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This is about giving—or holding on to—the  quiet space in a fine art print or a card, made by a company that doesn't yet exist.
This is about giving—or holding on to—the quiet space in a fine art print or a card, made by a company that doesn't yet exist.
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Monday Dispatch: 6 DAYS TO GO - Do you think we will we make it?

I woke up early and checked...we are at around 65% of the goal. The big difference now is that this is the final week of the project, with the end at 11pm EDT on Sunday, OCT 21. So understandably a  little nervous because—as you know—with Kickstarter's all-or-nothing set up, no $3000 goal = no funding = no project = no gorgeous cards and prints!

On the other hand, for me this is where things begin to get interesting ;-)

So, how can you help me make this project more likely to succeed, I hear you ask? ;-)
Well, it's really simple : please remind your friends about the project and especially about the Sunday deadline. 

You can share the short link ( ) on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr Myspace (just kidding about Myspace) and with your friends, family and colleagues—especially those for whom gift-buying season starts early. 

Thanks again for coming this far with me on this journey, I hope you have a great week ahead!


2012_10_15, 9:13 EST

Monday Dispatch: Quiet Pictures Experiment...

It's a crisp, cool 47ºF here in New York today. Not much activity this past week which, according to Kickstarter "experts", is the norm as we come to the 'dead center' of the timeline. With less than half the duration on the project, I'm getting my day started with spreading the word about the project.

Have a great week!


2012_10_08, 9:16 EST

Monday Dispatch: Quiet Pictures Experiment > 50%

Ok, it's OCTOBER. Which always means good things if you consider the season a true and reliable friend, as I do.

This is my second update, and things are moving along steadily. This weekend, we hit and went past the 50% mark which was great. What definitely helped was a push from the folks at Kickstarter as The Quiet Pictures Experiment was the PROJECT OF THE DAY for Saturday! 

With 20 days to go, I am letting more blogs and websites out there know about the project and about the Project Of The Day thing. If you know of anyone or anywhere that could use a press release, please drop me a line. 

Thank you again for supporting me and the project. 

I hope you have a great week!


2012_10_01, 9:42 EST

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Monday Dispatch: > $1000!

I hope your weekend was good. This is my first update, and here's a quick overview of how the project is going:

• This weekend WE managed to hit—and surpass—the $1000 mark (which by expert standards is a great place to be)

• The project began showing up as a STAFF PICK on the Kickstarter website, which I can only credit to their good taste :-) 

Both of these aspects are really really great by themselves, as much as they are reminders of the work ahead to get to the $3000 goal successfully

I'll definitely be doing an update every Monday until the project ends to keep you in the loop, nothing fancy. If there's something particularly phenomenal (the imagination soars!) I'll send something out as soon as that happens. 

In the meantime, I expect to reach out to more people this week—both in person as well as through social media—and I hope that you can too, to your online communities of choice (please use this link: ) and to friends/family (good gift idea for the upcoming holidays?) to make this project a reality.

That's it from me. Weather's thankfully cooler here in NYC and the sound of fall is in the air this morning, so I mean it even more when I say : Have a great week! 


2012_09_24, 9:12 EST

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