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28mm fantasy miniatures compatible with Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder based on the Tome of Horrors Complete by Frog God Games.
458 backers pledged $97,982 to help bring this project to life.

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Update 11.11.14

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)
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As many of you have surmised, Center Stage Miniatures has found itself in an untenable position as far as overall costs of fulfillment. These difficulties stem from several underlying causes, including unexpected – and unbudgeted - cost overruns in connection with production and delivery and the recent loss of two key investors, due to circumstances totally unrelated to Center Stage Miniatures. 

Despite our best efforts to complete several projects that Center Stage has undertaken, those projects remain stalled at the present time and completion and distribution have proven problematic.  We are in the difficult position of finding a path forward and are working as diligently as possible to find an avenue to provide equitable value to all of our backers and supporters. While I may be silent here on the boards, your concerns are not unnoticed. I, too, wish for a speedy resolution of the circumstances at hand.

There are several avenues we are looking into.

Most of you by now have read some information about a proposal by one of our largest backers representing Mortal Arrow LLC. While I truly believe that this company has the best of intentions as far as bringing these miniatures to fruition, and his plan does provide substantial value, it does not address all of the problems at hand nor a successful closure to the financial situation at Center Stage Miniatures. That does not mean that it cannot be reworked or revisited, and we will be happy to continue discussion with Mortal Arrow LLC with the hope an agreement can be reached. I am personally grateful for his interest and enthusiasm, as well as his genuine concern for our backers.

Please know that this situation is difficult for all of us, and I appreciate your support in this trying time. We at Center Stage are doing our best to identify and evaluate all options that may be available to secure customer orders and will be in further communication as we try to deliver meaningful solutions to our internal problems. We deeply regret the inconvenience which our present circumstances are causing to so many customers.


Matt – Center Stage Miniatures, LLC

Brief Update

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

This is a quick update in response to numerous inquiries over where we’ve been the last month or two.

CSM has been experiencing some administrative and organizational issues and we are working diligently to move forward toward resolution as quickly as possible.

When we have available information, we will post it on the corresponding project or projects.

For those of you still waiting on Demons & Devils, more of the remaining orders were packed today and will ship tomorrow, so please let us know when they are received.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Matt S. CSM

Pedipalp Revisited

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Thanks to Martin Jones for taking backer suggestions and
resculpting the Pedipalp.

See below!

Getting close to the end of the required sculpts and I thank everyone
for their continued patience.

As I have said before, will not be capable of providing a "start date" for fulfillment until ALL sculpts are in hand.

I apologize for the lack of presence here; it's been due to CSM (administrative) and NON-CSM
related issues on my end. Things are looking to slow down (personally) and we'll hopefully have
plenty to post about here soon.


Matt - CSM

Cave Fisher and Pedipalp

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Down to just the Black Dracolisk, Pitfall Spider, and Cooshee.

Here are the Pedipalp and Cave Fisher, by Martin Jones.

Greens due any day - thank you for your patience and support!

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

My apologies to all, as the day job has kept me from the CSM office for going on three weeks now.

I have an inbox full of emails that I will address individually before we roll into next week.

Martin Jones contacted me today and indicated that he'll have a pic for us tomorrow. As the greens roll in, I will post them, but their is not much else to update until the final figures are completed.

Thanks for your patience and continued support,

Matt S. - CSM