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MA- a modern day silent film.'s video poster

MA is the story of a virgin mother on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to give birth to our savior. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 1, 2014.

MA is the story of a virgin mother on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to give birth to our savior.

About this project

Her journey is visceral and violent, though this story is about love. We travel through dilapidated hotels with collapsing walls, empty deserts except for a lone trick-rope cowboy, drained out pools from past baptisms, freak rainstorms, and finally into a Las Vegas penthouse suite filled with show girls, prostitutes, chandeliers, and cherubs.

MA is about the end of the beginning.  It’s about loneliness, and wanting to be more. Finally, it is about love: that of man, of nature, of god, of woman, and of possibility. 

This will be a unique cinematic experience; truthful, distinct, and clear.

Please join me in bringing this very personal story to life.  


The story is complete, the script is polished, and after an incredible scout in New Mexico and Nevada this summer, the locations have fallen perfectly into place.

Lordsburg, NM
Lordsburg, NM
White Sands, NM
White Sands, NM


My DREAM TEAM is assembled and preparing. They’re a wonderful, diverse group of talented artists, some of whom are long-time collaborators and others who’ve inspired me from afar.


Ian Bloom- Director of Photography

Jen Dunlap- Production Designer

Allison Pearce- Costume Designer

Producers- Jesse Ozeri and Kristie Lutz


Mike Mazzotta- Editor

Brian Mcomber- Composer


Andrew Pastides- Daniel

Amy Seimetz- Misti

Matt Lauria- Cowboy

Peter Vack- Priest

Jason Kittleberger- GI Joe

Quincy Dunbaker- Policeman

William Connell- Lifeguard

Eric Lyle Lodwick- Banker

(The rest of the film will be cast locally in New Mexico and Las Vegas).

The final and most humbling step in bringing MA to life is this: asking for your help. It simply won’t happen without you. There are sets to build, flights to book, professionals to pay, equipment to rent, and so much more.

I’m going to pour my entire being into bringing this story to life, and I will be forever grateful for whatever you can contribute, however small.

This project is my dream, and I can’t thank you enough for your support.

In addition to my eternal gratitude, there are some neat tokens of my thanks, read about them in the rewards section!

SWAK reward
SWAK reward
LET'S SWEAT reward
LET'S SWEAT reward

Risks and challenges

If I don’t reach my Kickstarter funding goal, there is no way to make this film. I've set my goal at the lowest budget necessary to start production. Anything and everything helps in getting me closer to making this film a reality, and I thank you for that. Please spread the word about MA!

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    Thank you and let's keep in touch! I will email you images, videos, and updates from the shoot and post production. Curious how a silent dance film reads on paper? See for yourself, as you will be receiving a PDF of the script right before the movie premieres.

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    All of the above + A handwritten thanks on one of my limited edition illustrated postcards.
    HD Digital download of MA once the film has been released.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    All of the above + Needing some new moves for the dance floor? I have them... trust me. In this downloadable instructional LEVEL ONE video- I will first lead you through a warm up to get the heart rate up, then stretch and strengthen that body of yours, and finally end with an all out dance party routine. It's going to be so much fun, and you can do this in your living room- over and over and over!!

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    All of the above +you will receive LEVEL TWO of my dance instructional video where we will be focusing on strengthening your core and toning your tush and finishing with a dance that, after you have mastered, can perform down sidewalks, dark alleyways, airport terminals. It's a celebratory tango with yourself, because you are awesome.

    And you will receive the official MOVIE POSTER for the film!

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    All of the above + you will receive LEVEL THREE of my dance instructional video where it's all about bringing your audience to YOU. That's right- we are making music videos in your living room. I will teach you a step by step breakdown of an entire three minute dance to a very special song, that you learn, and you, my friend, are the star of your own music video.

    Also, when you are taking a water break from dancing, you can watch my entire COLLECTION OF SHORT FILMS ON DVD that comes in a hand painted case by yours truly.

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    All of the above + If there is one thing I can promise about this film, it's going to be beautiful. That is why we will be doing a limited edition run of 16x20 inch Giclée PRINT OF A STILL FROM MA.

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    All of the above + PRIVATE SCREENING of the film BEFORE anyone else has seen it, that even includes film festivals! You will be joined by cast and crew to sit down and watch what we made with your support. Dance party to follow, of course. (You must get yourself to NY)

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    All of the above + ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit for MA. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity and let's make a great movie together!

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    All of the above + passes for you and a guest at the MA world premiere. Also a celebratory dinner with director and producers before the premiere!

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