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Lead-free metal figurines for use in the sometimes warped, sometimes whimsical world of Torn, a fantasy RPG setting.
55 backers pledged $4,085 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Wrapping up fulfillment

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

I'm starting to get emails from individuals looking for their parcels.

As promised, fulfillment will be completed by the end of the month - there are only a dozen packages left to go out at this point.

For those of you who selected the Cloud Giant, we are running low on those particular miniatures due to online store orders - if you would like to substitute the Cloud Giant for our new Frost Giant (male or female), please let me know. It could mean the difference between your order going out before June's end or the first week of July, when additional Cloud Giants arrive.

Thanks to all of you for your support - and if you've received your parcels, please post here to let others know!


Matt S - CSM

Update - Sunday, 6.2.13

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Busy working away on fulfillment of our Torn World RPG Kickstarter - mailed a dozen smaller packages at the USPS Airport Terminal this morning, and taking another half-dozen there tonight. It's my goal to have everything shipped for TORN WORLD before I leave for North Texas RPG Con on Wednesday, June 5.

Please post here in the KS project when yours arrives!

Thanks for your support!

Matt S.

A 16 lb. box of metal arrives!

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Our miniatures for fulfillment arrived today from our casting company.

I'll be cracking the box open tomorrow to begin looking over the castings; The cardbacks for packaging are on order and should be arriving by Monday via FedEx Ground.

We'll be spending all of next week packaging; and hopefully, by the weekend, 55 packages will hit the USPS all at once.

We will be sure to take pictures of the unboxing of all the rewards, as well as a "sample" of what you'll be getting at the larger levels once the boxes arrive.

Not long now! And thanks to all of you for your support.

Matt S. - Center Stage Miniatures


Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Production castings were made this past week at Valiant Enterprises and should be on their way home to the humble dwelling of this miniature maker this week!

In the meantime, I'll be picking up the blister cards for the miniature packaging from our printer on Tuesday, in anticipation of many hours spent putting little metal figures into plastic clamshells.

Below you'll see a picture of the master castings of each TORN miniature (ignore the Gnoll in the middle, he's for a different CSM project), as well as a look at our cardbacks. Note that most of the miniatures have a flat, round base - and those bases sit neatly inside a 30mm deluxe plastic base, which is included with the miniatures. The Goblin Pirates have their own square bases.

It won't be long now! And thank you for your support.

As an added courtesy to our backers here, even though we'll have castings on hand, we won't be adding any of the TORN miniatures to our online store until the last reward package has been shipped out. It's the least we can do.

Matt S. - Center Stage Miniatures

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Now entering Fulfillment Phase - Thanks for your support!

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

All backers but one have responded to our survey requests as of 4.27.13 and I would like to thank you for doing so in an expeditious and organized manner. It makes record keeping on my end very, very simple!

I'm pleased to announce that we are now entering the "fulfillment" stage of this project, and this is the last official update you'll be seeing until you receive your pledge rewards in the mail!

As of today, our casters in Wisconsin have received ALL of the miniatures for this project and will be casting not just the masters, but all of the fulfillment rewards next week. They'll be shipped back to Ohio via FedEx, and within a day or two, we will begin packaging and mailing. I'm confident all of you will receive your Rewards packages before the end of May - which puts us a MONTH ahead of schedule!

Please utilize this project page to comment on your packages as you receive them; we're proud of these figures, and we hope you'll find them useful as you explore the Torn World RPG setting and clash against opponents in your upcoming Torn Armor games.

Statistics cards and Torn Armor information

(As an aside, Alyssa please correct me if I misspeak here!)

All of the Torn World RPG miniatures from this Kickstarter will arrive in their retail packaging - a clamshell with a cardback insert. As Jack, Alyssa and the Torn Armor team continue to put the finishing touches on their tabletop skirmish game, they'll be plotting out the characters found here and integrating their appropriate statistics into the game. I will turn over our backer's contact information to Alyssa and the Torn Armor team so they can provide your much sought-after "statistics cards". Those cards and statistics will be coming directly from the folks at Torn Armor - again, Alyssa, please post here if I am not factual!

Center Stage Miniatures had hoped to fund the casting of TWO miniatures for our Torn World RPG miniatures debut through this Kickstarter. And thanks to your overwhelming support, we've got not just two, but more than a half-dozen figures to introduce to our customers in this Kickstarter and in retail distribution. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And please continue to support Center Stage Miniatures and our future projects.


Matt S. - Center Stage Miniatures