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Drifter is a sandbox space trading game with thousands of stars for you to explore. You can be a trader, a mercenary, or even a pirate!
3,235 backers pledged $81,304 to help bring this project to life.

Discs and Stretch Goals

Posted by Celsius Game Studios (Creator)

Hello everyone!

First of all, with the campaign on the verge of hitting 80% of its goal with 18 days left to go I just wanted to say I've been overwhelmed with the response so far! If we can keep the momentum going it's likely the project will be fully funded by next week, so I think it might be relatively safe to add a few stretch goals.

That said, while your support so far has been more than anyone could ask for, if you can please continue to spread the word about the project via. Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you think there could be people interested it will be most appreciated. Simply put, the more people are talking about it, the faster we will hit the goal!

Now, on to the good stuff!

Collector's Box Discs

First up, I've had quite a few people wondering if there would be a game disc included in the collector's box. To be perfectly honest, in this day and age of digital downloads, I had thought of the disc as something that wasn't necessary. But then I realized the whole point of the boxed set was to offer you the kinds of awesome things that people had long thought weren't necessary!

I couldn't just quickly throw something together though, considering all of the thought and care I've tried to put into the other rewards, as that just wouldn't be right. So, I asked Steve if he could work his magic on the artwork for the disc, and work his magic he did:

I absolutely love it, and I hope you love it too. That said, every collector's box will now include a copy of the game on disc which will be printed using either an offset printing process or screen printing to ensure the highest quality and most durable print possible.

Stretch Goals

Considering, as I have said, that there's a good chance the campaign will hit its goal by next week, many people have been asking about stretch goals. I've taken some time to contemplate what would be worthy enough to help the campaign above and beyond its goal and I hope what I've come up with fit the bill:

$75,000 - Steve Courtney UI Design

It just so happens that Steve Courtney, poster and disc art designer extraordinaire, is a UI designer by trade. I've been talking to him and he'd love to come on to the project to help, and I'd love to have an incredibly slick professionally-designed UI for the game. So, should the campaign hit $75,000 Steve will be able to apply his talents to the game's UI and menus.

$100,000 - Hijacking Ships, Atmospheric Flight, Linux Version at Launch

If the campaign manages to hit $100,000 I have a few "like to have eventually" features that will become "definite" features.

First up, I will ensure the ability to commandeer other ships is available at launch for all those looking to engage in a little bit of "grand theft spaceship". I think this will seriously be fun, if a little bit damaging to your reputation, should you get caught.

Also, I plan on having atmospheric flight at launch for those wishing to search planets for valuable resources and hidden relics.

Finally, I will work with another developer on making sure that a Linux version of the game is available at launch. That said, for those backing the campaign specifically for a Linux version, even if the stretch goal is not met I promise I will work after launch on a Linux version and all backers that get the game will also be able to get the game on Linux as soon as it's ready to go.



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    1. Celsius Game Studios Creator on

      @JTD121 The large ship will be made out of Frosted Detail and the smaller one made out of Frosted Ultra Detail ( It will be paintable and I will be priming them with a grey spray primer so you can then do as you please. I'm actually looking into designing a display stand for them right now :)

    2. JTD121 on

      Question about the ship model available at the higher backer tiers. What will it be made out of, exactly? Will it be paintable/decal-able? Might there be a display stand of some sort, even?

      And I must say, this sounds like a slightly better fleshed out version of Transcendend;, which seems to have more-or-less stalled in development.

    3. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      @Joe Young: it's been previously stated that it will indeed be on a 2d plane.

    4. Joe Young on

      Question for ya.. is this a 3d game on a 2d plane? Will we be able to fully move around on the y-axis?

    5. Vicente Ragal Chaigneau on

      Congrats, and best of luck!

    6. charnode on

      Congratulation on the 50k

    7. Brad Carter on

      Way to go, Colin! Wishing you luck and success with Drifter!

    8. Ken Davis on

      Congrats on reaching your goal

    9. Missing avatar

      Lion on

      Atmospheric flight would be awesome.

    10. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Thank you for Linux port! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      dao2 on

      That is a good comprise :) I'd be willing to shell an extra 10 for a soundtrack disc as well, not $25 lot a lot of kickstarters add for a soundtrack but 10 sure :)

    12. Celsius Game Studios Creator on

      I think at the very least the HQ soundtrack could be packaged on the disc in the boxed set.

    13. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      @Gregory Myers

      Actually that'd make for a good next tier, add another $10 or so and you get a separate soundtrack CD with the matching audio quality levels. I'd definitely shell out the extra for that.

    14. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      One question Colin. Is there any chance that you could put that wonderful soundtrack on the disc along with the game? If so, that would be fantastic.

    15. Saul Wynne on

      "Oh Splosions in time to music, Perfect! Nuthin like timing a finishing shot to a crescendo in the combat music.. :D

    16. Brad Carter on

      80% there! Congratulations, Colin.

    17. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      Damn that's a nice disk. I'd love to pledge more, but I'm really kind of topped out with the collector's box. I did make another thread on /r/Games about this update, if that helps.

    18. Celsius Game Studios Creator on

      @Sandman No worries! I'm working on getting something put together before the campaign is over. Trying to get some combat music written and put together a nice little combat montage, because everyone loves 'splosions ;)

    19. Celsius Game Studios Creator on

      @Sandman No worries! I'm working on getting something put together before the campaign is over. Trying to get some combat music written and put together a nice little combat montage, because everyone loves 'splosions ;)

    20. Saul Wynne on

      Thanks Colin for the reply before BTW and fingers crossed on reaching the Stretch Goals as all the 'like to have' sound great to me. I'll be plugging away on forums and websites, Do you have any more videos planned for youtube towards the end of the campaign , that I could put up. Every little helps :D

    21. garkham

      When I re-read the text of the collector, it's obvious the CD was not mentionned. But hey, for me it was natural; box = CD. I'm happy to see it's clear decided now, and hope we'll reach 75 k$ soon, 'cause we'll reach them anyway !!

    22. Johnathan Lackovic on

      I want Hijacking Ships!! RPG depth you can NEVER have enough!

    23. Evgueni Baldin on

      For Linux version! 100k — everything is possible

    24. Alex Camacho on

      Come on $100K stretch papa wants some hijacking and atmo flying.

    25. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Glad you're promising a Linux version now. Knowing that I'll eventually have a copy of the game that I can play without dealing with WINE increased my pledge by a factor of ten.

    26. Missing avatar

      dao2 on

      Indeed beautiful disc :) Thanks for including it!

    27. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      I'm so happy I upgraded to the collector's box! The disc looks beautiful, Steve has once again outdone himself. Here's to $100k and more.

    28. Benjamin Sones on

      "Steve Courtney UI Design" has convinced me to increase my contribution. :)

    29. Gareth Latty on

      Really excellent news on the Linux version. Here is to $100,000.

    30. liam millward on

      wish I had $100,000 to give :p