as I sat down and played Centrix I thought it answered that demand beautifully"

-Dez Oku, Designer and Publisher of Darkness Sabotage

"Centrix is a fun, puzzly, race-to-the top challenge."

-Pam Walls, Designer of "Hold That Face"

"This is my new favorite game; can we keep it?"

   -Yumi, 8 years, first to play Centrix in Leaside, Toronto, Canada

"Built sharp, efficient and a very fun concept, Centrix is one of those games that is both easy to play for kids AND full of strategic potential with more advanced variations. You will love it!"

     -Maxence Borelli, reviewed Centrix — 5 stars

"So much fun my family and I loved playing it!!"

    -Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen, reviewed Centrix

Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf, this was a lot of fun on a Friday night:

Pledge $ Cdn 5.00 - Your support counts in so many ways and every little bit contributes to reaching our funding goal, so that we can then deliver Centrix to Board Game fans in North America, the EU, Australia and New Zealand who have asked for a reward on our second pledge level..

Pledge $ Cdn 45.00 - You will receive one complete Centrix board game for each $ Cdn 45.00 pledge made as a reward and token of our gratitude in helping us reach our funding goal.

Pledge $ Cdn 50.00 - We have already been asked by toy and game retailers about how they can order Centrix and if we have a distributor.  This is very encouraging to us and we truly wish we could send you as many games as you want.  If we are successful in reaching our funding goal, then at this pledge level we will of course send you a Centrix reward consisting of the complete board game and we'll be pleased to get in touch with you on how you can arrange to stock this novel and truly unique board game on your shelves.

Pledge $ Cdn 90.00 - This additional pledge was created in response to the many individuals who wanted to receive multiple copies of the game; one for home and one for their cottage and copies for their friends and families.  Since the game will be delivered in the Fall, we figured that they're shopping for Christmas a little early.  So here it is and thank you all so much for the great support.

Pledge $ Cdn 135.00 - This pledge was also added following demand among backers to own multiple games, either for themselves or to have a s gifts for others.  We're very grateful for having such great fans who are willing to share the joy of Centrix with others.

UNLOCKED AT:  $ US 30,600

The Hidden Storage Tray for the cards and pawn components to be stowed safely underneath the round tiered game board. The basic game will have a cardboard storage compartment, but we came up with a very cool snap-in storage unit with custom cavities in which to store the cards and pawns, but there are additional tooling and production costs associated with this major upgrade.

UNLOCKED AT: $ US 36,600

Themed Round Cards - The basic game comes with poker sized cards, but we tested prototype round cards during game development and players found them to be very cool, matching the round game board and no issues in holding or shuffling, but they cost more to print.

UNLOCKED AT: $ US 46,100

Upgraded Pawns - The base pawns are nice and the colors are a match, but wouldn't it be cool to also have super nice fancier premium pawns for a game board that already turns heads?

UNLOCKED AT: $ US 52,000

The Pawn Storage Bag - The pawns can be stored in a plastic bag or loosely in the storage tray, but a faux velvet double draw-string bag does the job so much more elegantly. 

During development of Centrix, one of the key features was its very colorful look, for which we received a lot of compliments and notice, when in public.  However, it was obvious to us from the start that quite a few people would be unable to play the game, if they could not tell certain colors apart.

As a result, we asked our illustrator to design a second style to the colorful rings that incorporates unique symbols associated with each color and of course the matching symbols on the color cards.

We spoke to the manufacturers to ensure that they will print the two styles of rings, by printing on both sides of the chipboard used in their manufacture.

We realize that we can't accommodate every accessibility need, but we wanted to at least enable color distinction through this small initiative.

Color accessible symbols on reverse side
Color accessible symbols on reverse side


Centrix will be available to backers on this Kickstarter site who provide us with an address in Canada, the United States, the European Union (EU friendly), Australia and New Zealand.

Manufacturers have given us timelines that would have the game printed, boxed and shrink-wrapped in August this year, but as a precaution, we are projecting delivery to you before the end of October.  

Please keep in touch and read our upcoming updates and we will let you know if anything changes and why.

Your reward will be shipped to the address that you provide us, through a professional global end-consumer fulfillment and shipping agency that includes the customs fees for Europe.  We will not be attempting this ourselves, but have budgeted for professional packing and delivery to you by a reputable company.

Centrix was designed and developed by Richard MacRae and Corey Myckan, two long-time friends and board game fans, who also defined the basic color scheme and aesthetic of the game.

However, Michael Christopher, a professional board game illustrator, with several games to his art portfolio, refined the the look and graphic designs that are central to the game's visual appeal today.

Besides the support and input from many friends and family members, Centrix also benefited from the play testing venues made possible by: Board Game Bliss, 401 Games, Proto T.O. and Snakes and Lattes and the many play testers who generously gave their time and shared their considered feedback, which was subsequently translated into Centrix' game play improvements, to make the game what it is today.

We are grateful to so many for all their advice, game development input and encouragement, without which this game would not be here on Kickstarter and seeking funding for production.

Last, but very importantly, a huge 'thank you' to Kevin Nesbitt of Mercury Games for letting us occasionally slip under his wing for critical advice and tips along our journey.


The objective of the game is to use the numbered color cards and wild cards strategically in rotating certain rings to find the best way to move all three pawns up the six rings and enter them all onto the top stationary 7th level. First to do this wins the game. Second, third and fourth place winners follow continuing the game until the last pawn reaches the top level.

The game is for 2 - 6 players and takes 20 - 30 minutes to play



• Arrange the game board rings so that the colors line up;

• Each player uses three pawns of the same color and there are six colors; and

• Shuffle cards and deal three cards to each player.


• Pawns always move by one, up down or sideways, but never diagonally; and

• Two pawns cannot occupy the same color square.


• A pawn can jump over or ‘leapfrog’ any pawn;

• The number of pawns in a row that you can leapfrog is unlimited, provided that the color card played is the same color as the square that the pawn lands on; and

• Jumping can start from the first move onto the board and even onto top final safe level.


• If the square above, adjacent or below is occupied, then you can bump that pawn directly down two levels, by playing the color card matching the square and take the spot with your pawn;

• If another pawn occupies the square that your opponent’s pawn dropped down to, then that pawn also drops down two levels and so on (even if they happen to be your own pawns);

• You cannot leapfrog up to bump an opponent’s pawn down two levels; and

• Bumping is only possible by moving up one level, sideways or even down, if you choose to do so.


There are three types of cards in the deck:

1. Numbered color cards are the main cards used in playing the game: Ring Rotation

• The number on a card is the number of squares that you can rotate a ring, 1, 2 or 3 either clockwise or counter-clockwise, as shown on the cards;

• You can only rotate the ring level that your pawn is on; and

• Rotating is optional, you can play the card as a color only card, but if rotating, then move the ring the same number of squares as the number shown on the card. Color Play

• The color on the card is the only square color that you can move a pawn to, when played;

• If after rotating a ring, the square color above where the pawn arrives is the same as the color of the card, then you can climb up to that square, bump another pawn or leapfrog to a higher square of that same color, in a combination move. If not, then play a second color card if you have the color match.

2. Any-color wild-card, allows you to move one pawn up, down or to an adjacent square from where your pawn is positioned, regardless of the color that square:

• The card also allows your pawn to climb, jump and bump, as explained in Pawn Movement above and to move up to the final 7th level;

• This card cannot rotate any rings.

3. Unlimited-spin, any-color wild-card, allows you to rotate one ring (optionally) any number of squares clockwise or counter-clockwise, provided that you have a pawn on that ring:

• The card is subsequently also played as an any-color card, as described above.


• Play one card per pawn move, starting off the board;

• The square color on which you place your pawn must match the card color (wild-cards are any color);

• Play all three of your cards in your hand, if possible;

• You cannot bump another player off the bottom first level; and

• After you have played as many of the three cards as you can play, your turn ends and you draw new cards for a total of three cards in your hand and the next player takes a turn.


• From the 6th ring level, play any numbered card that matches the color of your pawns or any of the wild-cards to move up to the 7th safe level at the centre of the game board;

• You can leapfrog over other pawns to make this move;

• Your pawns cannot be removed, once they reach the top level; and

• When all three pawns are at the top, you’re done and if first to get there, you win the game.

Play testing at Board Game Bliss Play testing at Board Game Bliss
Play testing at Board Game Bliss Play testing at Board Game Bliss


Coming Soon

Risks and challenges

The key risks associated with this project relate to manufacturing, shipping and fulfillment.

For that reason, we have contacted only reputable, experienced board game printers in obtaining accurate manufacturing quotes and will use established shippers and fulfillment agencies capable of handling multiple board game shipping and fulfillment to all destinations that we support in this Kickstarter campaign.

We contacted four printers to obtain quotes and were assured that delivery for August is very achievable, but we are promising October delivery to our backers, as a buffer.

In addition to being board game designers, we are experienced business professionals and fully prepared for anything to go wrong, but are confident that we can step in quickly to find solutions in delivering what we promise to our backers, in that eventuality.

We are passionately driven to bring our board game to the world and are mature and experienced to know that our proper execution of the plan starts for real, once fully funded.

We won't let you down.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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