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pledged of $30,000pledged of $30,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2018
pledged of $30,000pledged of $30,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2018


CENTERSHAFT Fallen Elements gives a dimensional shift to a strategic take-that tile based board game, that will keep you coming back for more! It's constant interaction with each player leaves no room for boredom. It's interchanging labyrinth will baffle each player with awaiting deadly traps, a monstrous guardian and unforeseen things lurking in it's shadows!

Quick access warp portals seem to be a timely rescue but ultimately, you never know what awaits around each corner. Searching for hidden relics is almost frighting with native encounters and uncertain opposition but may be just the resource you need to discover all the secrets of the labyrinth!  

Be mindful. Opponents enamored with obtaining the power of the gemstones will stop at nothing to take what you've got. Remember to journal each elemental landmark and track your steps wisely... the path back to the Centershaft may not be as easy to return!

Four renowned opportunists are hired to obtain the world’s rarest gemstones that were once derived from all over the world and are kept in an exclusive place, protected for thousands of years by a native tribe. It will be no easy task to retrieve the stones.

The four opportunists must venture, not fully aware of the dangers, into a subterranean labyrinth. Seeking what they believe are rare gems, they soon discover the stones contain elemental powers. Threatened, they find themselves maneuvering quickly through warp portals, battling natives, and avoiding traps in an ever-changing maze. Escaping could prove problematic with a monstrous guardian willing to kill to protect its undisturbed dwelling. But returning to Centershaft and getting out alive is of most importance!

Players will explore the labyrinth to recover Element Tokens. You win the game by being the first to collect one of each Element token and then return to the Centershaft Hub tile.

Kas Ismail We review board games. If you want your game reviewed, message us! Our heart for this is to see Family and friends connect around the table playing awesome games together! HAVE A BLESSED DAY AND GAME AWAY!~ Dice Odyssey

 The Dice Tower (Begin video at 23:10)


MORE INFO. If you'd like to learn more about the game play, you can find a PDF of the rule book by clicking on the Rule Book photo above. You can also watch The Cardboard Stacker in the GAMEPLAY VIDEOS section of the campaign which gives an awesome play through tutorial.

YOUR PLEDGE Will provide you a full copy of CENTERSHAFT Fallen Elements and all stretch goals so long as our funding goal is met. Complete with a full color 16 page rule book, event deck, 7 unique miniatures and custom components. This will also include 5 reference cards for alternative game play.

WHAT'S NEW? Each stretch goal unlocked will reveal a new aspect to the game! Primarily a variety of new Gemstone abilities! Secondly introducing a New fifth player, along with a New Affinity Gemstone that allows players the ability to use any Gemstone within the same tile! A New Ice Block Token which allows players the ability along with the Water Gemstone to block any passageway adjoining the tile they are on, for one round! We were going to save this as an add on for later but we liked it so much as part of the game, we thought you might too. So we included it now! They say, "less is more". But we don't think so!

GOALS IN MIND! We have stretched ourselves to meet our goals, and we hope you do too! We want you to enjoy this easy to play but highly detailed game. Complete with 7 unique miniatures, a variable tile based game board, for optimal replay ability! A 79 count Event Deck. Which includes artifact Items, traps, encounter, and hazard cards! Custom themed components (fun factor)! An easy to read rule book that has a bright colorful design and recognizable graphics!

COOL MANEUVER! Centershaft Fallen Elements uses an easy Phase 1 and Phase 2 mechanic method. #1. (Draw and resolve). Draw from the event deck to determine your next action. #2. (strategic movement mode). Where you will use the Journal/Counter Card to initiate your movements in the Labyrinth.

PLAYERS GUIDE Next you will collect 1 each of 4 Element Tokens and Journal them on your Character card. Keeping track of your heath stats, acquiring Gemstones and use their abilities, collecting Item artifacts, exploring the Labyrinth and so much more....

WINNING IS EASY! OR IS IT? After you have collected all 4 of your Element Tokens in your Character Journal and get back to the CENTERSHAFT starting tile YOU WIN!! In this game opposition can come from any angle and things can really get shifted! Sometimes it's an entire tile moving, other times it may be you! There are native encounters, traps, monstrous guardians, and other creatures lurking in the shadows! Not to mention the others who have become enamored with the power of the Gemstones! This is definitely NOT a co-op game! So if you love "TAKE THAT" type of games you will enjoy this adventure!

Encounter natives, discover hidden relics, raid sarcophagus's and obtain powerful gemstones when you explore the passageways of this Labyrinth filled with mystery, detailed miniatures and alluring tiles! 

George and wife Hattie are the game designers of Centershaft Fallen Elements and Founders of NOT MY EYEBALL GAMES.

We began our adventure with earnest intent to create our very first board game in 2015 Centershaft Fallen Elements has come a long way! From developing the mechanics on our one hour breaks at work with co-workers, to seeing a prototype in print. We have put a lot of time and effort into developing a unique and visually stimulating game. It truly is a dream come true to witness so many others enjoying the game we've been literally playing for years! Now a copy will be coming to a table near you! We can't wait!


Tyler Johnson is a freelance illustrator creating content for independent game designers.Tyler has done exceptional illustration for numerous successfully funded  Kickstarter board games and we hope to be the next!

Published Works:
FOX TALE GAMES "Lucidity" (Family Version)
TINKERBOT GAMES "Ghostel: The Boardgame"
MYTHICA GAMING "Legends of Draxia"
Just to name a few.

One of our favorite things about the art process for Centershaft Fallen Elements was watching it come to life before our eyes. Tyler Johnson took the ideas we had and initiated them in a way to create the perfect depiction of what we had imagined. ~ George & Hattie Anthony NMEG


Paul Grogan is the creator of Gaming Rules! Paul left his job to start a new career in board games, and Gaming Rules! was created.

Gaming Rules! Ltd brings years of experience to the table and a passion to every project they encounter. At Gaming Rules! the people involved are avid gamers themselves, which means that you will get a service that is tailored to your target audience, because the people providing the service know exactly what your audience wants.

Paul has loved board games his whole life and is very passionate about them, some would say obsessed. He also loves teaching people how to play games, so Gaming Rules! was created as a way of teaching people how to play board games by creating instructional videos.

Paul has been a part of the gaming community for many years, attending a lot of events, often working as a member of a demo team, helping teach people how to play games. Paul also contributes a lot of his time on various discussion groups and forums to help people as much as he can.

Travis D. Hill is a high school educator and freelance copy editor, primarily focusing on tabletop board game rulebooks. Having worked on a wide range of rules—from lightweight games, Favelas from WizKids, to complex wargames, Comanchería from GMT Games—Travis has spent an exorbitant amount of time tinkering with other people's words, all while trying to make the document engaging, readable, and learnable.

Paul & Travis Have done a fantastic job editing our rulebook in a format that is understandable and easy to read. Throughout the process they have showed great professionalism in paying close attention to detail. Demonstrating the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy, while accomplishing a task skillfully and in a timely manner. Which was most impressive and resulted in receiving a product of 100% quality! Rule book editing is a much needed asset in the gaming industry and we are glad to have found someone with their ability to provide this service and further us along. ~George & Hattie Anthony NMEG

Sebastian Koziner is an amazing graphic designer. He has worked on several successfully crowdfunded games, including his own game designs like Oni, that was successfully kickstarted on 2015 and Mutant Crops in 2017.

It has been a real pleasure to have Sebastian work with us on this project. On not only the rule book but also the kickstarter layout for Centershaft. Each project he does, stands out in it's own unique way and is immensely impressive. We can not thank him enough for taking a personal interest in our Game and exemplifying professionalism and talent in creating such an amazing presentation!                                       ~George & Hattie Anthony NMEG

Andrew likes to 3D design and invent things at Curio Inventorium. A collection of designs ranging from fantasy, modern to sci-fi. He likes to imagine, invent and create all sorts of things and always endeavors to produce quality models. 

We are so grateful for the wonderful detail 3D Sculpting Designer Andrew Forster put into creating our 7 miniature characters for us: 5 - Adventurers Nigel, Victor, Marcus, Avis, Adele, the Infernal Shadow, and the Sarcophagus token! Andrew is a phenomenal artist and sculptor in his field. It is amazing that through the internet we are able to connect with people across the world and come together with ideas and thoughts to create some magnificently designed miniatures!                                   ~George & Hattie Anthony NMEG





We are excited to work with LongPack Games on Centershaft Fallen Elements. They have done a phenomenal job in helping us orchestrate this game and get it ready for production. Informing us on the process of each step and advising us on making it even better then we had imagined! After seeing what they have done with other games we are thrilled they will be manufacturing ours!


We hope to exceed our goal. $37,428

Full Game Including All Stretch Goals

  • Quantity (2000 minimum)     $22,340
  • 7 unique sculpts Tool cost    $8,000.00
  • Plastic tray  $200
  • Sample   $300
  • Digital sample and courier cost $350.00 

     SUBTOTAL $31,190                         

In Addition

  • Kickstarter 10%      $3,119
  • Taxes 7%                $2,183.30
  • Backerkit 3%           $935.70                                          

                             TOTAL $37,428

We plan to have this game in completion and ready for shipment to backers with in 6 months after we've meet our goal and the kickstarter ends.

We have kept in contact with Longpack Games hoping for minimal adjustments if any in production to keep the manufacturing time short.

What you can expect

Pre-Production 5-6 weeks Mass Production 10-12 weeks Final Assembly 1-2 weeks and Shipping time TBD

To our Heavenly Father for making it possible to fulfill our dreams of bringing this game to life!

JT and The Game Crafter for feedback and input at their community night event and the ability to print on demand and access many prototype pieces.

For an awesome boardgame box prototype!

Centershaft Fallen Elements has been Play tested and demoed over a few years period of time at conventions such as Columbus, Indiana Comic-Con, Gencon LLC, Origins and proven to be a crowd favorite! The versatility of tile placement within the Labyrinth makes every game unique and for a very high replay value! Other local venues have graciously hosted live demo events for us whereby we have been able to get a non-biased opinion from those who have never seen the game. The response has always been. When can we get this game!

We would like to thank those who stuck with us and initiated ideas in the development of the game to make it everything it is today.

Our most constructive playtesters:

Sean Walsh for "Sean proofing" the rules (inside joke) and card concept!

James Allen Hamm The "What if" factor in tile placement and mechanical aspect. Theme and story ideas!

Ronald Gill Proposal of tile dimensions and over all enthusiast!

Aaron Hull Invoking immersive visually compelling Imagery for graphic appeal.

Kevin Woodard Perceptive visualization of artistic aesthetics.



ShipBob is a tech-enabled fulfillment service
ShipBob is a tech-enabled fulfillment service

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Shipping to Russia or Brazil not available.


  • FLAT RATE $15 certain countries
  •  U.S FREE!

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal. However we expect to exceed our campaign! So we would like to thank our backers in advance for supporting this game. We are so excited to get it in your hands and we know you have been waiting patiently for it! We will not put a limit per game, per customer but please be informed shipping outside the U.S. will vastly differ based on the units ordered.  So enjoy and remember to Grab one for a friend!

Ordering after campaign? No info. as of yet.

Your Happiness Matters to Us Join thousands of projects that use BackerKit to stay on top of their crowdfunding campaigns.
Your Happiness Matters to Us Join thousands of projects that use BackerKit to stay on top of their crowdfunding campaigns.

This game is exclusive to Kickstarter Backers and will not be available elsewhere.


  • Color Blind Friendly
  • Gateway Game
  • Family Friendly Game
  • High replay value - Uniquely thought out mechanics including a manipulative Labyrinth that provides continual movement!

Visit us on line:                                                                                  We'll keep an eye out for ya!

Retailers can contact us here!
Retailers can contact us here!

Risks and challenges

Being this is our first game and now launching on kickstarter there are some butterflies but due to being surrounded by such an awesome team of knowledgeable people who have prior experience in this arena, it has alleviated any misconceptions of our expectations. We feel we have done our research to put in place a quality game that can be delivered to you promptly, avoiding any mishaps along the way. We understand every project comes with its own unique challenges and we want to assure you we are fully prepared to overcome should we encounter anything that could cause unexpected delays or changes in our production. This is one of the reasons we have implemented all steps in advance, to minimize wait time and have the game in completion before hand. Putting in place all manufacturing and shipping details and having 3D sculpting completed prior to production. Utilizing the best programs and corporations enables us to communicate directly with you to resolve any questions you may have.

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    Full Game!!! CENTERSHAFT Fallen Elements!!
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    4 Character Journal/Movement Counter cards
    32 Tiles
    1 Centershaft Hub tile
    4 Element tiles
    4 Warp tiles
    23 Map Path tiles (including 2 Guardian, 2 Arrow, 4 Sarcophagus, & 1 Pressure Plate tile)
    28 Tokens
    4 Death Rite tokens
    16 Element tokens
    4 Element Gemstone tokens
    4 Custom Sarcophagus tokens
    12 Health tokens
    5 Character Miniatures - Including Infernal Shadow!
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