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Want to see the entire underworld sculpted in 28mm scale? Our initial funding goal was toppled in just 7 hours....let's keep it going!
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King of Evil Dragons Update #8 - Legs completed, detailing and wings left

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Here is the King of Evil Dragons, standing (and supported by sculptor Drew Williams' massive hand!)....Check out the 28-30mm miniature standing next to the King's right leg, and you'll see the sculpt is right in line scale wise with the concept art!

Kudos to Drew for such quick progress on such a large undertaking. Thank you, sir!

NOTE: The gorgeous miniature pictured next to the KoED is a model from Patrick Keith's Bombshell Miniatures and is not owned or sold by CSM.

Drew is continuing to work on the scales and details as you can see, and the wings are next up to be completed.

Comments welcome!

Matt S.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Martin on

      This one looks fantastic. Little on the spindly side, but worlds better than the last model, and its really coming together quickly. Very organic, serpentile, and 'alive.' A real showpiece for both my collection and for your catalogue. Looking forward to seeing it on a table! One to run a whole campaign around!

    2. Andrew Hayford

      This one is a lot truer to the original art. Love it.

    3. Magnus Mercury on

      It's looking epic! And this isn't even it's final form... :-P