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King of Evil Dragons Update #6 - Details, Details, Details & Some Legs

Posted by Center Stage Miniatures (deleted) (Creator)

Drew's hard work continues. The work on the feet and legs begins - and a pile of KoED parts to show, also.


 Comments welcome.

 Matt S. - CSM

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    1. Missing avatar


      I too, get the first impression of chicken legs. I can also see how people think the feet and legs are mismatched or misproportioned. Something about them seems off. I do like the amount of detail contained in the feet and hands by themselves *especially since they match). I am reserving significant judgment until we see the full model, but I have a feeling that there will still be something off and it will center on the legs. Overall, this model is extremely detailed and I am looking forward to the finished project.

      On a side note, those legs would probably be a great addition for a dancing hut of Babba Yaga, with some slight rework of course...

    2. Ropya on

      Looking at it again.
      Maybe slim down the toe pads instead?
      It seems like it might be the angle with the closer foot.
      The toes seem good on closer looking.
      Just those pads throw it off.

    3. Ropya on

      I've been loving the work so far.
      But these feet just don't work for me personally.
      They just don't fit.
      Very clubbing vs the rest of the very snake like Dragon.
      Showed my wife, her response is they looked like feet from the game spore.
      I know that may sound harsh.
      I don't mean it too.
      I understand if these are it.
      But if feedback is sought,
      Perhaps more length in the talons themselves.
      Then the proportions would work out.
      If the toes were longer.
      Just my opinion.

    4. Michael Caldwell

      Hey, at least I'm good for something! The King is looking far and above the last one, though :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric Hayden on

      I actually like the feet...not the normal dragon foot, but I like the look of the larger foot, and as mentioned if it helps stability I won't complain.

    6. Rebecca on

      Downwards camera angle, sorry, my mistake!

    7. Rebecca on

      I'm so pleased you managed to get the second order round in so I could get one! It's looking amazing!!!

      I do wonder if it's just the slightly upwards camera angle on the photo that make the feet look as they do? Personally I rather like them, anything that means my models won't fall flat on their faces is a great thing ;)

    8. Pat Bellavance

      I am a huge supporter of this project but I am not liking that look. Maybe it needs to grow on me but right now, those look cartoonish IMO. The feet just look too big for the legs... Kind of like clown shoes. I am not sure if the feet should be bigger then the heads or what. It just seems proportionally off somehow. Is it just me?

      That said, they are well done so it's not a slight against the sculptor.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Michael Caldwell

      Chicken legs!!!

    11. SacredRoach
      on about "I wish I could have afforded to order one?" Looks great!