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Teaching visitors how to Visit With Respect and promoting responsible recreation throughout the Bears Ears region.
Teaching visitors how to Visit With Respect and promoting responsible recreation throughout the Bears Ears region.
3,009 backers pledged $217,243 to help bring this project to life.

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      Korina on

      I am planning on coming there the week of April 9th for a few days. Do you need a set of hands to help get this visitor center up and running?

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      Garon Coriz on

      Can I make a donation in honor of my grandma, and get her name on the wall?

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      Chadwick Estey on

      Super excited this project got backed and is coming to life!

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      Anne Kilgore on

      Thanks for doing something about the current situation. Many people just complain, but you have given us a way to do something other than complain. So happy to have helped!

    5. Andrew Eberhard on

      A new year and a new beginning. Thank you for your work. I will be there this spring to shake your hands.

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      Shawnee Naughton on

      I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait to follow along with everything !! Hooray!!!

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      Joe Kesselring on

      Congrats ! Great start. Thank you for your work.

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      Kathy Walker on

      I am thrilled to hear the Education Center has been funded!!! I plan to visit this year and hope to be able to do something "hands on" to help. I will be following the progress of this project. Best to all involved!

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      Jessica schilling on

      So wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing this project come to life.

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      Alec Shea on

      Congratulations! We are so excited to see this project take off! See you in the spring.

    11. Brian Galyon on

      I feel education is the key to #CollaborativeConservation and I'm happy to pledge my financial support. See you all this Spring as I plan to come out to volunteer my time for a week performing trash clean ups on behalf of the monument.

    12. Jessica

      Apologies in advance for the length; this is a personal topic.

      I was born & raised in Utah, & have recently moved back after 25 years.

      Utah is very much an outdoor state; This land is part of us. We grew up with an outdoor education that we pass on to our children, & even now I visit these areas multiple times a year.

      Sadly, I have watched as mass tourism has decimated once pristine areas. The respect for the land just isn’t there. We need a place to bring that respect back; to educate. I am fully behind that.

      However, I am disheartened to see a “Secret Hike” that can be bought.

      My ancestors were Mormon pioneers & local natives. We’ve passed down the location of certain sites, & the rules have no exception; you do not tell anyone, friend nor family, who hasn’t proven they respect these sites / lands, where they are. Period.

      I fully support protecting these sacred lands, but the thought of putting a huge price tag on a hike to a secret location makes me physically ill.
      I understand the concept, I truly do, but once knowledge & locations have a price tag, no amount of money in the world will halt the inevitable decline to said site.

      (And to state the obvious; if you must touch, you put it back exactly where you found it.. but resist the temptation to begin with.)

      This IS a hot topic here. What we need is a middle ground.
      @andreweberhard & @JB have nailed it.

      Now that it’s become a federal ping on the radar, it’s more a fear of certain politics exploiting the land for personal gain. Our ability to visit these sacred spaces will be fenced off from us. People with no respect for how delicate the ecosystem really is will not take care of something that doesn’t resonate on a personal level.

      We’re in between a rock & a hard place here.

      Please, please respect this land. Build a foundation of education & care. Don’t let this become the next overrun Zion’s National Park, or horrible view from Dead Horse Point.

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      SheShredsSierras on

      What a rad project! Thank you for the amazing work. Ok, I had to be a goober and do this publicly, but can't seem to find where to e-mail privately. I have a question about the name on the placard, because I made the donation as an organization, and would be super bummed to have it be my name and not the name of all the rad people who helped contribute.... is there an e-mail I can contact about it? Thank you again for all you have done and are taking on!

    14. BF on

      @andreweberhard ....and/or be prepared to be educated ourselves. The answers normally lie in the middle if we're open and mature enough to meet halfway.

    15. Howard Kistler

      I have heard there may be possible legal challenges to this abridgement of national treasures. If one does come to fruition and we can help in any way, please post the information here. I'm glad this campaign is doing so well, it's an indication of where our priorities truly lie when everyone has a voice.

    16. Andrew Eberhard on

      There's a lot of fear and anger in these communities. Be a good citizen, show compassion and listen, then educate with an open heart.

    17. Karen Vimahi Solis on

      I may not ever get out to this part of Utah but I appreciate how beautiful it is. My small contribution will help teach others and preserve what will be left for my son and his children to hopefully enjoy.

    18. Lindsay Malone on

      Thanks Josh, the people of Bluff, Becca, Fitz and the DTTB team for putting this call to action out there. On a day like this one, it feels like just a little better to have made a positive contribution to Bears Ears and its community. Sending love from the North Cascades to slickrock and canyon country.

    19. Missing avatar

      Darlene Smith on

      This area is so important to me and many others. I'm very happy to help do whatever I can to promote protection.

    20. Annie Mac on

      It was a bad day for public lands. This would be a small, but important victory to end the day. On to 100,000!!!

    21. BF on

      I'm all for responsible conservation and this sounds like a great program, staffed with people who are passionate about helping to preserve this beautiful monument. With that said, and as a backer, I'd like to recommend the following:

      1. Keep it a-political. Preaching an ideology instead of educating conservation is going to be offensive to half of the people who visit and likely half of your backers. Any reasonable conservationist knows that hunting groups like Ducks Unlimited do as much for land conservation as many non-hunting groups. Hunters care very much about land and wildlife management. They want to pass on the same opportunities to their kids, like anyone else.

      2. Respect state rights. The majority of residents in Utah saw Bears Ears as an excessive land grab by the Federal Government. Utah residents believed it infringed upon their rights to grazing, hunting, and responsible resource management.

      3. Avoid promoting restrictive policies like designated trails where off-trail use would do no real harm. We are explorers by nature, let people explore.

      4. I would adjust your $10,000 pledge to include airfare from anywhere in the U.S. and lodging. You're still going to walk away with $8,000 plus.

      5. Best of luck and see you next Spring!

    22. Climb-On Maps on

      Uhhh... I meant that it helps us feel like we are NOT screaming into the void - haha! Apparently you can't go back and edit an original comment :-).

    23. Climb-On Maps on

      Fantastic idea - it gives back in so many ways! (And helps us feel like we are screaming into the void). Fight the good fight!

    24. Mike Farber on

      Fantastic idea and execution! Honored to help. Look forward to visiting!

    25. Pete on

      Great work! Buy more land, we'll keep chipping in :)

    26. Jason Hummel on

      Nice work. I hope this idea comes to fruition.

    27. Chris Kalman on

      This is such a good idea! Great work to the whole team. Respect.