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Multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!
Multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!
Multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!
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    1. Jargogle on

      Hey Ross; yeah, you need to drop the info. to folks here though too. It's what Updates are for. You can't expect folks to download an app to get news that they should get via the KS itself.

    2. Ross Squires Collaborator on

      Hey @Jargogle. We've been dropping info on Spaceland and another upcoming update in our Discord community at Spaceland is definitely still coming.

    3. Jargogle on

      Spaaacceee... laannnd?

    4. Jargogle on

      So, any ETA on Spaceland?

    5. Ben Laurence on

      Thanks Cecil, I just lost track.

    6. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @Ben Laurence - The full version of the desktop is out and has been for a bit, it's even gotten a few updates since then hah. The full version of Fantasyland and Traveling through Dangerous Scenery are also in the wild as well, you should have links to those. Spaceland is nearly ready; my day job got really intense there for a while and has finally calmed down.

    7. Ben Laurence on

      Cecil, question: when do you think a sorta final version will be up? No pressure, I'm just wondering if I should download the latest versions and work with that, or if I should wait a bit for what's coming.

    8. Jargogle on

      Any new news on Spaceland?

    9. Neil Benson on

      Overlay is just what I needed for my current map. Well pleased.

    10. Jargogle on

      Are we still on track for this month?

    11. Stephan Hageboeck on

      @Cecil: Thanks for your reply, I'm looking forward to 1.1! :-)

    12. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @Stephan - at the end of july we are releasing 1.1, with some new features and spaceland, and that's when it'll go out.

    13. Stephan Hageboeck on

      Any news about this "wrapped up email"?

    14. Tom Androy on

      Interesting that there has been no response to the comment made by Omari Brooks. I'm still waiting on that "wrapped up" email, myself.

    15. Missing avatar

      Omari Brooks

      What's the new ETA on "you can wait til I email you and let you know the project is wrapped up"?

      It appear that updates where supposed to be concluded this past Saturday... I'm eager to start playing with the finished product ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Sardinas on

      @Cecil. Hi. Thanks that worked. I'm currently using Windows 10. The original issue occurred after I imported a new tile set and I tried to remove it. Everything seemed ok until I tried to open HexKit again. Resting it seemed to work though.

    17. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @Richard - hit the 'Reset Settings' button in the 'Help' menu and reimport your tiles. We had reports of a similar problem and we're issuing a patch here in about 2 hours that fixed that among other things. If you've moved your tiles around though, Hex Kit won't be able to find them and that may be why they are gone. If the problem persists after you've patched then it may be a different problem we don't know about, let us know and we'll open up a new bug report and get on it.

      What OS are you on, by the way?

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard Sardinas on

      Hi is there a troubleshooting guide for Hexkit? I'm having an issue when opening Hexkit where the Tiles box is empty despite having imported the tile sets and it working fine for days.

    19. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @ZOARLOB -

    20. Missing avatar


      Played a bit with the software last night. The art is fantastic and the software is easy to use. As I'm using it, I find myself saying, ,"I wonder if I can do---oh yeah, there it is. :D"

      I have one change request and found one small bug, (I'm pretty sure), I'll have to figure out how to submit those I suppose....

      Thanks again guys!

    21. Missing avatar

      Moghediena on

      Found the time to have a first look into the software.
      Looks really great so far.
      Its exactly what i was looking for. Thank you.
      I am excited already regarding the final version when it includes all tiles.
      Thank you so far.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lily Liaw

      I got it and it's the best thing that's happened to me this week, seriously! Good job man, I'm loving Hex Kit!

    23. Missing avatar

      ethan green on

      Got the code, watched the tutorial, made some funny random maps. So far, pretty much exactly what I wanted / expected (minus the tiles you're working on). Good Job!

    24. Cecil Howe Creator on

      Ben / Timothy y'all should have keys now; if anyone else is missing a key send me a message through kickstarter and that'll help me get to ya faster. thanks!

    25. Timothy Bennett on

      I got the Kickstart update email that you were sending out download codes, but I never got my download code. I've looked all through my trash, junk, etc.

    26. Ben Laurence on

      Hi, Cecil, I know I received the email with the key code while I was at a conference this week. But I can't find it anywhere now, not in my inbox, or the trash, or in the junk folder. Would it be possible to send the key to me again? Apologies

    27. Jargogle on

      Congrats to Cecil and the team; an excellent piece of work well-delivered! Been mucking around with it while watching the tutorial and it's very intuitive stuff. Can't wait to see the number of tile sets expand. :-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Kevin O'Rourke on

      I downloaded two hours ago and spent the last while getting to grips with the tools, I am very happy so and of the last few bits coming down the line after the unexpected delays are just icing on the cake!

      You guys did a great job and this lets me do exactly what I need it to and will be invaluable for working on my future RPG Campaigns!

    29. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @aalhx - we'll look into it, I admitedly didn't even consider that itch had it's own client; i've only ever used it on the backend. thanks for the heads up!

    30. Missing avatar

      aalh on

      Update: Downloading directly from the Itch website and running the app from my Downloads folder works fine. But I'd prefer the app mechanism so that it can keep the app up to date. Both downloads decompress to the exact same byte count, maybe it's permissions in a directory deep in Itch's file hierarchy? /shrug

    31. Gunnar Bangsmoen on

      Probably the most useful Kickstarter I've ever backed. Hex Kit has plenty of uses and even now I'm wondering how I ever ran sandboxy exploration games without it. Love it!

    32. Missing avatar

      aalh on

      There's also another user who submitted logs with an identical issue before I did that can also be found in that issue tracker.

    33. Missing avatar

      aalh on

      Hey Cecil, I just installed via Itch on OS X 10.12.4 and when I tell it to launch from the Itch client, I get an immediate crash of the app and Itch detects it saying that an error occurred while launching Hex Kit.

      I've submitted feedback via Itch which is here: which contain the full logs of the attempt and crash for you guys to look into.

    34. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @Dirge - thanks for the tip! we'll be looking into that for sure. For everyone having startup issues, use the Help --> Reset button and it should clear issues up. That's just a work around for now, we'll be looking at that issue asap.

    35. Dirge on

      I figured it out.
      If anyone else has this issue, you can delete the cache by holding down Options then clicking Go in the finder window. Then Library > Application Support and delete the Hex-Kit folder.

    36. Dirge on

      I'm on MacOS Sierra. Yesterday it was working fine. But today when i launch it i just get a blank line in the canvas window and no tiles are listed in the toobox. Is there any cache or application settings i can delete?

    37. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @Paul - I got no problems on win 10. Should be as simple as extracting the zip file and running the exe. I did get a report of someone trying to run it through's downloader and having trouble, but standalone was fine.

    38. Paul Baldowski

      I'm clearly missing something as I cannot, for all my efforts, work out how to get this up and running on Windows 10. I've attempted to Run the application, but nothing seems to happen. I'm clearly missing something - I've worked on the outskirts of IT for years... I'm certain it shouldn't be as hard as I'm making it.

    39. Jan Fnord on

      Got mine - it's awesome! love it!

    40. Duncan Young on

      survey completed, email and spam checked, but no sign yet - dsy21 (at)

      you might guess I'm up early in anticipation!

    41. Missing avatar

      Brook Freeman on

      Thanks. Just wanted to make sure.

      I've had no problems installing this all on my second computer (ie not over writing the beta code, I'll be doing that tomorrow.)

    42. Cecil Howe Creator on

      @Brook - The Utilities are separate but freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    43. Ross Squires Collaborator on

      All keys shipped. If you don't have it, check your spam, and make you've filled out the survey.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brook Freeman on

      Is Fantasyland Utilities included in one of the other packs?

    45. Ross Squires Collaborator on

      Second tier keys are shipped. Third tier is queueing up.

    46. Ross Squires Collaborator on

      First tier keys are shipped. Second and third tier are queueing up.

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