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Multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!
Multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!
Multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!
816 backers pledged $17,148 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason Schindler 1 day ago

      I'm still pretty excited for the release. I never even watched the last video. Great looking stuff! Keep up the good work!

    2. Eden
      3 days ago

      Friday feels so far away!

    3. Ross Kingston on March 17

      ah, nvm, just seen i didnt back for beta access.

    4. Ross Kingston on March 17

      is the beta still open / available?

    5. Ross Kingston on March 17

      is the beta still open / available?

    6. Cecil Howe Creator on March 10

      @Chris it looks like you are registered and cleared for take off, if you didn't get a confirmation email either the forum service we used failed to send it, or it went to your spam folder.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris H on March 10

      I did register

    8. Cecil Howe Creator on March 9

      Chris it only comes when you register, not automatically. Forums are optional.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris H on March 9

      I'm not getting the verification email from

    10. Cecil Howe Creator on March 9

      @richard: The tiles are hand drawn in vertical alignment, and are not detached from the border. If you flip a mountain tile to be horizontally aligned, then the mountain will be sideways.

      You should be good on the forum access now, I have to hand approve all applicants to keep out the riff raff.

    11. richard on March 9

      can't see how to make a new post on the forum. can I rotate the map and tiles so the flat side is on the top?

    12. flyaturtle
      on March 5

      Nice! Congrats!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Simon on March 4

      Yeay great!!

    14. Cecil Howe Creator on March 4

      @Daniel - Yep! 20 dollar pledge gets all of the tiles.

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Simon on March 4

      sorry for the question but i'm a little confused by the descriptions.

      Will Level 2 pledging (20$) include really all hextiles. Because "all" is only written for the 30$ pledge.

      Thank you and congratulations!

    16. Cecil Howe Creator on March 3

      @Chris - I'll go ahead and say that like most feature suggestions, we're not hard-ruling anything out for sure for future additions. We've no plan to abandon the software and float away; we'll be listening to the community and reacting as needed. For now we're sticking to the roadmap to make sure we hit our deadlines without totally borking it up. (especially on some of the more complicated suggestions like your ideas for Sir Doofus and his Orc buddies) I passed the suggestions on to Pierre and Ross, I know Pierre wants to make the Information Layer and Display Mode more functional. No promises though!

      As far as keyboard controls go, we have an array of hotkeys for the tool functions but the workflow is mostly mouse-centered for now, 'cause it makes more sense from a painting aspect. I'll make a production note for arrow key navigation in the information layer though!

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris H on March 3

      Ceeecil -

      Would you consider adding an option to have a window or sidebar that shows the notes you've put in for the hexes that is always open? & How are the keyboard controls?

      I would like to be able to open the comment window to add information to the hexes and use the arrow keys to navigate around.

      Also are there any plans to add search functions or textual previews of adjacent tiles to the mix?

      It would be cool if there were a simple search box that if you typed in "orc" it would highlight the hexes where that word was so the player could see where they were on the map.

      And if the player added a symbol to certain words when he added comments to a hex like @Orc @Dungeon @Sir_Doofus those simple terms would popup on the hexmap when you pressed a key to give a quick glimpse of the surrounding areas.

      I really want a program that helps me WHILE I'm running a game and so far HexKit is very pretty & I'm glad I'm a backer but some extra features like that might make it even more of a champ.


    18. Cecil Howe Creator on March 3

      @Dave - Currently we have no plan for that, but we're not ruling things like that out of the future. Right now we're keeping the feature scope narrow to keep production from ballooning out of control, as well as keeping our price low.

      @Dirge - We may look at single window mode, but in my experience a majority of people like to move their took box around while they work anyways. I know I personally like to move my windows around whether I am using GIMP or Photostop; being able to move my stuff around my huge monitor or on to a second monitor is really nice, but I'll pass your suggestion over to Ross and Pierre! Thanks!

    19. Dirge on March 3

      Something i would like to suggest also, a unified interface, like Photoshop, and not separate windows for tools like Gimp.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on March 3

      Are there any plans to include an "underlay" feature similar to what hexographer has? Basically, it allows you to make the hex map semi-transparent and load in an image file behind it so that you can trace the image onto the hex map. Very handy for those of us who first create maps in some other format, then convert them to a hex map rather than drawing on a grid from the start.

    21. flyaturtle
      on March 2

      @Cecil Thanks! Yeah I understand it would be a lot of work for 1:1 hexes. But even if we start with 15-20 for a grass and trees one or a city streets one it would be a start. Also inspires others with what can be done with the product so hopefully more contributors will make 1:1 art too. Isometric art for buildings and cars and people would be amazing but even more involved haha ;)

    22. Cecil Howe Creator on March 1

      @Dirge - We are more or less DRM free. You'll get a key to download the desktop app from and Steam (when or if we get it there) and you'll be able to link the download to an account, which will give you the ability to download the thing over and over again, and download the version you need for your computer.

    23. Dirge on March 1

      The artwork is beautiful. Can't wait to start mapping out my world building. Just one question, is the license multi-platform? I use both Mac and PC.

    24. Barry Hatchel
      on February 26

      @Cecil If I'd like to get a copy for a friend as well, do I just add $20 to my pledge?

    25. Cecil Howe Creator on February 25

      @Sören - We're going to look at adding a search function.

      @PseudoFenton - Hex Kit does have an already implemented way to expand your map row by row and column by column. That feature makes an appearance in the video from our first Friday Update:

      As far as linking maps goes, we had never planned that feature but it has been requested a few times so it may work it's way in eventually, but not likely before our 1.0 deadline. We'll see though.

    26. Missing avatar

      PseudoFenton on February 25

      Two questions here that if not already implemented, are features I'd really like to see.

      First Question: Its clear you can change the map size (number of hexes across and down) before you make a map. However, are you able to expand or shrink the map part way through without losing what you've already 'drawn'?

      Ie, you start mapping a valley, but realize half way though you need it to be wider - can you then expand the map to the left and right another 10 hexes say (leaving what you've drawn centered)? Then later you want to add a fort to the north of the map, can you add 5 hexes to just the top of the map (leaving what you've drawn flush with the bottom of the map)?

      Second Question: This is a big ask, and I doubt it's already implemented, but is there a way to link maps? Both "nested" (keyed to a tile) and "adjacent" (keyed to a boarder of the map). So in the same way you can add text and description to tiles, is there a way to leave a link to another map entirely that you've already made?

      The idea here being that you can have a "zoomed out" world map, with single hexes that depict cities/sites of interest in it. Those hexes come with both a text description, but can also be clicked on to load another map that depicts the "zoomed in" version of the area with more detail and multiple hexes depicting the city/site.

      Or, if you've a large and highly detail map, but don't want to draw or load it all at once, you are able to key additional maps that tile alongside the current one. In this case the entire side boarder of the map has the link to the next map along, and clicking it will in turn load it. Allowing you to have several smaller map which, for instance, follows a long winding river, and as you approach the edge of any given map you can load the next one. This is very useful when making maps to a size that can be printed out, but you still want to easily page between several maps at once to keep the flow.

    27. Sören
      on February 25

      I don't know if this has been said before, but for 4k tiles, it would be awesome to have some kind of search to find the right tile(s)! Is this feature planned to be implemented in any way?

    28. Cecil Howe Creator on February 24

      @Kurt Yep, we have some modern/future/sci fi tiles in the pipeline for sure, I'll add those markers to the to-do list.

      @Flyaturtle - Possibly! I am working with fairly small hexes here though, and 1:1 scale tiles would require a lot of detail that may not fit, and might even require doing multiple tiles to achieve a pristine 1:1 scale. We'll see about that though, with 3,000 hexes there is room for all kinds of stuff.

    29. flyaturtle
      on February 24

      +1 I asked and he said urban was on the list. I'd like some more tiles that can be used on a zoomed in scale (1 square per human figure).

    30. Kurt Stoffer on February 24

      Idea ~ How about hexes for modern / futuristic, urban, starport, road and Industrial / commercial / residential / municipal zones and building markers ?

    31. Missing avatar

      James Montney on February 23

      @PV I am planning on making cavern hexes once I receive the software.

    32. Missing avatar

      Philippe Viguier
      on February 22

      Wonderfull ... In fact take the hexes of coast and change the colors will be correct (and very good :)

    33. Cecil Howe Creator on February 22

      @Phillippe - Like caverns and stuff? Yep, can and will do.

    34. Missing avatar

      Philippe Viguier
      on February 22

      Is it conceivable to think of underground hexes ... very simple in the way of cayons hexes but with more complete and multiples connections ... in the case of large underground complex
      (i don't know if i'm very clear)

    35. Cecil Howe Creator on February 22

      @James - No problem! Hopefully we have solution enough for everyone's needs. Time will tell though, if during the beta cycles we get hit pretty hard for numbering requests we may look into it. No promises though, let's see how the alternatives work out.

    36. Missing avatar

      James Montney on February 22

      @CH Thanks for your reply. I can tell that a great deal of thought was put into the numbering problem and it sounds like there are numerous solutions and work-arounds available.

    37. Cecil Howe Creator on February 22

      @Ethan - That is a possibility, absolutely, but would be a bad fix. For the numbers to be legible they would have to be very big and white and have a black border, and also go straight through the center of each hex, obfuscating the art. It would also be a minimum of 40 tiles to have the traditional 4 digit hex numbering; 1 tile for each numeral in each possible position. You would also have to make 4 additional layers, one for each digit position. If the user then decided to add a column or row to the top or left of the map, they would have to completely renumber their map. Yikes! The numbers could possibly go along the bottom of the hex, but overlapping into adjacent hexes would be visually confusing.

      So yeah, it IS a possibility but it would strip away the need for all those pretty pictures in the tiles, and I feel like most users would really prefer not to tackle that cumbersome workflow. (I sure wouldn't haha)

      One of our aims with Hex Kit is to mix an old world type of map with some new world sensibilities. Back in the day, you needed those numbers because all of your icons and features looked exactly the same; there was no nuance or variety. Hex Kit uses the flexibility of hex maps and tosses it in the blender with newer ideas to make a delicious smoothie of pretty, useful maps. Now the user can make hex maps for ease of use at the table, but they can look as good as a more modern map. Hopefully the available variety of tiles, the ability to name and describe hexes, and the ability to add or delete hexes on the fly makes up for the lack of old school numbering.

      But fret not! You can give your hexes labels/titles that are numbers and display those. Users have the ability to format those labels so the possibility of having nice, discernible numbers is not completely lost, we just don't plan to implement an auto-numbering feature.

    38. Missing avatar

      ethan green on February 22

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't you make a few tiles that are just numbers and then they (we) could add them as a layer on top of the existing tiles / other layers like I saw with the buildings in the video? (full disclosure, I have never used this kind of software before but it looks extremely useful).

    39. Cecil Howe Creator on February 21

      @James - Unfortunately we can't have both! If we put numbers on the hexes we'd have to give up a lot of the art and possibly switch to east/west orientation (which would mean redoing thousands and thousands of hexes, yikes!).

      The big reason we're forgoing numbers is actually to make way for a feature we feel is better, and that is the ability to add columns and rows to each side on the fly. If we installed a numbering system, it would pause workflow and renumber every single hex each time you added or subtracted them. Hopefully we make up for this with the ability to give descriptions and titles to each and every hex.

    40. Missing avatar

      James Montney on February 21

      OK, I'm convinced. Your artwork has a nice quality to it and I like that you will allow custom user-created hexes. I really need a numbering layer for the hexes, but if I have to I can break out the Micromark pens and add my own. I was raised on Judges' Guild maps, so I need numbers for my encounter matrix ;)

    41. Cecil Howe Creator on February 19

      @Alfonso - Yep! I have been keeping up with that project since they launched it and I think it's really cool. Unfortunately, the Hex Kit tiles are a mere fraction of the size of the Hexomorfo tiles and will not scale up to the right size and look good. It's a really great project though!

    42. Missing avatar

      Alfonso Abella on February 19

      Have you seen this other project?

      With your great Hex Kit software and only a bunch of tiles we could build dungeons very easily and on the fly, not only hexcrawl maps. A modular design like this opens thousands of opportunities and is a perfect substitute for battlemats.

      Amazing art by the way, I’m very impressed.

    43. Cecil Howe Creator on February 18

      @Brad - Unfortunately that adds quite a bit of time to my workflow, and in order to hit our April deadline I won't be curating sheets of tiles. Maybe one day I'll put them all together in nice, clean sheets, but for now they're going to be singlets only.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brad DUrso on February 18

      These tiles look great! Is it possible to get the tiles in formats that would work as a "spritesheet" for Unity? Like with the tiles evenly spaced and whatnot so the sprite editor can "slice" the sheet? I am practicing some programming with Unity and I would love to use your tiles for a non-release practice only project.

    45. Cecil Howe Creator on February 18

      @Zachary - yep! there will be alien landscapes, weird plants, and moonscapes for sure.

    46. Missing avatar

      Zachary R on February 18

      For the sci-fi (and weird fantasy) bits, will you perhaps be doing a sort of "alien" ground set for strange lands and alien planets? That would be pretty cool.

      Also, I hope to see space stations and possibly ships for the space maps!

    47. Missing avatar

      Philippe Viguier
      on February 16

      very cool.. can i expect that in future video i can see that ? ;)

    48. Cecil Howe Creator on February 16

      @Philippe - You'll be able to hide and show labels, as well as customize the way they look. You will also be able to export the map with or without the labels on to print.

    49. Missing avatar

      Philippe Viguier
      on February 16

      Sorry to come back to the labels... are possibility to see label on the map (in the case of printed it)

    50. Missing avatar

      Alexander DiMieri on February 15

      Cool, that sounds great, thanks for the quick response!

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