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A recording of new and rarely heard music exploring the relationships between jazz and classical song.
A recording of new and rarely heard music exploring the relationships between jazz and classical song.
192 backers pledged $15,172 to help bring this project to life.

56 hours and counting...

MONDAY NIGHT was such a wonderful evening! I know lots of you tuned in to the live b'cast on WFMT because I received so many enthusiastic emails about the repertoire and the performances. Zach, Kuang-Hao, Nick and I had a blast sharing the music with the live audience including many of our ANGEL BACKERS, and hearing the composers interviewed by host Kerry Frumkin. And, before the b'cast, I premiered the "Happy Birthday A La INTERSECTION" song for Julie Polanski, Cedille's Director of Development, who devoted her special day to helping get the show on the air (thanks, Julie!). 

THANK YOU to everyone who answered the call for the $50 Birthday Song Special!!! Y'all got us even closer to the goal, and I hope you'll have fun planning your song recipients! 


We've got about TWO DAYS to raise the remaining $1,490. 

If you've been waiting for the exciting finish, THIS IS IT. Please help us bring this unique, challenging, beautiful, jazzy, classical, newly-commissioned (3 big pieces) chamber ensemble music to the world.

KICKSTARTER is the engine to get us moving toward CD recording sessions in January, and an international release in the 2014 season. 


THANK YOU for caring about Music, and about this project. One hundred and sixty two of you BACKERS have already pledged to help. The musicians, everyone at Cedille and I are all so grateful that you find this project worthy of your time, attention and support. 

If you are just now reading about this project, and are not yet one of our BACKERS, please click the link to pledge now! 

IF YOU MISSED THE B'CAST, you'll be able to hear the podcast within a few days. Search my name on the site for a preview of nearly all the music we're planning to record for INTERSECTION: Jazz Meets Classical Song. With Sincere 


 Patrice Michaels & Cedille Records


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