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King of Dragons Update #9 - Balance Test

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Drew continues to plug away on the King of Evil Dragons and is now working to make sure the final model balances properly and making appropriate adjustments.

As you can see, the final model is taking shape. He's also adding more scales, horns, and such as well as more detail to the wings.

Comments welcome!

Matt S. - CSM

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    1. jerome on

      Ok got my answer, just need to be patient :)

    2. Godric on

      I agree with others, It is good to see some meat on the old bones there. I'd even push for more mass if it is at all possible. The limbs are probably the most spindly, so I'm hoping that changes before all is said and done.

    3. Michael Hicklin on

      The leg look a bit thin but overall it looks awesome. Very happy with the decision to wait and have the KoED done properly.

    4. jerome on

      Just getting anoying seeing everybody and myself we never get answer for our pm...

    5. Missing avatar

      RukarSylvan on

      Loving the way this is shaping up ^_^ I've sent a few messages, but haven't gotten any correspondence. Hoping to get some word back ^_^

    6. Missing avatar

      frankthedm on

      Looking good, but those ankles just look dangerously thin.

    7. Missing avatar


      It is, if you will forgive the pun, filling out nicely...

    8. Pat Bellavance

      Ok... looking decent now. The work sculpting this thing is amazing but the addition of spikes, more scales, and extra details on the wings will help vastly in the final look.

      Regarding balance: I can understand why balance is a concern which is why the claws are so big. However, since I haven't been playing with the WIP model, I don't know if the balance is solid or a tenuous one. Couldn't the part of the tail rest on the ground giving a third point of contact and a more solid 'footing' for the model?

      I am very happy to see how this is coming along.

    9. Robert Clark

      Is the rest of the unshipped stuff waiting for the King or is there some other hold-up?