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We're back with even more monstrosities from Frog God Games' Tome of Horrors Complete. 99% metal, 100% old school!
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October Update

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

This is a quick update in response to numerous inquiries over where we’ve been the last month or two.

CSM has been experiencing some administrative and organizational issues and we are working diligently to move forward toward resolution as quickly as possible.

When we have available information, we will post it on the corresponding project or projects.

For those of you still waiting on Demons & Devils, more of the remaining orders were packed today and will ship tomorrow, so please let us know when they are received.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Matt S. CSM

Sea Giant WIP

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Our sculptors are hard at work wrapping up a few stragglers on ToH1, but some of our guys are just gung-ho about ToH2! So, even though we're awhile off from fulfillment, here's a look at the Sea Giant, from Nicolas Genovese.

He's not completely done and needs more fin details, etc. but you get a good idea of what the finished product will look like. Nick has also taken backer suggestions - for those of you who play undersea wargames, this giant looks like he's floating in the water and would be quite useful in a wargame scenario.

 Comments welcome!

Matt S. - CSM

Sand Giant Final

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Here he is. By Nicolas Genovese. 

Sand Giant

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

I've always enjoyed working with Nicolas Genovese, and as one of his earliest clients (I think) it's fun watching his work get better and better with each new figure.

I think he's really starting to make a name for himself with his giants. Here is a WIP of the Sand Giant he sent to me the other day:

 He's stated that he's adding some dreadlocks (SP?) and some more details to the model. Rapidly shaping up to be one of my favorite giants yet!

Matt S. - CSM

Demonic Knight

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

 Demonic Knight sculpt, by Tim Prow.