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Two full length tours in one summer (one in the Old World and one in the New World) & a full length chapbook to be completed on the go!

"A good poem is one that teaches us to look at the world in a way we hadn't known how to look before. Cecilia Llompart's poems teach us to see the hidden. Hers is a poetry of subtlety and scale: it's a record in equal measure of the sweeping and of the small. In Cecilia's poems, we are made to see the movement in what we thought was stillness. We are given a view of the world through a time-lapse camera, a pair of binoculars, a glass-bottomed boat. In her poems, we can be sure that the tiny barnacle is no less important than the great whale. That the knife and the handkerchief each have a song of their own. Cecilia asks us to linger on what we might otherwise have overlooked. She calls on us to lift the stones, to find what is beneath them. And she rewards us with a beauty we never would have known was there. To enter Cecilia's poetry is to open a glossary of the sacred, in which every common thing has been named, and in this naming, made new. Her words teach us to be better at seeing the world, and to be better at being in it."

~ Juliana Daugherty

This summer, I plan to go where many poets have gone before. Though perhaps, none quite so speedily: Making a complete circle around the Old World (Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, and Prague), then returning to the New World only to cut directly through it (from the East Coast to the West Coast). I have never been overseas, nor have I ever been out West, so every place I visit will be new to me and my poetry will be new to it. The money raised by this kickstarter will help secure my minimum traveling costs (one international round trip plane ticket), and absolutely everything else will be on me and my poetry. Meaning that when the money gets tight, as it inevitably will, I will raise more while on the go by standing (read: crying, dancing, waving my arms rather wildly) on street corners and busking with my poetry. The poem in the video will be translated into multiple languages in order to facilitate such sharing of my work around Europe. Back in the United States, readings will be booked and given in cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Boulder, as I make my way closer and closer to the Pacific. In order to prove my salt (to myself as well as to you, dear backer), I will be writing so consistently throughout the travels that I promise a full length, 30 page chapbook (titled "My Heart, My Heart" and made up of the most challenging + most personal poems I have ever dared myself to write) by the end of the summer. Let me just rephrase that, to emphasize that it took me six years to write the 60 pages of poetry which became my first manuscript ("The Wingless"), and to reemphasize that I am promising to write half that amount in just two months. I thank you in advance for listening, for reading, and for supporting.

~ Cecilia Llompart


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